Mar 31, 2011

Signs of Spring and Some Pretty Things

Ah HA!  I finally found it - the first green sign of Spring and in my backyard no less!

Ah, green!  Love it!

So we were out for a walk and I thought I'd show you some pics, 'cause like I mentioned in the last post, things are a bit busy right now, but I thought I'd share something to keep you all entertained until I can sit down and right a proper post! ;)

I love big sister leading little sister along.  I can't help but smile at the expression on Catherine's face!

Here are a couple of lovely old churches in my neighbourhood.  Grand old things eh!?!  Olivia calls them all castles.  I adore old architecture and our fair city is bursting with beautiful old buildings!

I just love all the care and the detail.  Old buildings are so neat...I'll have to get out one of these days soon to take more photos of some of the amazing places around here!

As for my abode, I think this would make a lovely front door - oh so very humble....!

And continuing in humble doors....I just love this one that's a mud room! ;)

And just because it is quirky and lovely I had to share this next house with you.  I think Victorian architecture is dreamy.  Oh so romantic and lovely....*sigh*

And yet another view...oh, just because I like it so!

And though I found my first sign of fresh Spring green, and yes the house was all sunshiny yellow and rustic red there really wasn't a whole ton o' colour in this post.....barely Spectrum of Light worthy....but it's something.  Spring is so close to bursting out and lavishing us in it's arrays of colour...but until then here's a punch of colour to tide you over! 

Have a great weekend!



  1. Catherine's face is priceless. Such a tender love shining out of those adorable eyes. Love your photography.

  2. Happy April Fools Day. Check out my blog today. ...there's something there that might make you happy. Or at least smile!

  3. I 'get' busy.. but at least you are posting... I on the other hand.. well... haven't much *sigh* oh well.... if my "readers" really like me.. they will hang in there! Great pictures!!! Love the compositions

  4. Great pictures, girl. Those old houses and building are so amazing. Love all those humble doors, haha! :)


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