Feb 1, 2011

Snow and Summer Memories

It's been crazy cold here - I mean CRAZY how about minus 36 (Celsius) or so which by my google calculations is -22 F!  So yeah, COLD!  But that's how we do it here and now the cold has let up but they are calling for a giant snow storm, something like a foot of snow is to fall in the next 24 hours!

Though I'm not surprised at this winter weather, as my birthday is on Thursday and EVERY year the weather is TERRIBLE for my bday.  Seriously, it's been that way since the day I was born as there had been such a bad storm leading up to the day of my delivery that my parents were stuck at home and could not get out.  So I was a unintended home birth and this has thus set the standard for terrible weather every year at this time.  But ah well, winter is what it is!

But to help, I went though some photos from last July, looking for one that I had taken and have been saving for just such an occasion.  For a time, in the bleak of Ontario winter, when I needed a reminder of warmth, sunshine and summer fun.

This photo invokes that feeling of lazy summer days.  Of slowing down and breathing in every moment.  It reminds me of the long days, no shoes outside, sidewalk chalk, endless trips to the park, sitting on the front step to watch the world go by and well, it just makes me all warm inside.

But for now, we're hunkering down, waiting for the storm.  I made sure that my hubby remembers to pick up some hot chocolate mix on his way home from work, we'll need that.  It will be good to have an excuse to go no where and to stay inside for the next few days as we have some renovations we are trying to finish up and I really should be in the studio more!  Our house has been a major project since they day we bought it and keeping motivated to work on it is an endless struggle, but God's calling us to get a move on and finish some things and so we listen.  We have little excess money right now so we are trying our best to do the work as inexpensively as possible and rely on God to provide what we need.  And He will, because I know He will, because He has done it SO many times before and because He promises to! 

So a snow storm and cold days aren't so bad because when I look at that photo and think of those sunshiny days I know I won't want to be inside when they come around again!  But for now I'll watch the snow fall because there is beauty in that too....especially when you have a cup of hot chocolate in hand!


  1. Enjoy the storm! Should be cozy. As long as the power stays on I'm happy.

  2. love your attitude! stay positive...those lazy days will come again. i hope;) great picture.


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