Nov 3, 2010

A Small Coffee Shop Blessing

Usually on Tuesday evenings, a group of women and myself get together.  We are all around the same age, 20 somethings, but vary it stages of life, but all there to fellowship and drink coffee!  We meet at the local Starbucks, not because we're so posh and need 'better' coffee, but mostly because we sit there until closing time and with a Starbucks registered card you get free re-fills, which means I get to hang out with my girlfriends, outside the home, for less then $2.00! 

So the group was unusually small last night, just myself and two others, we'll call them S and C for conversation clarity.  So we were sitting there chatting, S is a new Christian and part of the motivation of us all getting together is to help her grow in her relationship with Christ and gain a better understanding of God...oh and to drink coffee...did I mention that? ;)

So S was telling C and I about how she's been listening to the local Christian radio station (UCB Canada) and how she loves, LOVES the program called "Walk in the Word"!  When C says, "Oh really!  Then I have something for you!"  And she proceeds to reach into her purse and removes a package.  "I was planning on giving this to the next person who said they liked that program."

S opens it and the gift is a CD of the top 10 broadcasts from Walk in the Word for 2009!  Overjoyed S jumps up and gives C a hug, "Oh thank you, this is AWESOME!"

The best part was that S was wanting to order the CD but since her husband has gone back to school money is very tight.  C didn't know who she was suppose to give the CD to, but that she was to have it with her this week and God would show her who was to be blessed with the gift.

Our God is in the little things!  I love when God shines in these circumstances, when things fall so perfectly into place that you know He's just there saying, "That's right I love you, right down to the finer details, I love you like no other."  The fact that He blessed two people with one small act was something to enjoy seeing and enjoy it I did! (teary eyed and all!)

May the rest of the week bring many small blessings to you.  Look for them, they are there, and hey when you see 'em share them with me, I have my Kleenex ready! ;)


  1. Okay, so you've made me tear up, too. What a beautiful story.

    Your post reminded me of one of my own little blessings (one you've commented on recently) - regarding the cup of coffee in Costco.

    It's even in as little as that... that he blesses.

    ((hugs to you, my dear friend))

    PS: I love the way your blog look is now. ;)

  2. Can't wait to have my own coffee-date with you sometime in the near future! There's nothing like getting together for some chats with the ladies :D

    I'm going to write you a letter back soon, just waiting for more than five minutes to myself, haha! Keep the coffee brewin' and the posts coming!!


  3. I can heartily AMEN! to this, God has shown me time and time again how he is in the little things. LOVE IT!


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