Dec 21, 2010

Wreath Watching

Ever stop to look at all the beautiful and unique wreaths that are around this time of year?  It's kind of like people watching, except it's wreath watching.  Each one has it's own story, a reason for being chosen and a style that hints at what may lay beyond the door. These are the ones I found on my block, so intriguing, cheerful and colourful!

I just want to walk right up and enter, doesn't it just say "Welcome!"?

Fancy, sophisticated but not over done...that's how I read it.

You know these people are fun - I mean a blue door - there's a good time to be had in there!

Wintry fun and whimsical - or people who just LOVE ice sports.

Traditional and warm, the hot chocolate is on and the fire is crackling.

Rustic yet classic, a nod to simpler times.

Nature inspired, I expect a woodsy home full of outdoorsy people.

Classic but with a slight rustic modern flair...can I even describe something that way...??

And last but certainly not least, my house...again...I REALLY like this wreath! ;)

"There's more, much more, to Christmas
Than candlelight and cheer;
It's the spirit of sweet friendship
That brightens all year.
It's thoughtfulness and kindness,
It's hope reborn again,
For peace, for understanding,
And for goodwill to men!"


  1. Great pictures. You are a talented photographer as usual. Makes me want to go wreath hunting.

  2. Your wreath says "cheerful people who are excited for Christmas live here!" Haha! I should send you a picture of my wreath and see what you can analyze out of it.. it's very rustic looking with little white and burgundy berries on it, and little rusty metal starts poking out. Got it at Hall's Orchard in Brockville of course, haha! Wreaths are one of my favorite Christmas decorations, thanks for posting this!! :D

  3. Thanks Anita! Go! See what you can find!

    Awwe Jennie, you're so right - that is what our wreath says! ;) I'd love to see your wreath, by the sounds of it I say, "A little country with a lot of love, a warm, friendly environment...possibly full of kitties!" Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh My Goodness!!! these photos are breathtaking. You are an artist. Truly!


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