Nov 23, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

All around me I keep hearing of people getting snow - it's strange, we have hardly seen any and I live in Eastern Ontario!?!?!  But snow or no snow, it won't stop us from partaking in Christmas fun!

Friday night we took the girls to their first parade.  It was tons o' fun!  Though cold, (and yet no snow) the girls loved all the pretty lights and music and Olivia can't stop talking about the puppy that waved at her!  (ah kids!)  We basked in holiday lights and colour and then joined friends at their home for hot chocolate, coffee and I couldn't help, with camera in hand, but to admire their lovely Christmas tree - these are the joys of the season!


Saturday was highlighted by a small Christmas party.  The party was for the Open Air Campaigners from Ottawa.  My sisters-in-law are a part of this group. They are out on the street every Friday night spreading the gospel message in the downtown section of our Nation's capital.  The group stops for the winter as few people will linger long enough to hear the message, so their season was ended with a party at my in-law's house.  There was yummy things to eat, good conversation to be had and music for all to enjoy - especially my little music loving ladies.  The girls had a ball dancing to the live music of my in-laws (hubby included!) and they even stole the show at one point.  It's a blessing to watch Olivia and Catherine growing together and becoming good friends.


Sunday, ah Sunday!  Dave made pancakes, like many men he specializes in breakfast food!  Olivia requested alligator, apple and giraffe pancakes and I think hubby did fairly well!

Apparently he's not just musically talented!

Breakfast was enjoyed greatly by all!  We love our weekend breakfast times together!


So it was a wonderful weekend, full of family, friends and fellowship!  Busy, quick, but good.  We even got the opportunity to meet my sister-in-law`s boy friend!  This is a blessing for them and it is beautiful to watch God work in the lives of his faithful servants.  Ah love!  I'll keep you posted on this happy happening! 

So in wrapping up the weekend we could wait no longer to adorn our home in Christmas cheer and were prompted to spend the rest of our Sunday decorating.  Supper was in the slow cooker, holiday scented candles burning and Christmas music playing on the stereo, it`s one of those days that I so look forward to and enjoy so very much when it`s here.  But I`m sorry to say that I'm saving the pictures of the results of our endeavour for another day...but here's a hint of what's to come....


Christmas is coming!


  1. Wonderful pictures as always! It's hard to believe this year is coming to a close so soon, it's been a rough one for our family, but a good one all at the same time.

    Your hubby did a great job on the pancakes, that is too cute!

  2. Woo hooo, Christmas is on the way!! I don't mind if it takes a while to get here though... in fact, it can take its sweet time, because the preparations and anticipation are just as fun in the meantime :-D

    I looove those animal shaped pancakes that Dave made.. maybe Shawn would eat my boring whole-wheat pancakes more readily if I shaped them into animals! Hahaha!

    Lovely pics as always... those two little gals are gettin' big! <3

  3. Everyday life is full of a thousand adventures! Thank you for sharing some of yours and the wonderful pix of two of the most adorable people I know! <3

  4. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I just wanted you to know that I've updated something on my post. There is now a giveaway included, from one of my real life friends...with her jewelry. Not sure if you'd be interested.

    The photos are fairly recent... though after our little snow/sleet/rain episode - I'm glad I got these photos when I did.

    See more on a random Saturday post coming up tomorrow. I hardly ever post on the weekend.


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