Nov 16, 2010

Seeing Spots...and Colour!

Calamine know what that means....

CHICKEN POX!  Yes, Olivia has the chicken pox.  She got them from her grandmother (known as DD) who unfortunately has the shingles.   Poor DD and now poor Olivia, though I think Olivia is far better off.   She's doing fine, not too itchy and we're having fun with having no where to go, snuggling in front of movies, colouring, reading, oatmeal baths and all around laziness...umm I mean healing.. ;)   The little one shows no signs of it, yet, but we shall see.  But other then that things are good on the home front!

The weather here has been very unseasonably warm, though it hasn't stopped me from enjoying Christmas music!  My wonderful hubby knows how very much I love the Christmas season and found a radio station that plays Christmas music 24/7, the only sad part is that I can only get it in the car, not at the house, but hey it's something!

So the other day, with shining sun, warm air, coatlessness, open windows we went out and dear friends I found you all some more colour.  Though I did some editing on the photos, just for fun, the colour is real!  We've still got it and it's good but I can't wait until the snow comes and the real challenge is before me, finding colour in a winter wonderland...though, I actually can wait a little longer... ;)

And just to let you all know God has been working some wonderful things all around me!  My friend from the post about a Small Coffee Shop Blessing, who had made a commitment to the Lord a while ago, well her husband made a commitment this weekend!  It's truly wonderful!  We have some plans for them, but I'll tell you about that another day.  What else, well God is leading people to Him through us, which is an awesome blessing to be apart of, He is strengthening and trying my husband and I - in all the good and God ways that He does.  Love is in the air for a dear friend of mine who has patiently waited on our Lord in this area - though I'm trying not to jump to any conclusions...really, I am trying...   We are being guided, lead and learning more and more each day, He has plans and He is calling us and I am trying my best to answer His callings.  My spirit feels afresh and rejuvenated - not that things are easy right now, we are still trying to play catch up (financially) from when my hubby was off work due to his dislocated shoulder, but I am learning daily that these things (material and fleeting things) are not the focus of our lives and the my focus is on Him and that is truly fulfilling!  So I'll wrap this all up and just say, life is good - not easy, but good!


  1. love, love, love those old trucks... I would have a hay day in that field taking photos of the same if you were me. THanks for sharing.

    That is wonderful news about your friends husband coming to the Lord. I'm sure the Lord will use you and your husband to continue to be a blessing and encouragement to them in the days ahead. He is good!
    And that's too bad about your littleone with chicken pox. You're right - she's probably better off then DD (Grandma). I've heard if your older and you have shingles or Chicken Pox - it isn't ANY fun at all.

  2. Meant to say if I were you... you know what I meant. ;)

  3. Hi Kaitlin! Those pictures of l'il Olivia with her l'il spots and the lotion bottle gave me serious chicken pox flashbacks, haha! Lucky for her that November brings all sorts of indoor fun and cozies...

    Oh, and I'm also getting SO excited for Christmas right now.. the music has also begun in our car, hahaha!! Shawn came home yesterday with our FIRST Christmas tree together and there were definitely a few joy-tears, hee hee!!

    Love those truck pictures by the way, they're amazing!

  4. To Bevy - you're right, the shingles are NO fun, my poor step mom, she's been really hurting for about three weeks now! :( I'm glad you like the truck photos, I do too! They turned out even better then I thought! Yes, God is sooo good, not only have they made this commitment but they are HUNGRY to grow - it's a blessing to myself to experience this with them!

    To Jennie - YEAH Christmas!!! That's great that you have your first tree with Shawn! I like how you are planning on decorating it (birds and owls) I'd love to see pictures!! Thanks for the compliment on my photos! This is going to be a GREAT Christmas for you! :)

  5. LOVE the old truck pictures, those are awesome!
    Hope your sweet Little feels better soon. I guess it's far better for her to have pox now than later!


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