Jun 20, 2011

He's Here

Aaaaaa - this was my sister last Sunday!

And this was her Tuesday afternoon!

I'm finally an aunt!!! ☺ 

Can you tell I'm just a little bit excited?

She had a healthy baby boy.  Marcus - 6lbs 10 oz. 

And well, we're all pretty smitten! 

Just wanted to share the good news! ☺

tee hee!


Jun 13, 2011

Country Fun and City Fun

The last couple of weeks have just flown by!  Thankfully though we got to escape to our friend's house out in the country for a few days. *bliss*

They're a family from our church who we have greatly enjoyed getting to know better these last few weeks!  They have a small hobby farm, complete with a few cows, some chickens, a donkey and this pretty adorable barn cat.

The cat liked our kids...

...and our kids liked the cat!

It was beautiful out there and my heart still aches for the country life but...and I mean BUT - we have been praying (hard) and conversing and we have decided to take our house off of the market.

I won't bore you with the details but I know God has been doing some serious workings in our life for the past year and these last couple of weeks He's really been pressing on us some things.  And it's in these things where we find our answer - to stay. 

So stay we shall and in staying I can actually live in my house and not have to have it 'market' ready all the time.  

This is one happy Homemaker! :)

So until things change I'm am a city girl and will escape to the county to visit friends, to take beautiful photos and to pet Pablo!

And here in the city I have many perks!  We live in the downtown section, just four blocks from the beautiful St. Lawrence river, three blocks from the downtown shopping area and a few minutes walk from the library.  And if the rain ever lets up this summer, we shall spend many more days at said library!


And when it does get hot, we shall take advantage of their air conditioning!

And when the days are not too hot, we shall then take advantage of the park that is only a block away from home.  A gorgeous park full of big old trees where we can play on the swings, dig in the sand and slide down the slides.

For if my girls can find contentment in any place, so shall I!

So I am happy and content and God is working in my heart in many ways and I am truly thankful for that!  We get to stay in our home and take time to focus more on our family and what God wants from us, right here, right now!


Jun 6, 2011

Art Show and Sale

Another beautiful weekend has come and gone.  I spent it yard sailing and nose blowing, I have come down with the classic early summer cold! :P  Ah well!  So the majority of this weekend was lazy but good and we were blessed to get a diaper box full of baby toys, books and a gorgeous mobile for my sister - all for $3.00!!! 

But last weekend, well I was busy then - and thankfully not sick! ;)   A woman I know has her own gallery space and it is here where I showed for last year's Art In The City Tour, which, if you like, you can read a bit about that here.  You'll also see in that post, from about a year ago, that we were working on our master bedroom and thought we had found a home in the country.....ah how a girl dreams....it was a pretty nice place but obviously it wasn't what God wanted for us.....I think I'm just going to stop calling it from now on.  What will be will be! :)

Anyways, back to the art!  It was good to get everything hung and the place looked great - but we sadly had to compete with the first sunny weekend in months, so the traffic to our show was a little....quiet.  But a few people wandered in and had a look around and since she has such a great location we may just do it a few more times this summer.

Our art is very different yet shows well together and our sarcastic humour helps pass the time.

Her space is so neat and full of great oddities and eclectic pieces of furniture.

And knowing that many of you couldn't make it due to gardens calling and boarder crossings, I will give you a closer look at some of my work that I had hanging.  I hope you like it and I recommend you grab a cup of coffee as you meander through the gallery.

Awaken Memories

Back to School
Mixed Media

By Any Other Name
Acrylic on Canvas

Cloud Meadow
Acrylic on Canvas

Daisy Land 2
Acrylic on Canvas

Curious Creature
Coloured Pencil

For the Tree is Known by it's Fruit
Mixed Media

Spring Fling
Mixed Media

John 8:31,32
Mixed Media

Coffee Break
Coloured Pencil

Country Scene
Acrylic on Canvas

Hidden Potential
Acrylic and Ink on Canvas and Board

One Small Step

Jam Session

Well I hope you enjoyed the Art show!  I'm building a new website to combine my art and photography - my old art site is here at PiccoloStudios.com but you can check out my new site at KaitlinAndrews.com is you like.  I'm still working on it but it's getting there.  Seeing as I have a large body of art at the moment, I think my next step is to focus on my illustration work.  I'd like to build of a nice portfolio for that...or hey even write my own book and illustrate it...who knows? 

My original passion was for illustration but I have had fun adventuring out into other forms and mediums but I think I shall get back to my roots....at least until I can sell off some of my other stuff and make room for new work! ;)  I'll let you all know next time we open the doors on the gallery and maybe you can pop by for an in-person-look-see!

Jun 2, 2011

God's Calling

So I showed you through my home and again thank you for your compliments!  I do so love our home - it is sweet, simple, cozy, inviting and well... home!

But obviously we have it listed to sell...and many people have questioned us as to why.  All we can tell them is that it's where we feel God's leading.

This has been a big struggle, to say the least!  It has been going on since last year but with our house under construction we were never able to act much on these feelings.  For a time I have felt that moving to the country was the next step. 

I actually long to move out of the city.  I ache to see open fields, gaze upon vast expansions of sky, to watch lazy clouds meander across a sea of blue and to listen to the wind dance through the trees.

I dream of crisp Autumn days, leaves crunching under feet as we putter around the yard, of cool nights sitting on a porch, of bonfires full of music and friends, cozy fireplaces crackling away the nights, of five foot snow drifts and a long gravel driveway. 

I pray that this is what is next for us....oh how I pray....

But I am afraid that it just might not be.

We feel that God actually might be calling us to almost the exact opposite.  That He is calling us to sell and move to another city...a days drive away.  And I try to ignore this, oh how I try!  I put on my best Jonah face and continue on my own path.

The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak.

And oh what a weak flesh my spirit seems to inhabit!

I must say though, that we have come along way over the last year and truly, I will follow my God, no matter where He leads.....really, I will...!  But seriously - how do you fight that battle between spirit and flesh?  What my flesh wants is not wrong, it is not unbiblical, it does not build us up in anyway, it is just a move to the country for many a wholesome and God honouring reasons!

But it doesn't feel like it is what God wants for us.

And in that, my flesh's desire is wrong.

But it's hard, for apart from that gnawing feeling in the pit of me, everything else says stay.  Everything else says, you're crazy.  Our family, our friends, our church, our connections, our work, our home, they are all here, all of it!

But God's calling.....the question lies....where is that? 

There are countless scripture to support what God is telling us, countless....!  I just can't come to terms with it.  So much is happening around me, so many beautiful blessings that I want to be apart of....and yet my Lord calls.

I guess I just needed to put this out there, to write it out and let you hear my thoughts.  I've struggled with this for such a time now.  My husband and I have not wanted to say much as too often we say we are going to do something and for whatever reason it never comes to fruition.  But I can't seem to shake this, the calling of moving and moving away.

I've tried to post about this before but I ended up deleting the other three drafts.....I think in hopes of keeping us on the path that I want..... and because I was scared.....scared of where our faith may be taking us and scared of what might happen if we do not listen. 

I also wanted to share this with you to get you to keep me accountable - to keep me on that path to Nineveh because I really do not want to be tossed out of the boat.  I hope and pray that I will listen to God's calling, to leave all for the sake of my Saviour and to value nothing else above Him.

“Truly, I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or lands, for my sake and for the gospel, who will not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the age to come, eternal life." Mark 10:29,30


Jun 1, 2011

Our House Part 2

Aww, thanks for all the lovely comments on the first part ladies! *heart*  You are all so sweet! 

On to the second floor!

I'll start with the biggest and longest project, our master bedroom.  It was suppose to be the first room we tackled when we bought the house.  In our first home we had put the master bedroom reno off to last and then when we finished it, right before selling that house, we thought how nice it was to have a functional and pretty space of our own.  But then after purchasing our current home and then getting pregnant with our second child, our bedroom got pushed to the bottom of the list.  We finished it about six weeks ago....just in time to list.....hmmm....see a pattern here?

Anyways, when we bought the house, half of the upstairs was gutted down to just studded walls.  This is a picture taken from the bedroom beside the master (what is now our youngest daughter's room) but I kinda tried to show you where the master is.  Not that there is really anything to see - but at least you have an idea where we've come from.

I won't list the massive amount of work we did....because well we did everything!  I mean there was no room and now there is! :)



After - complete with his and her closets! 

The wall to the left of the rocking chair is the master bedroom side of the studded wall the arrow was pointing to.  Does that make any sense?  Anyways all of it pretty much looked like that first picture - lots of pine 2x4's and pink insulation.  But now, it's much much better!

Catherine's room was in the same state as ours.   When we were in the midst of renovating it, my husband was out of work and money was super tight, but God is so good and it was one blessing and one miracle after another and her room was finished and in time for her arrival!





There is a three piece bath and linen closet upstairs as well.  I don't have a picture of either - we built the linen closet stealing some space from Catherine's room - because old houses always need more storage space!  The bathroom is cute and we've updated it a bit but I just haven't taken any photos.

Next is Olivia's room.  I talked about her room before when we re-did it for her when she transferred from a crib to a big bed.  You can see more pictures here, this is the 'staged' version of here room pictured below.

My husband made the built-in, covering for the fact that the floor had been torn out in a large section of the room and making it a great room to grow into....or at least we had planned it that way.

Off of Olivia's room is my studio.  I love it in there and honestly I do not spend enough time in there! Bad me! It gets great light and is roomy and really I should just get my butt in there more often!

Studio - crafting desk and wall easel for painting

Studio - drafting table and drawing supplies

Studio - inspirational quote - oh so true!

The studio is at the top of the second set of stairs that were pictured in the laundry room.  Very convenient for me when the kids are in bed.

So I guess that about sums it up.  My home - as it is.....for now......



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