Mar 28, 2011

Cover Me

So I had this brilliant - not necessarily original - idea to sew myself a pretty camera strap cover.  'Cause the one that comes with the camera is...well....not so pretty!?!? 

And I feel like a walking advertisement when I wear if I was sponsored by said camera company, I'd be happy to be a walking advertisement....but I'm I made myself a pretty cover!

I made one for my sister-in-law as well, seeing as she was the one who introduced me to my camera and I thought she'd appreciate one too!  'Cause any girl, usually, likes a pretty thing!  So I dug out my sewing machine...dusted it off....and....relearned how to use it.


And learned I did!  Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Then I had this brilliant - and again probably not so original - idea to forget to take a picture of the finished product until I had already put in on the camera....

Well I got a picture of it anyways....but then I realized I forgot to take a picture of the one I made for my sister-in-law....*sigh*....

Truth of the matter is, I don't really 'sew'...I mean I like to and I think about doing it more but my creative mind has given up on the whole measuring and numbers thing and therefore following a pattern seems out of scope for me.  But these pretty pieces were bought pre-cut soooo most of the measuring was done for me - and therefore it was a good introduction or should I say reintroduction to sewing.

But I liked it.  I might make more...when I have the time....

On that note....things are a bit crazy busy here right now...I may not post as frequent for the next bit...then again I might...all depends...but when I do I've got some interesting things to tell you!

Until then, God bless!




  1. I miss sewing. I used to love it. Too busy, too tired. Thanks for posting.

  2. Super cute! One of my favorite things to make are strap covers!

  3. Seems you can do anything you put your mind to. You are an amazing girl. Have a happy day....

  4. Eeee, it's so pretty! Good job! I love how you turned something so ho-hum (random old camera strap) into something inspiring :D

    When I got my first sewing machine a few months back, it took me about a week of just fiddling around with it to figure out how the heck to make it function, haha! Now I'm hooked - there's something so satisfying about making something instead of buying it, and watching other people enjoy the stuff you create!

  5. Good job Kaitlin...did I spell that right or is it Kaitlyn?
    I do enjoy your blog *smile*
    Is your camera a Canon? :P
    I'm so cheeky.

    p.s. trying my first post to see if it works.

  6. I loooove the camera strap you made me! Such a sweet sister-in-law that I have :)


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