Mar 21, 2011

Puddles of Fun and My Baby Turns 2

Earlier last week we got out and found some puddles.  The girls got to put their new rubber boots to the test and I got to mess around with the shutter speed on my camera!  It was a win win, situation.




It was good times...the rubber boots acted more as containers for water then protection from water, but the girls were happy just the same! I learned a bit more about my camera and well, it was just nice to be out in warmer weather.

This past Sunday was the first day of Spring, it was also my littlest one's Birthday.  That means double the celebratory fun for us!  We actually held her little Birthday get together on the Saturday, with our family Birthday party on the Sunday.  A whole weekend of b-day fun! 

We went dotty, with a Polka Dot theme.


There were yummy snacks and good things to enjoy....

...and a little thief; caught in the act.

The girls anxiously awaiting for people to arrive.

Please try to not take note of our incredibly dirty car there in the background.
Maybe a few too many drives in the country?

Everyone seemed to have a good time. The food was all eaten up, the wrapping paper torn into bits and the cup cakes thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Our friend's son Tyler.

Catherine was a bit overwhelmed by the end of the party.  And as fitting for most two year olds, broke down into tears as we sang "Happy Birthday" to her.  But she did have fun and after a good nights sleep, she was ready for her actual Birthday.

On her actual b-day, the Sunday, it was just our family, just the four of us, though my mom and her husband did stopped by for about an hour.   But other then that it was a quiet family day - complete with a drive in the country, dinner at Swiss Chalet and back home for Birthday cake.  I continued with the polka dot theme in the creation of her cake...and I'm getting a better handle on this fondant step - making it myself!

It was time for the cake and again she was not so sure about the singing...or maybe it was it the fire....either was she was happy about eating the cake, Olivia too!  And at this point in time I have refrained from eating the left overs for breakfast....  ;)

It was a wonderful weekend.  It's hard to believe that my little girl is growing up so fast and that her sister will be four this summer.  Where does the time go?!?  I am thankful and so blessed!

Happy Birthday Catherine - you are a sweet and loving little girl!



  1. Awww, happy birthday to your girlie. The party looked adorably fun. I'm so loving this warmer weather!

  2. Your little ones will certainly have fond memories of all the love you bestow on them! They are blessed!

  3. So pretty. I love your images. You have an eye. And, waHOO with the shutter speed. Happy Birthday Catherine. <3

  4. sweet little dot theme. your baby's 2!!


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