May 9, 2011

Celebration Weekend

Phew, what a weekend!  We crammed it full!!  It was, of course, Mother's day - but it was also my sister's baby shower and our seventh wedding anniversary! :)

I'll post about the shower later, for now I'll share details from our anniversary and our Mother's day fun.

We were able to go out on the Friday night - seeing as our actual anniversary is the 8th, better known this year as Mother's Day. we settled for getting out on Friday.  So with a sitter at home, we escaped, the two of us, alone together! :) So, of course, our anniversary date, would not be complete without a drive in the country.... predictable, I know! :P  But lovely - especially when we found this adorable stone wall lined with daffodils! *heart*

So yes, lovely, flowery, romantic ish....but our next stop on our outing....well slightly less romantic ish...

An old cemetery.  I know we're not alone in our liking of old cemeteries...there are many out there who enjoy meandering through this testament to history....but probably not many who do it for their anniversary...!  ;)

It was quite lovely and the craftsmanship of the old stones is something else! 

We found this old broken angel statue tucked away on a rock ledge....

...and then a movie and coffee summed up the rest of the night.  It was nice!  Some years we get away, out of the city for a day or so and then some years we stay closer to home.  I mean the best part is just being together, so it never matters where you are really!  At least that's how we feel!

Saturday was pretty much taken up with my sister's shower, which was a blast but that's for another post!

Sunday, Mother's Day and our official anniversary.  I awoke - after being able to sleep 7:30, woohoo! to hear my hubby and little ones downstairs.  This was the breakfast he so lovingly prepared for me!

So yeah, I already told him that everyone in blog land is going to think I'm one spoiled gal!  And I am! ;)  But trust me, he's one spoiled man as well! ;)

I don't care for breakfast in bed, so that's why we eat at the table.  It's really not my thing....can't even actually figure out why people like it?!?!  But that's them not me - so this was super sweet.  I love my man and well, obviously he loves me!  Poor guy - having to combine Mother's Day and our anniversary!  Lucky enough though, we don't get gifts for either.  Just a card and sweet expressions of love and appreciation! 

We're slight romantics....can you tell!?!?

Breakfast was great, then church, a visit to see my two moms and then for the first time this year we broke out the ol picnic basket!

I must say it was a prefect day! 

....ah but hubby wasn't done last surprise....a sweet treat to end the day!

...okay so I am pretty spoiled! ;)



  1. Awww, how sweet! You are like the 3rd person I know that shares an anniversary or birthday with mothers day!

  2. yes... you are!!!

    That is really sweet. I'm so glad you had such a beautiful "combination" of a day.

    BTW: Our sixth wedding anniversary is coming up this Saturday. Another slight common thread... ;)

  3. Great post! Happpy Mother's Day!

  4. Can I just say how much I LOVE that the strawberries all look like hearts. I LOVE THIS. You are the luckiest girl in the world.

  5. Aww what a sweet post!! I love the strawberry hearts. Also, I LOVE old cemeteries.. so ripe with history, it's like looking right into the past!

  6. Kaitlin,
    I love your posts in your blog. Will you teach me how to blog? I'm feeling like I would like to start one. Your pictures are fantastic!! How do you do it? Do you have some great picture software that you use??
    I so glad you had such a wonderful day. Cuyler and I share our anniversary with Jenna's birthday.

  7. oops forgot to say who I was :D


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