May 5, 2011

For now...

Okay, so things have been busy....real busy lately....not to say that no one else's life isn't busy - just that mine has been and that means I don't have the capacity to blog.  Things, on  a whole, are good and well I can't complain, just all know how it is! 

So anyways, heres what's up. 

I asked about the music and my blog.  Turns out most of you don't listen to it but those that did, loved it!  But sadly to say, the non-music group will win out....for now.  For two reasons.  One, is that I am currently too preoccupied to hunt for another way to share music on my site and secondly it takes less time to make a post when I don't have to find music to match.  BUT that all being said, I still favour it and I love setting the mood with music, so possibly, some day, I will reintroduce music with my blog again.  So we shall be music less...for now.

Ah, what else....

Well the endless renovations seem to have come to an end.....for now.  That, in it of it's self, is a long story and I haven't yet decided to bore you with the details or not.  Let's say, on the short and sweet side, that our gracious God has put a fire under us to finish up our house and now after four years, we have!  Okay so it's not finished, finished, but it's at a point where we've put in a ton o' work and if we went to market it would be a gem of a home to sell!  Unlike the state in which we purchased it.  :P

In regards to all that....we do think God is calling us to sell....the when and why, we are not sure of....for now.  Until then, we live in a nice home, complete with walls and closets!  And if anyone has lived with out either, you understand how exciting that is! ;)  I think I may share some before and after photos with you soon.  I just sadly think though, that we didn't take many before photos....hmmmm.


I have been having some good ol' fun with my camera.  Completely with an engagement photo shoot for my sister-in-law a few weeks ago.  I haven't been out with it much as the weather here has been really crappy....and I mean crappy!!!  But I did get me a second lens and started to advertise myself for professional photography work and yay, I have booked my first official client for July! :)

Thus, with all that, I have been spending what little free time I could find making a website for my photography.  Check it out here if you like:  It's pretty bare right now as my professional portfolio is small but you can at least see some of the photos from the engagement shoot.  Let me know what you think, I'd love some honest feedback!!!

Oh, yes, planning my sister's baby shower for this weekend.  She's due in the middle of June....that's crazy...where the heck did March go....and wait just a minute what happened to April?!?!!??


Somewhere in there our car broke, we towed it away, got it fixed, it broke again, we towed it again and finally, it should be good.....for now.  We've also attended a few birthday parties, had Easter, some illnesses, a few drives in the country, ate a ton of kale chips, blew some bubbles and got new neighbours.

There, I think that sums up the last few weeks and should sufficiently excuse me from my lack of regular posting...for now.... ;)   I do hate to do these, "I haven't wrote in a while so I'll cram a bunch of stuff into one, almost-too-long, post."  But that's what you got!

Love ya!


  1. I hear ya about time flying!!! It's nuts. You should check out Grooveshark, they have some nifty little music widgets you can add to your sidebar!

  2. Sometime I think if I don't blog every day, I'm not doing it right. If I miss more than a day I may never spit one out again. Missed you.

  3. Thanks Ladies!!! :) Thanks LeAnna for the info, I'll have to check it out in the near future!! And thank you happygirl for your encouraging words! :)

  4. i hear ya with the busy thing...geesh! blogging is my fun thing. my outlet, so i really try to make time for it. i love having music on my blog. it's for me. i always figure if people don't like it they can turn it off. do what you's your place right?? happy weekend to ya:)


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