Feb 4, 2011

Happy Snow Day...I mean Birthday!

So it came - oh man did it ever come, snow....so much snow!

That's our car, burred.

It started and it didn't stop....it kept coming...

I had to shove the front door open and that's as far as I could get it. 

....and coming.  It invaded the space between our screen and window!  Ah well, extra insulation I guess!?!

And though it can be troublesome, snow can be awfully pretty too!

And so the day after this terrific storm, was my Birthday! :)

My husband was just such a doll and spoiled me with so much love!  He really made me feel special and not with the 'oodles of gifts' kind of special but in that he paid attention to the fine details, you know the things that really say, "I appreciate you, I understand your needs, I listen!"  And we women know how much that all means!

He baked, yes really he baked, me my favourite cake - complete with his own flair and the most yummy 'icing' - sooo good! I'd share it with you all, but....it's gone! ;)

He bought me funky necklaces because he knows I have a growing love of funky jewelry and best yet, he got them on sale!  This man truly knows me, 'cause I love a bargain!

And because he cares and is creative too, he made me this collage.

Now I'm not one for having pictures of me around, I'd rather be behind the lens then in front of it, but this is special.  My sweet hubby created this as a reminder to me of who I am and who I am to him!  I needed this!

It's truly sweet and thoughtful!  He's been working on it since before Christmas.  I know this because as I have been reading through various magazines around the house I have noticed little tear out spots and he has a hard time keeping anything secret!

So it's full of little things, saying, images, stuff about me and what he thinks about me.  I'm having a hard time putting into words what I feel about it, just that, like I already said, I needed this and I didn't know it until I saw it. 

I think as a Homemaker, especially one with young kids, we loose ourselves sometimes.  I mean I totally LOVE my job and being home with my children is a REAL blessing, it really is!  But I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, that many stay-at-home moms lose a bit of themselves and it takes time to find you again.  To find that you aren't just, so and so's wife, or so and so's mom, that you embody characteristics that set you apart from those titles.  That you are You, who is also a wife and mother.  I mean this is true of any profession, in that people sum up others by their titles but I think it's the uniqueness of stay-at-home moms that makes this more evident.  It is such a dying-to-self kind of work and that is hard!

I know that God is working in my life in this area, in asking me to die to self more and more and not just for my family but for His whole Kingdom.  But in doing so I don't want to lose the unique person He made me to be.  For it's in the characteristics, the strengthens and my weaknesses that enable me to be the best at my profession just like someone good with numbers makes an excellent accountant, my abilities are what help me in my roll as a wife and mother.   

So I look over the words and images my darling husband has selected to describe me and I see a beautiful portfolio of my performance to date.  I have an amazing Boss (God), a fabulous blessing of a Manager (darling hubby), and some pretty cool Co-workers (my daughters)!

Ah, nothing like a birthday to make one pause and reflect eh!?!  So, I take this visual, because I'm an artist and visuals are extremely helpful, and I'm going to put it somewhere in the open.  Which is not like me, to put me on display, but I'm going to do it.  Put it somewhere so that every time I see it I can say, "Hey that's me, I'm unique, I'm special and I have a pretty cool job too!" 


  1. Awhhh!! You're hubby is so sweet.

    Happy (belated) Birthday to you and I hope it really was as special as you are.

    God bless you with many more!

  2. Awww. Just awwww. That is one sweet fella you married and you deserve his praise.

  3. Wow!! What a cake!! Awwww, what a sweetie that hubby of yours is, and you certainly deserve to feel that special on your birthday! Hahaha I love that he's been choosing and snipping the perfect little bits out of magazines for months in sneaky preparation for that collage, hee hee! Hope you had a marvelous birthday, Kaitlin :D

  4. Happy belated birthday! You are blessed and it is refreshing to read your joyous acknowledgement of it! God bless you! (yet more)

  5. Love it! And you look sooo pretty!

  6. I think it's so ironic that you wrote about self identity! Not that I have been struggling with it lately, but it's been on my mind MUCH more than normal. Funny how being a Mom takes your name away. We went into a play group the other day that we have been attending for over a year, and people still refer to me as "Sam's Mommy" What a shame!Or so I thought, until I realized it was "Nolin's Mommy" that said it. I hadn't learned her name either! So, since then it has been my mission to make other Mom's feel special. Maybe not special, but noticed. Complimenting more and taking more time to notice them. And in return, they are doing the same for me and it's WONDERFUL!
    You are incredibly blessed to have a husband that showers you with love!! Even as a reminder on the days that you can't remember if you brushed your teeth that morning or not, that collage will give you a lifetime of smiles! Something that has the power to stop you in your tracks, and makes you take a moment for you is priceless!
    I have been looking for a photograph for my kitchen. Something with feeling.. that I can close my eyes and GO there for ten seconds when I am feeling stressed... but I never thought about words. Thanks for the idea Dave!!

  7. Happy Birthday. You are so cute. And you have a husband that bakes. You just may be the luckiest girl in the world.

    Thanks for the encouragement and for stopping by.


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