Jan 13, 2011

Camera Thoughts

I feel strange....I'm without my camera....

It decided it has had enough of me and my relentless picture taking, so it is thinking of going on a vacation. 

Okay, truth is - I'm considering buying one of those fancy shmancy DSLR cameras.  My birthday is just around the corner and so instead of gifts I'm asking for cash - to all be put towards a new camera.  As for my old one, well my folks are considering purchasing it from me and so they may be taking it with them on their vacation for the next three weeks - *gasp* what will I do with out my camera????

Ah well, there's always hubby's little camera to tide me over and it does an okay pretty good job.  See, it captured our purple oatmeal that the girls and I had for breakfast.


This is probably common knowledge but in case you don't know; making oatmeal and then throwing in a handful of frozen berries, not only adds great taste and nutrition, but also cools the oatmeal and thaws the berries (at the same time).  So when you sit down to enjoy it, everything is at the perfect temperature!  Bonus, my kids LOVE it!!!  On a side note:  if using frozen strawberries, cut them up first or the centers will still be frozen.

The reason I am looking into purchasing a new camera is not that I need to keep up with the latest technology, it's that I want to expand my skill as a photographer.  I am even considering branching into wedding photography....or at least start with family photos.  I'm not going high end, just entry level...trying to keep it budget friendly...though I don't think that's actually possible!

I do believe that taking great photos is more about the photographer then the camera and I have been very happy with my camera.  But I see the difference in quality of the pictures that a DSLR can take and I think that this is the next step for me, especially if I want to make some money and expand my hobby.

So friends if you have a good ol' point and shoot camera - don't knock it!  I love 'em and for so many reasons too!  I hope that when I do make the leap that I'll have some kind of clue as to what I'm doing - thankfully Becky at Farmgirl Paints has recently purchased a new camera and is taking a photography course and she is sharing all that she is learning on her blog - so free photography course for us all - Thanks Becky!!!

As I was composing this post, my dad stopped by and returned my camera.  He liked it but he's afraid that he will get sand in it so thought it best to not take it with them.  So I breath a sigh of relief, I'll have my old friend with me...that is, until I sell it on Kijiji...



  1. Awww thanks for the shout out. We will learn it...we WILL!

  2. Hi Homemaker, I'm soooo glad you are following me and can relate to my blog. I can't believe how much joy it brings me to know that others understand what I feel. I hope you keep reading and are, somehow, blessed by something I may happen to write. THANKS.

  3. And you are so right. God is good. I'm so grateful he put me on your heart on Sunday.

    ps. your blog is beautiful.


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