Dec 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well it's almost here, it has come upon me soo fast!  I feel like there wasn't enough time, enough time to soak up and squeeze out every bit of holiday magic.  But it is still good and I am more then happy to receive Christmas with an open heart and ....well a cup of coffee, of course! ;)

We've been outdoorsy, baking, family visiting and present wrapping. Hubby is off until the new year so we will be quality time enjoying as well, for the next ten days.  My sister from Victoria, BC is visiting and it is really nice to get to spend some time with here.  Also GREAT news, I'm going to be an AUNT!!!  I'm extremely excited!! My other sister is expecting in June and this is truly a miracle!  She's excited and scared, but I know she'll be an excellent mom!  We are all so happy for her!

So I wanted to wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas!!! May God bless this season for you and may love, peace and grace fill your hearts and homes! So I leave you now with photos of food, fun and festivities, one of my favourite Christmas songs and happy thoughts!  So have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Pretty packages...filled with gifts of love.

My sister from the west coast. *heart*

Homemade peanut brittle and chocolate, cranberry and pecan cookies.

Some like the snow..................while not!


Chocolate cookies...okay so not the most traditional shapes, but I like 'em!
My famous bits and bites - and they are MIGHTY tasty, if I do say so myself!!!
More biscotti, except these are the best ones I've made yet....SOOO terribly good!

Now we're loving the snow!

                    Naughty or  Nice?                              

Christmas is forever, not for just one day,
for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away
like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf.
The good you do for others is good you do yourself...

-Norman Wesley Brooks, "Let Every Day Be Christmas." 1976


  1. Happy Christmas and many blessings in the new year!

  2. Merry Christmas to you too.

    My little ones - one loved and continues to love and the other, well, she wasn't so sure. We'll see how it goes for this year. ;)


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