Jun 13, 2011

Country Fun and City Fun

The last couple of weeks have just flown by!  Thankfully though we got to escape to our friend's house out in the country for a few days. *bliss*

They're a family from our church who we have greatly enjoyed getting to know better these last few weeks!  They have a small hobby farm, complete with a few cows, some chickens, a donkey and this pretty adorable barn cat.

The cat liked our kids...

...and our kids liked the cat!

It was beautiful out there and my heart still aches for the country life but...and I mean BUT - we have been praying (hard) and conversing and we have decided to take our house off of the market.

I won't bore you with the details but I know God has been doing some serious workings in our life for the past year and these last couple of weeks He's really been pressing on us some things.  And it's in these things where we find our answer - to stay. 

So stay we shall and in staying I can actually live in my house and not have to have it 'market' ready all the time.  

This is one happy Homemaker! :)

So until things change I'm am a city girl and will escape to the county to visit friends, to take beautiful photos and to pet Pablo!

And here in the city I have many perks!  We live in the downtown section, just four blocks from the beautiful St. Lawrence river, three blocks from the downtown shopping area and a few minutes walk from the library.  And if the rain ever lets up this summer, we shall spend many more days at said library!


And when it does get hot, we shall take advantage of their air conditioning!

And when the days are not too hot, we shall then take advantage of the park that is only a block away from home.  A gorgeous park full of big old trees where we can play on the swings, dig in the sand and slide down the slides.

For if my girls can find contentment in any place, so shall I!

So I am happy and content and God is working in my heart in many ways and I am truly thankful for that!  We get to stay in our home and take time to focus more on our family and what God wants from us, right here, right now!



  1. I would love to be a city girl. I live in rural/suburban area. Farms are quickly becoming subdivisions and crappy cheap looking subdivisions. I miss living in a city and walking to the store. sigh. The grass is always greener...

  2. Good for you, counting your blessings. You sure have some lovely ones! :)

  3. my friend has a farm and it is always bliss when we can go out there and escape for a bit. sweet pics.

  4. That's always the best...

    Staying - where He leads.

    Blessings on your day!

  5. CUTE pictures of the kiddies!! Awww Catherine's big smile at the playground.. love it!

  6. I'm glad you are staying!!
    You can come and see the country out here anytime...open invite!
    Love ya :)


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