Feb 28, 2011

My Sister's Wedding

So way back in early January, I posted about dress shopping for my sister's wedding. I shared photos of the coloured adorned wedding shop and some of the many dresses my sister tried on.  What I wasn't allowed able to show you all was her actual final pick for a dress.

I had mentioned in that post that my sister and her (now) husband are not the conventional type, remember?  Well she certainly wasn't conventional... beautiful, but not conventional!  So here are the photos of her dress when she was trying it on, the ones I couldn't didn't show you back in January.


Kinda crazy, a black dress, but she liked it, it fit, she looked amazing in it and did I mention how unconventional her and her man are?  And actually the white wedding dress is a fairly new tradition.  Go on, pull out those old wedding photos of your great grandparents, I'd be pretty sure your grandmother is dressed in a dark dress!  I believe it was Queen Elizabeth who made the switch from black to white...but don't quote me on that! ;)

So anyways, the wedding was this past Saturday.  It was a great time, perfect weather, happy people, great food, friends and family everywhere and well, truly it was a day blessed by God!  I won't bore you with all the details but I will say a few things.

First my sister was pretty darn happy and so was I!  This is us waiting in the room until it was 'time'. 

Secondly my husband and I clean up pretty good!  My eldest daughter now firmly believes her daddy is a prince...and most days, so do I! ;)

Thirdly, there is something pretty special about witnessing that first dance between husband and wife.  It's such an intimate glimpse into their union.  I think it is because when the newlyweds are sharing their first dance they are not aware of anyone else around them!  They are lost in each other's arms, lost in their familiarity, and lost it their beautiful love. It is this love that has brought them together, this love is the reason for the celebration, and it is such a wonderful moment!

So the cake has been cut and eaten.

The first dance is over and the decorations have been taken down.

But their story, together, is just beginning...


Feb 25, 2011

So I've Been Busy

Okay, so I haven't written in a while.  I'm here, but oh soooo busy as of late and you'd think that being busy would give me something to write about and to share.  But alas, that's not the case!  I've been too busy to think straight at the end of the day and way to busy to stop and take photos to remind myself of what it is I have been busy doing!

So I'll try to piece together what's been going on for the last week (or so).  Firstly my sister's wedding is TOMORROW!  Okay yeah, ummm obviously busy there. I've been cutting snowflakes out of paper for about a week now.  I need to write my speech tonight and set up the tables and decorations at my sister's house. Oh and they are calling for a big snow storm today....ah February in Ontario....always interesting! :p

  What else....oh my husband and I actually went on a real date last Friday, a double date at that! Ha!  We have these great friends, the one's who made commitments to the Lord this past year, and though we have been friends along time, we had never gone out, alone, together; you know, sans children!  So we did and we stayed local which was nice.  Took in a local restaurant and then a musical at our local Arts Centre.  Our friend was preforming in the musical, she was fantastic!!  I've talked about how talented she is at least once before here.  So we enjoyed her show, "Into the Woods" and even had just enough time to sneak in an after show coffee before relieving the babysitters.

The never ending renos continue on our home.  I learned....attempted to wallpaper on the weekend...hmmm, let's just say it is a good thing I started with closets!  I think it's a good medium, tricky, but with time I should get the hang of it! (Pun, may or may not be intended!)  Not that I plan on wallpapering my entire house, or even an entire room for that matter but I was intimidated by it and I wanted to learn.  So now I have a new home reno skill under my belt and some, decently, wallpapered closets in my house!

We have been in the snow and I have been in the studio. There had been tons of snow, then it melted and then it snowed again. They say that February is a dull month, but really it's quite unpredictable and that ain't dull!


The kids love the idea of playing in the snow but once I get them all dressed and we get out there they don't leave the path!  Olivia keeps talking about making snow angels but once we get out there she hates, and I mean hates, the idea of walking on the snow or through it.  So, like I said, we stick to the path.  Though I force them to stay out at least half an hour because seriously, if it's going to take me fifteen minutes to dress them, they better get at least double that time outside!

 As for the studio I'm working on some character development for a children's book that a friend of mine is writing.  I think God's given her such a great story idea so I am SUPER excited to see where He will lead us in this.  So pray for His wisdom and guidance for us!  And I`ll reveal more as it comes along!  Maybe even some sneak peeks!?!?

And through all this I have managed to take a few photos of colour for my (not forgotten) Spectrum of Light series.  I've been busy and it's been much too cold to go out and take photos, or at least that's my excuse!  But I had said I would do it, especially this time of year when the world (well around here anyways) seems so void of colour.   

This image is linked up to Becky's THRIVE project at Farmgirl Paints.
I couldn't make her button thing work.

So, that should bring you all up to speed.  It's gonna be a busy weekend, wedding, church and an after church potluck/family get together, then the work week again.  But things are good, challenging, oh my and how so very challenging some days, but still good!  The days are flying by and I am anxious and nervous to see what Spring will bring along.  But for now I shall take it one day at a time and you know, maybe even take a lesson from the cat. 

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.  Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God in an everlasting rock. 
Isaiah 26:3-4


Feb 16, 2011

A Pendant and A Poem

For our family we listen to our 'local' Christian radio station, UCB Canada. I say local in quotations because it broadcasts from about 2 hours away but it is a great station and I am so thankful that it is available to us!

UCB has been a tremendous blessing to our family and to others we know, I thank God for this station!  Even better is that for the week leading up to Valentine's day they ran a contest.  The contest was for husbands to submit a poem about their wives.  Mine, being a slight romantic, did just that and he won! 

The station drew random winners, for daily prizes, all week but the grand prize was for the actual day, the 14th, when they decided on their favourite poem and that winner received a super prize to give to his inspirational wife.  So out of 40 or so entries my sweet, sweet hubby won the grand prize!

We were just so excited!  The morning hosts, Kevin and Anita, read off many of the poems entered and the day we heard my husband's poem read was super special.  Truly that was enough for me, that he wrote a poem, sent it in and that we got to hear it read, together, on air.  I was a happy girl then...but for them to pick his poem overall, well a girl can't get much more happy then that!  So we made the two hour drive to the station to collect our prize.

The people who work and volunteer at UCB are amazing!  They were so very nice to us and Anita, from the morning show, gave us a great tour of the whole place.  She showed us how it works, explained to us what goes on there and took the time to answer our questions and talk with us.  I'm still smiling from such a fun and fantastic day! 

So we collected our prize....do you see it there...in the photos...the little red box in my hubby's hand?  Yes, that's a jewelry box!  The prize was a beautiful diamond pendant, no really, it was!  So yeah, we have been a little in shock and well, pretty happy lately!  All in all it was such a great day; time together, a road trip, tour of our all time favourite radio station and a more then generous prize! 

So with blushing cheeks I present to you all the winning poem;

It seems my life had its beginning with you
Before, it was lacking in every hue
It was void of all colours from what I recall
But now I am blessed as I can see them all

Created in spectrums to brilliant to see
Every day's like a painting now that you are with me
In all God's creation, to speak what is true
My life is best when its coloured by you

Created by God, you are art from above

An abstract continually increasing my love
Increasing my love of your wondrous life
Your beautiful mind, soul and body my wife

Each day I thank God for the life that we share
For the family we made, joy beyond all compare
Through bright colours and dark, beyond “death do us part”
I'll love you forever- you've stolen my heart


Feb 14, 2011

I am Falling in Love...With God!

My husband and I have been reading through Francis Chan's Crazy Love together before bed.  And I must say this is an extremely good book - oh the convictions!  We are learning that we need to fall in love with God and we are starting to understand what that means and what that should look like. 

For those of you who are married, or even on the road to be, think back to when you first met.  Remember how you would grasp at any opportunity to be with your love?  Remember how just hearing their voice made your heart flutter?  A touch of their hand and you thought you'd melt away?  That nothing, not late hours, early mornings, lack of sleep, hours of traveling, long distance phone bills, or the like would rob you of precious time together.

Is that how you feel about God?

I know when I met my husband we were inseparable!  We would stay up until midnight or later, often on the days when I had to work at 5:30am, and gladly I did it.  On those rare times when we parted ways earlier in the evening it was only to go to our respective homes and tie up the phone for hours more.  I don't think we missed a day of seeing each other for about the first four months after we met and then we were married only seven months after our first meeting!

Is this how I feel about God?

I know that too often my time is not spent with Him, my focus can wain and my dedication is less then admirable.  If I was pursuing God as my spouse would He know it?  How often have I ignored the alarm and thus my devotional time for the day?  How many times have I had an extra hour, half hour or even fifteen minutes that I did not sit in His presence?

But I am...I am falling for Him.  It's a process, a day by day, moment by moment experience.  It's beautiful and scary all at once.  Falling in love with the Creator of the universe is not a trite thing and I mean to love Him in such a way...a way that leaves no question of who it is I truly love!  But I know I am unable to do it with out Him, that I can love Him but only through Him.  It is one of the many reasons that I love Him!

I realize that I need Him in every way and that my soul longs to be with Him!  I must give myself over to all that He is and fall head over heals in love with my Lord.  I want to glow with my love of Him, burn with a passion for Him, and live a life that is dedicated to Him! 

I think it's time I did some serious dating of my God, you know those palpitating heart, sweaty palms and doey-eyed ways that come in those early dating days.  I need to pursue Him like no other, I need to long for Him daily and I need to not be scared of what that may mean.  I have always loved God, but I realize now that it's being in love with Him is what is needed. 

So I plan on looking the fool, the love sick fool that is.  I will have that dreamy, head in the clouds look in my eyes, so that when people see me they know I am lost in love.  I will swoon at His word, I will spend hours thinking about Him and take time to show Him that I care.  He will be my Valentine, through all the days of my life, because truly, I am falling in love with God!

Whom have I in heaven but You?
And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.
My flesh and my heart fail;
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.
Psalm 73:25-26


Feb 9, 2011

My No-Diet Diet

Okay, here goes....My name is Kaitlin and I'm a food-aholic.  It's true and no, I'm not making fun of alcoholism!  But the fact is that I know I have a problem, I love food, ALL food! In some ways that is good - but the problem lies in that I make bad choices when given the opportunity.

So I have come to the conclusion that one would not allow an alcoholic to have alcohol in their home, I must no longer have bad food choices in my home.  So that was it, we threw out all that we had, no more junk food.  It was in this hunt of junk food to be rid of that I thought of something...

It's called junk food, regardless if the super markets have relabeled these aisle as snack food, the original term still stands, this stuff is junk;

junk  -noun
    *anything that is regarded as worthless, meaningless, or contemptible; trash.

Mmmm, doesn't that sound yummy?  So we rid the house of it all and I now have no choice but to make better decisions.   We did this for two reasons, one, I have a problem and need some time to separate myself from my temptations and secondly, as I stated above, most of it was junk and we want to fuel our bodies with good things.

After this revelation and decision I took a bath.  Grabbing my favourite magazine, I open it to the article titled; Your New Healthy-Eating Plan.  I kid you not!  Never doubt God when He is working in your life!  This article was full of healthy tips and advice as well as featuring the 30 healthiest foods.  And no, tofu did not make the list (thank goodness!) but actually great things, most of which I already love and enjoy!  Not only did it list these super foods but it also gave great 'new' ideas on how to enjoy them!

So I'm stoked!  I love to cook and I have been trying to find new things to enjoy and this is perfect. And since we no longer posses said junk, I am forced to make better choices when I want to snack, which is forcing some extra creativity out of me.  For the first time in years I had "ants on a log" for a snack.

This isn't really a self image thing, it's pretty far from it.  I'm happy in my own skin, I'm confident, but it's a sin and that's what this all boils down to!  Self control is a fruit of the Spirit and I am being convicted in the area of over eating and bad food choices.

I know God is calling me to this, for myself and for my family and that I need to share it with others, which is tough.  No one likes to put themselves out there, laying bare your sinful side but let's be real here - not like I can hide it - and truly I'm ready to be doing more for my God and this is holding me back! 

Thankfully my hubby and I don't do Valentine's day, so I won't be tempted by Valentine's chocolate..mmm chocolate...*drooling*  Umm, where was I...oh yeah chocolate...no sorry, Valentine's day.  Yeah, we decided years ago that we'd make an effort to celebrate our love through out the whole year and not just on a day that the retail world has set. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against Valentine's day, no, it's just not for hubby and me.  Plus the poor man, Christmas at the end of December, then my birthday in early February, it  wouldn't be fair for him to have to do Vday too! ;)  And truly we have so much fun surprising each other with little things throughout the year, thoughtful gestures just for the sake of it and that's works for us!

Oh my this post has grown a little rambly!  But that being said, confession, conviction and honesty about removing sin from one's life is the kind of stuff that I think is good to share and some accountability never hurt anyone!

diet  - noun
   *the food and drink that a person or animal regularly consumes.

So you can join me or at least pray for me as I return to the intended meaning of the word diet, with wholesome, unprocessed and delicious food and as I give over my sin to live more for Him!

So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31


Feb 4, 2011

Happy Snow Day...I mean Birthday!

So it came - oh man did it ever come, snow....so much snow!

That's our car, burred.

It started and it didn't stop....it kept coming...

I had to shove the front door open and that's as far as I could get it. 

....and coming.  It invaded the space between our screen and window!  Ah well, extra insulation I guess!?!

And though it can be troublesome, snow can be awfully pretty too!

And so the day after this terrific storm, was my Birthday! :)

My husband was just such a doll and spoiled me with so much love!  He really made me feel special and not with the 'oodles of gifts' kind of special but in that he paid attention to the fine details, you know the things that really say, "I appreciate you, I understand your needs, I listen!"  And we women know how much that all means!

He baked, yes really he baked, me my favourite cake - complete with his own flair and the most yummy 'icing' - sooo good! I'd share it with you all, but....it's gone! ;)

He bought me funky necklaces because he knows I have a growing love of funky jewelry and best yet, he got them on sale!  This man truly knows me, 'cause I love a bargain!

And because he cares and is creative too, he made me this collage.

Now I'm not one for having pictures of me around, I'd rather be behind the lens then in front of it, but this is special.  My sweet hubby created this as a reminder to me of who I am and who I am to him!  I needed this!

It's truly sweet and thoughtful!  He's been working on it since before Christmas.  I know this because as I have been reading through various magazines around the house I have noticed little tear out spots and he has a hard time keeping anything secret!

So it's full of little things, saying, images, stuff about me and what he thinks about me.  I'm having a hard time putting into words what I feel about it, just that, like I already said, I needed this and I didn't know it until I saw it. 

I think as a Homemaker, especially one with young kids, we loose ourselves sometimes.  I mean I totally LOVE my job and being home with my children is a REAL blessing, it really is!  But I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, that many stay-at-home moms lose a bit of themselves and it takes time to find you again.  To find that you aren't just, so and so's wife, or so and so's mom, that you embody characteristics that set you apart from those titles.  That you are You, who is also a wife and mother.  I mean this is true of any profession, in that people sum up others by their titles but I think it's the uniqueness of stay-at-home moms that makes this more evident.  It is such a dying-to-self kind of work and that is hard!

I know that God is working in my life in this area, in asking me to die to self more and more and not just for my family but for His whole Kingdom.  But in doing so I don't want to lose the unique person He made me to be.  For it's in the characteristics, the strengthens and my weaknesses that enable me to be the best at my profession just like someone good with numbers makes an excellent accountant, my abilities are what help me in my roll as a wife and mother.   

So I look over the words and images my darling husband has selected to describe me and I see a beautiful portfolio of my performance to date.  I have an amazing Boss (God), a fabulous blessing of a Manager (darling hubby), and some pretty cool Co-workers (my daughters)!

Ah, nothing like a birthday to make one pause and reflect eh!?!  So, I take this visual, because I'm an artist and visuals are extremely helpful, and I'm going to put it somewhere in the open.  Which is not like me, to put me on display, but I'm going to do it.  Put it somewhere so that every time I see it I can say, "Hey that's me, I'm unique, I'm special and I have a pretty cool job too!" 

Feb 1, 2011

Snow and Summer Memories

It's been crazy cold here - I mean CRAZY how about minus 36 (Celsius) or so which by my google calculations is -22 F!  So yeah, COLD!  But that's how we do it here and now the cold has let up but they are calling for a giant snow storm, something like a foot of snow is to fall in the next 24 hours!

Though I'm not surprised at this winter weather, as my birthday is on Thursday and EVERY year the weather is TERRIBLE for my bday.  Seriously, it's been that way since the day I was born as there had been such a bad storm leading up to the day of my delivery that my parents were stuck at home and could not get out.  So I was a unintended home birth and this has thus set the standard for terrible weather every year at this time.  But ah well, winter is what it is!

But to help, I went though some photos from last July, looking for one that I had taken and have been saving for just such an occasion.  For a time, in the bleak of Ontario winter, when I needed a reminder of warmth, sunshine and summer fun.

This photo invokes that feeling of lazy summer days.  Of slowing down and breathing in every moment.  It reminds me of the long days, no shoes outside, sidewalk chalk, endless trips to the park, sitting on the front step to watch the world go by and well, it just makes me all warm inside.

But for now, we're hunkering down, waiting for the storm.  I made sure that my hubby remembers to pick up some hot chocolate mix on his way home from work, we'll need that.  It will be good to have an excuse to go no where and to stay inside for the next few days as we have some renovations we are trying to finish up and I really should be in the studio more!  Our house has been a major project since they day we bought it and keeping motivated to work on it is an endless struggle, but God's calling us to get a move on and finish some things and so we listen.  We have little excess money right now so we are trying our best to do the work as inexpensively as possible and rely on God to provide what we need.  And He will, because I know He will, because He has done it SO many times before and because He promises to! 

So a snow storm and cold days aren't so bad because when I look at that photo and think of those sunshiny days I know I won't want to be inside when they come around again!  But for now I'll watch the snow fall because there is beauty in that too....especially when you have a cup of hot chocolate in hand!


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