Jan 18, 2011

Hospital Hallelujah

So we were loaded up and on the road by 9:00am, a whole half hour later then I had hoped to leave and that is just the beginning of the day....

It was time to head back to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, to take our eldest daughter Olivia to see the dentist for a consultation.  It's been over a year since they saw her last and they were over due to see her at this point.  The hospital in about an hour and a half away, so we packed a lunch because the appointments are always later then expected and the cost of parking eats up our lunch budget (no pun intended...or is it?)  A gas fill up (okay, not with these prices, just enough gas to get us there and back again!)  drop off our rented (and surprisingly not late) movie and then we hit the highway.

But you know, our God is sooo good, the roads were crystal clear! If you don't live in Eastern Ontario then you may not know how much of a blessing this actually is! (though I'll leave out the part about how it was minus 26 degrees Celsius)

Smooth sailing all the way to Ottawa, where in a split second the traffic slows to a crawl.....crawling along we've got an hour before our appointment.  (because I freak out with appointments and have to leave super early, I hate to be late...but I'll get into that another day)  Okay, so an hour to go and traffic snailing along.  Tow truck and one cop car go by and ten more minutes of inching our way through about 5 km and we see the small fender bender that has slowed down four lanes of traffic.  We pass the accident scene and we're moving again.

We get off on our exit but miss-read the map and instead of staying right we go left....ever driven in Ottawa?  It's the stupidest city to drive in and no word of a lie, we always get lost, seriously ALWAYS get lost when we go there!

So we drive around, run a couple of yellowish lights, take a few more random turns and miraculously find one of the blue signs with the big H on in, indicating the hospital is near.  So we follow those for a bit.  Oh and I forgot to mention that I had only drank quite a few cups of coffee at this point and was more then ready to find a bathroom.

Following sings, following signs, T-minus 30 minutes until the appointment and wait, where did those signs go?  So we're lost....again. 

I really have to pee now!

Okay, lets try this again.  We get back on the highway and think okay, take the exit with the hospital signs.  We do, we follow the signs, they disappear...again. 

I really, REALLY have to pee now!

Gas station - STAT!

A few...okay more then a few, minutes later I feel much, MUCH better!  I decide to ask for directions because we are now T-minus 15 minutes.  I look around, the line up is pretty long and I'm judging the odds of waiting it out or trying to drive around some more.  When I notice a man sitting eating his lunch in the section that sells coffee and such.  I think "Do I ask him?  What's the chance he'll know where the hospital is?"...except that I see he has on a postal uniform.  Thanks be to God, a post man on lunch break!  The man was very kind and was happy to give directions!

Arrival, hubby drops me and the girls off at the door and goes to park the car, you know in the parking lot that costs more then lunch for a family of four, saving me and the girls from walking in the minus 26 weather.  (Good man eh!?)  T-minus FOUR minutes!

I go in, register and go to hand the lady the card to cover the cost of this visit.  For my US readers, Canada has free Health Care but not dental and imagine if you will, the parking at this place costs what it does, so take a guess at what a consultation might run you....?!?

So I'm handing the lady behind the desk the card that is suppose to cover the cost of the visit (we get this through the Health Ministry due to Olivia's special circumstance)  The kind lady informs me this is the wrong card!  I want to cry but then I remember how as a last minute thought I stuffed all the paper work into my purse, reaching in I pull it all out.  "That's it!" she says.  I want to cry...again....but in joy.  I had no idea why I felt I should bring the rest of the paper work, I really only thought we needed the one piece, but I had. Oh Lord, you're more then words can express.

T-minus zero minutes.  So we take a seat, hubby walks in, cold hubby that is.  We made it and with not a minute to spare.....45 minutes later we see the dentist......catch the disdain in my 'voice'....

Anyways, Olivia was great, she did so well as they prodded and poked around in her mouth.  She's up to eight teeth now, a little random in their arrivals as she has four upper molars, her two upper front teeth and a couple on the bottom.  The dentist are baffled but say that Olivia's teeth are healthy and look good.  They hope the genetic testing will help to answer some of the mystery but we'll have to wait and see for now.

O Lord GOD, you have only begun to show your servant your greatness and your mighty hand. For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do such works and mighty acts as Yours?
Deuteronomy 3:24


  1. Praise God! Don't you love those subtle nudgings of the Holy Spirit that lead and direct us? He is good!

  2. This reminded me of my post some time back - "In as little as a cup of coffee".

    Our God is a great God who cares about the minute details and you giving Him praise in "the midst of the storm" - is exactly what He wants from us.

    Bless your week.

  3. Hooray for Olivia's healthy teeth! Sounds like she did so well as the dentist poked around - I know for SURE that I didn't do half so well at that age, hee hee!

    Sounds like you had a real shenannigan getting to the appointment, but I love how things all come together in the end - I know you guys were strapped for time, but if you find you get turned around during an Ottawa adventure, call Shawn and I!! Shawn's an expert navigator!! I agree, Ottawa's a ridiculous city to maneuver around in.. I've lived here since 2002 and I STILL get lost all over the place! Haha :D

    PS I'm planning a Brockville weekend in February, the 19th I think, with Sarah and Rachel! Let me know if you might be free for a coffee date/dinner/adventure! :-)

  4. You did great, Olivia! Aunt Chrissy bit the dentist when she was your age. Glad everything went well. That was some cold weather.

  5. Ahhh, what a day! Nothing more frustrating than getting lost, especially when you have to be somewhere. But thank God that He worked everything out for you. Glad to hear about Olivia!


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