Dec 15, 2010

Lights, Cookies, Colour!

 Okay the days are flying by and we're doing our best to soak up the season!  We partook in our annual "Christmas Light Drive".  Where in, we pile into the car, get some hot beverages, play Christmas music and tour our city to take in all the Christmas lights.  This year was especially fun as Olivia in particular LOVED all the colourful lights!  A few struck my fancy too and I wanted to share them with you.

These make me happy!

The weekend was filled with festivity fun.  Pot luck, friends, art gallery visiting, wrapping gifts, card making (they're finally done now) and baking!  My dad and step-mom came over to bake with the girls.  It was good family fun and hopefully a new tradition.

He brought over his old cookie press, I believe he said he got it over 25 years ago at Goodwill for only 98 cents! 

So everyone rolled up their sleeves and got making my late Granny's short bread cookies.

Enthralment, excitement, enjoyment - and with two small kids it was slightly exhausting!

But it all got done and I believe there were probably seven dozen or more.  And yes the girls stuck each and every cherry bit on ALL the individual cookies, remarkably with little fussing and a huge amount of sharing - I never miss a moment to teach a lesson on sharing! ;)

And finally at last, the cookies were enjoyed!

Oh and I mean ENJOYED!!

So the holiday is fast approaching, the stores are open later, which is why myself and two other moms were not in bed until 1:00am last night....but ah my shopping is pretty much finished now! :)

There, you have your lights, your cookies and now for some colour....coloured pencil portrait that is!  (Because it's not like there wasn't any colour in the rest of this post!)

I usually get portrait orders right before Christmas and this year was no different - which is one of the reasons I try to stay ahead of the Christmas rush, so that when these 'last' minute orders come in I have some time to get them done....though this year I'm running out of time I think! ;)

Some people have asked me to take pictures of the process, which I ALWAYS forget to do - until now!  I actually had my camera on hand when I began this dog portrait, so I thought I would share the creative process with you all. 

Ah well, eleven days now....okay so I should get more wrapping done and finish my other portrait orders....oh time slow down, just a little...  I 'd love to hear how you're managing your time?  Are you ready for the holiday?

From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another.
The warmth and joy of Christmas, brings us closer to each other.
Emily Matthews


  1. Oh my goodness, that pencil portrait is AWESOME! We went to look at Christmas lights last night, and Q-man LOVED it. Great experience. Loving the Christmasy look of your blog, and the music is awesome. Hope you have a great rest of the week, girl! (The girls helping with the cookies is SO sweet.)

  2. So much creativity!!! From cookies to coloring... now that is fun.

    I was wishing for even just a crumb of those cookies... I need to get busy, with my own making and baking - I suppose.

  3. Lovely, as usual. You are so ambitious. Looks like your dad really enjoyed himself too. And your portrait of the dog, such a good likeness. You so captured his expression! I feel more Christmassy just reading your blog.


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