Mar 10, 2011

A Week and a Half of Ramblings

Okay, so I don't know what's happened to me. I haven't posted in over a week and every time I sit down to write, I just stare at the screen.  My mind is a whirl and yet not a single thought can formulate. :p

There are a million things happening all at once it seems, not bad necessarily, just busy and mind consuming.  I'm trying my darnedest to get in more devotional time.  I've come to a couple of conclusions in regards to that.  One is that it is a necessity, that I long for it and oh so desperately need to be in the word! AS   MUCH   AS   POSSIBLE!  It fills me up, renews me and I hunger for it more and more! Secondly I have concluded that I have a real struggle getting up for 5:30...real I have come to realize that my children are able to entertain themselves for at least half an hour on their own after breakfast and therefore I can get in a devotional later in the morning.  This may mean it is the only time I get into the word but on a really good day, it is extra time! 

So He is changing me daily, I'm learning and growing in so many ways.  I continually pray for His wisdom and for my heart to be in line with His ways.  This will be a life long endeavour but oh so challenging, exciting and fulfilling!

The weather here is blah..blah blah rains and you think Spring is right around the corner and then the sky opens up and dumps about a ton of snow all around.  Then just as you shovel it all away, some gloomy clouds roll in and the rain comes pouring down again.

I'd like to see the sun and maybe something green soon!?!??

My sister-in-law just got herself a DSLR. 
She let me play with it. 
I just might be in love. 

Remember back in January I thought about getting myself one? (You can read about that here) Then a few weeks and the flu later I felt God telling me to hold off. (More on that here)  I am glad that God had me hold off on that thought.  The timing was wrong, I was able to purchase other things and bless others with the money that would have been put towards a camera then and I'm not sure the one I originally wanted would be the best choice.  After handling my sister-in-law's camera I'm thinking she made a good choice.  She has more disposable income then I and so she was not restricted by cost when she did her research.  It's not a whole lot more then what I had looked at and it has great reviews!

BUT, I'm not jumping in just yet.  I've put it to prayer, as one thing I don't want is to get caught up in wants.  I'm asking God that if it is in His will that He'll show me and that I will find one more budget friendly.  I just can't justify spending that much money.  So though I haven't committed to purchasing one, I have done more research and a new model will be debuting in a few weeks.  That should mean the price on the one I like will be coming down.  Also I have checked out some second had sources and may have a lead on a great camera at an unreal price!  This girl love's a bargain! ;)

Like always we push on in our renos.  Installing a new bathroom floor, drywalling our hallway and hanging closet doors.  That's just the short list for the next week or so! :p  Still on earth did we accumulate so much...stuff?  God just keeps asking us to do these things and we do it.  But you know, it feels so good too!

Oh yes, I also have to start thinking about my youngest's Birthday.  She'll be two next weekend! Crazy!  It's hard to go shopping when you've been purging... and truly there isn't a whole lot she needs.  So we'll get her a few things, so will family and friends, I have to make a cake and we'll probably do an open house kinda thing.  We'll keep it simple, I mean she is only two after all.

This means I have to clean the house, doesn't it!?!

Well there you have it, a week and a half of ramblings.  Nothing enlightening, no wisdom, really just rambling.  I promise to have a couple of recipes for you soon, really good ones too! Yesterday we went out and I got rain boots for the girls because even though there is still snow; when the weather turns for the better I'm gonna be ready!  Enough of this winter stuff already, on with Spring!



  1. Such cute boots!! Makes me feel 'springy.'I Gotta get over and see the little chicks that fit them.

  2. oh spring where are thou?? it's comin' has to soon. at least you have the cute boots to play in:)

    love my dslr camera. probably one of the best purchases i've ever made. but it was expensive and unless you love photography and take pictures all the time i wouldn't bother. cheap point and shoots take amazing pics too.


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