Jan 10, 2011

Winter Wedding Preperations

It's mad dash time - wedding in....six weeks now.....but ah, like most creative minded people, I work best under pressure!  This past week we went dress shopping, having no time to order a dress we needed to find one off the rack and that isn't always the easiest thing.

My sister is not a Christian (yet), no one in my immediate family is - but God is working through this wedding, showing His goodness, grace and provision!  (we serve an awesome God indeed!)  

We hit one of only two wedding stores in town, the woman who owns the store was super nice to open it for us after hours.  So it was great, just my sister (well step sister actually but we're so close that who cares - same with my step mom so for ease of writing I'll just say sister and Smom, okay, with me so far?)  so yeah, just my sister, Smom and me in the store. 

You gotta love my sister.  She's the sweetest girl you'd ever meet - but also quite scattered brain at times and the pregnancy brain isn't helping...this is what she had on to try on wedding dresses

Did you notice the striped sock??  What you can't see in the photo is the pinky/red checkered bra she has on and her bright yellow underwear (I love you Kristen, I hope you don't mind me spilling the details... ;) 

We had a blast, she tried on a bunch of dresses, a real variety, different colours and styles.  She and her man are not necessarily the conventional type.

If anyone is suffering from the winter blahs, I recommend you head into a dress shop for a good dose of colour and beauty!

I kinda wish this was my closet...you know my everyday, around the house stuff! ;)

I love her face in these photos.......*sniffle* my big sister is growing up....*sniffle*

This was just one night last week - she did decide on a dress but I have been instructed not to mention anything nor show photos of the finale choice - so you'll just have to wait.  We were at the seamstress' house the next evening and then to Ottawa for shopping on the weekend.  Where by the grace of God we found a dress for me and all the decorations, favours, and cake topper for under $200!!!  That's right, super amazing easy on the budget wedding, here we come!

I can't express how happy I am for my sister - like I said she's not a Christian and so she does not (yet) know the full joy there is in all of this but I am happy that she finally has met someone who treasures her and truly loves her.  I know it's a blessing for her but it is also a blessing for me - because I know she is happy and I feel that finally she has met a man who will be there for her and care for her. This is going to be a great celebration and though my house is now full of artificial flowers and items to create centerpieces, it is all so worth it. To see her so happy (and yes still somewhat scared and overwhelmed) is truly a blessing! 

Congratulations Kristen, I Love You!


  1. By the way, thanks to all the ladies who left such encouraging and lovely comments on my last post! I appreciate those comments as I'm sure you all know!

  2. Hi!! thanks for commenting on my blog. Yyour blog is so cute. Enjoy the wedding. I don't think there is anything more fun than shopping for a wedding dress. If you would like, I'd love to have you follow my blog and see how I do in my trek to Be Happy.

  3. Awww I LOVE pictures of brides-to-be trying on dresses and getting all glowy! Congrats to your sis!


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