May 31, 2011

Our House Part 1

This is my house,

 and this is our new lawn ornament.

I've mentioned before that we felt God pushing us in this direction and well it's a looong story of how we came to this point.  Here's the short and sweet version. For a year now we haven't known what it was exactly we should be doing - we tossed around ideas of moving to a duplex, flipping a few houses, moving to a new city, selling off everything and traveling across the county, staying put, you name it and we've probably contemplated it! 

Then we were certain for a long time that God was calling us away, to a city about 8 hours from where we live now and it was this calling that forced us to finally finish the renovations and get our house market ready. 

So we did, finished it up and after much prayer and some more contemplating we have listed it.  But I'm not sure what the next step is. 

Truth is I had started this post over a week ago and in the original draft I was telling you all about the wonderful country home we had put an offer in on....but since then we got beat out by another offer.  So we sit with our house on the market and no idea where God is taking us....

So until I know more I shall just delight you all with pictures of our house.  It has been three and a half years of renos and I have a few before shots but not many.  I guess moving into a reno home when your first baby is only five months old means you don't think to take pictures of the dumpy wreck but instead, a few thousand of your kid!    For example, here's Olivia at 5 months old, shortly after moving in.

Awww baby girl!  Don't you love her mohawk?  She had it from the day she was born until she turned one and her hair got too long to stand up.  I'll have to show more pictures another day about that....but not today, today is suppose to be house pictures... ;)

I'll start with the living room.  We didn't do a whole lot in here, paint, crown molding, new ceiling fan, refinished the floors and my hubby did the built-in corner book shelf.  It's a nice cozy room that gets great afternoon sun!

Next our dining room.  Again, mostly cosmetic.  Removing wallpaper, painting, new chair rail, refinishing the floors, new light fixture, removed a wood stove (because it took up the whole room and there was no where to put a table) and fixed the hole in the ceiling from the chimney. 


I'll post another time about how I fixed the whole in the ceiling.  It turned out great and keeps with the original character of the house!

Now, my favourite room - the kitchen!

I didn't get a picture of it with the old appliances, the ones here are the ones we bought when we purchased the home, the old ones were black....and kinda scary....  but yes, that is the floor, not sure why the previous owners did that to the floor....but anyways, we fixed it up good!

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After
And my beloved window seat - this is the space before:

Before window seat

And now, ah bliss!  This is where we have our morning coffee and I usually have my devotional time and quite often blog from here.  And bonus - it has storage underneath! Love it! :)

So obviously we redid the floors, sanded them down to their original glory.  We also refaced the cabinets, painted, added crown molding, re-arranged the fridges location, new faucet and of course some loving personal touches!

Off the back of the kitchen is our laundry/mudroom with second stair case and a four piece bathroom.  Here we mainly did painting and a new sink and counter top.  My hubby also re-enforced the floor as it need some extra bracing.

 That sums up the first floor for yah.  I'll post again with the second floor and maybe by that time I'll have more info in regards to where we're going and what God has in store for us.....then again maybe not! ;)



  1. You have a beautiful home. The outside doesn't give evidence of how spacious it is inside. Good luck and God bless.

  2. gorgeous. love your wood floors and that window seat. oh and your little one's mohawk was precious. i just love before and afters:)

  3. You guys are so talented. Your home always feels so cozy and loved. And it reflects your love for God. Wherever He relocates you,or if He leaves you right there, your kiddos will feel at home because of the care you put into them and each other.

  4. Your home is beautiful, girl! I know the feeling of having one up on the market with no idea as to where you're going. We're right there with ya.


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