Feb 16, 2011

A Pendant and A Poem

For our family we listen to our 'local' Christian radio station, UCB Canada. I say local in quotations because it broadcasts from about 2 hours away but it is a great station and I am so thankful that it is available to us!

UCB has been a tremendous blessing to our family and to others we know, I thank God for this station!  Even better is that for the week leading up to Valentine's day they ran a contest.  The contest was for husbands to submit a poem about their wives.  Mine, being a slight romantic, did just that and he won! 

The station drew random winners, for daily prizes, all week but the grand prize was for the actual day, the 14th, when they decided on their favourite poem and that winner received a super prize to give to his inspirational wife.  So out of 40 or so entries my sweet, sweet hubby won the grand prize!

We were just so excited!  The morning hosts, Kevin and Anita, read off many of the poems entered and the day we heard my husband's poem read was super special.  Truly that was enough for me, that he wrote a poem, sent it in and that we got to hear it read, together, on air.  I was a happy girl then...but for them to pick his poem overall, well a girl can't get much more happy then that!  So we made the two hour drive to the station to collect our prize.

The people who work and volunteer at UCB are amazing!  They were so very nice to us and Anita, from the morning show, gave us a great tour of the whole place.  She showed us how it works, explained to us what goes on there and took the time to answer our questions and talk with us.  I'm still smiling from such a fun and fantastic day! 

So we collected our prize....do you see it there...in the photos...the little red box in my hubby's hand?  Yes, that's a jewelry box!  The prize was a beautiful diamond pendant, no really, it was!  So yeah, we have been a little in shock and well, pretty happy lately!  All in all it was such a great day; time together, a road trip, tour of our all time favourite radio station and a more then generous prize! 

So with blushing cheeks I present to you all the winning poem;

It seems my life had its beginning with you
Before, it was lacking in every hue
It was void of all colours from what I recall
But now I am blessed as I can see them all

Created in spectrums to brilliant to see
Every day's like a painting now that you are with me
In all God's creation, to speak what is true
My life is best when its coloured by you

Created by God, you are art from above

An abstract continually increasing my love
Increasing my love of your wondrous life
Your beautiful mind, soul and body my wife

Each day I thank God for the life that we share
For the family we made, joy beyond all compare
Through bright colours and dark, beyond “death do us part”
I'll love you forever- you've stolen my heart



  1. *heart* I just love that this happened to you guys. No words, just a nice warm feeling here for what a creative God we serve.

  2. LOVE this. And, of course, I'm glad you are a "happy girl" now. A husband that writes poetry is truly a treasure. I'm so glad you shared your joy with us.

  3. Awe! What a beautiful poem! Beautiful pendant! What a blessings to have such an awesome family!


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