Nov 28, 2010

The Park, Pretty Things and a Party!

It's the end of November and wow, how did that happen?  I can't believe we are less then a month away from Christmas, especially when these pictures were only taken last week!

It's crazy, really! I only put coats on the kids because I couldn't imagine going out in November without a coat, but they weren't actually needed. Like I've mentioned before, I live in Eastern Ontario - we get winter, lots of it,cold, snowy, winter! Really....or at least we used to!?!? But it was great and hey it's not often we get to go out in spring coats in November!

Remember those lovely red, white and sparkly Christmas balls at the end of my Wonderful Weekend post?  They were such a find, only $10 at the grocery store and we picked them up on a No Tax day! :)  Gotta love a bargain!  Well I put them to good use... 

I strung the Christmas balls on fishing line and hung them from the curtain rods.  It's a lovely arrangement.  I made sure to have different heights and an assortment of colours and styles of balls.

I used old pearl and bead garland that I have had forever and strung it on my light fixture.  I then hung an assortment of the little balls on hooks.  I created a pattern of alternating colour and height levels to add interest.  I really like how it turned out!

This is a dessert dish filled with the balls and a votive candle in a holder nestled in the center.  I wrapped sparkly Christmas garland around the outside, it's all shiny and lovely when I light the candle...see next photos!

I got together with my sister in law and mother in law and we had a day of Christmas card making.  I started a few years back, making my own cards, and have tried to continue the tradition each year since.  I really enjoy it and I think it sends that extra touch to the recipients saying "Hey, I love you and crafted this just for you!" or possibly it says, "Hey, apparently I have too much time on my hands!"  hahah! 

Ah but finally we got snow!  It wasn't much and only lasted a few minutes but it was enough to get the girls excited!

Snow globes on the tree...soon girls, soon a winter wonderland must be coming....

We were blessed with double the fellowship fun this weekend.  Friday night we were invited to the home of a family we are fairly well acquainted with.  We have been there once before for their family, friends and fellowship fun night and it was lovely to do it again.  They attend the same church as us and they also invited another young couple who we are getting to know.  We've only been attending for a little while so it was a great time of learning more about each other and hearing stories of God's love and provision in all of our lives!

To continue in the spirit of spreading and celebrating God's love we threw a little party of our own on Saturday...

That's right, it was a REbirthday Party!  It was for our two friends who have come to the know the Lord in the past little while.  It was so much fun!  We had balloons, cake and presents!  It was a blessing to us to bless them!  And to top it off they gave us the gift of showing up at church today!  I was almost in tears for the first half of the service, in joy, at all God has been doing - it's overwhelming!

So with all that said and done, I hope you can see why I didn't post anything since Tuesday - just busy and it's good!  It looks like Catherine has the chicken pox now, so I guess I won't be going too far this week so it was nice to have gotten out so much in the past one! There is so much more I want to say and share about what God is doing right now, but I think that is enough for tonight, but soon....just like my promise of snow to my little ones, I promise to share His workings in our life more with you...soon....real soon.  Until then let me hear about what He's doing in your life - because God is good and fellowship is fun! ;)

 Therefore encourage one another and build one another up... 1 Thessalonians 5:11

God bless!

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  1. Hi! I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the woman in picture with the blue coat was... could I get her number? ;)


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