Apr 7, 2011


Okay, so I have been doing some baking.  Both my friend and my mom had birthday's this past week.  For my friend we hosted a little get together and jam session.  So I baked...I mean isn't that what people do - get together and eat!?!? 


So I went looking for something and well I found the most ridiculous recipe...I mean seriously, who sits around and thinks up these things?

Actually I mean, thank you, who ever you are, for sitting around and thinking up these things!

Those look like innocent enough cookies, don't they......

....but wait until you bit into them!


So, yes that is an Oreo stuffed inside a chocolate chip cookie...a double stuffed Oreo at that!!!

No, really!

It is! 

And it's quite tasty too! ;)

It's really not that hard to make and I'd post the recipe but truth is - I hate...really H. A. T. E. writing out recipes.  Sooo, google it and in all actuality, it's really just a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe surrounding an Oreo.  But Oh, my, ridiculousness indulgence...so remember...eating one cookie is really like eating three!

Moving along.

A year ago my mom and I were in a bulk food store when she spotted a box for a teddy bear cake mould and went on to tell me how she would love a cake like that!  Really an all fancy, cutesy teddy bear cake.  So I complied and for her birthday this year created for her a teddy bear cake.

The challenge was hard enough in making it but add to that the fact that she is glutton and dairy intolerant!  I found a cake mix that was glutton free but called for dairy.  So I scoured the Internet and discovered that you can substitute coffee for dairy in chocolate cakes. 

I like coffee and I like cake!  

This is good!

The result; a lovely and delicious gluten and dairy free teddy bear cake!  Happy Birthday Mom! :)

And well to complete our weekend of ridiculousness in baking and eating we were out and decided to buy the kids each a cookie. 

A really big cookie.

Big as their little faces, big!

So it was a ridiculous weekend...but ridiculously GOOD!



  1. Ahhh! Those cookies (all of them, even the big-as-sweet-little-faces one) look so good. Great job on the cake and bear!

  2. Ridiculously Good - Indeed! Those are the memories that girls will look back on! Awesome family time!

  3. The oreo stuffed chocolate chips are so intriguing. I'm going to have to save this idea for Christmas. That is when I do my baking. LOVE the kids and GIANT cookies.


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