Jun 1, 2011

Our House Part 2

Aww, thanks for all the lovely comments on the first part ladies! *heart*  You are all so sweet! 

On to the second floor!

I'll start with the biggest and longest project, our master bedroom.  It was suppose to be the first room we tackled when we bought the house.  In our first home we had put the master bedroom reno off to last and then when we finished it, right before selling that house, we thought how nice it was to have a functional and pretty space of our own.  But then after purchasing our current home and then getting pregnant with our second child, our bedroom got pushed to the bottom of the list.  We finished it about six weeks ago....just in time to list.....hmmm....see a pattern here?

Anyways, when we bought the house, half of the upstairs was gutted down to just studded walls.  This is a picture taken from the bedroom beside the master (what is now our youngest daughter's room) but I kinda tried to show you where the master is.  Not that there is really anything to see - but at least you have an idea where we've come from.

I won't list the massive amount of work we did....because well we did everything!  I mean there was no room and now there is! :)



After - complete with his and her closets! 

The wall to the left of the rocking chair is the master bedroom side of the studded wall the arrow was pointing to.  Does that make any sense?  Anyways all of it pretty much looked like that first picture - lots of pine 2x4's and pink insulation.  But now, it's much much better!

Catherine's room was in the same state as ours.   When we were in the midst of renovating it, my husband was out of work and money was super tight, but God is so good and it was one blessing and one miracle after another and her room was finished and in time for her arrival!





There is a three piece bath and linen closet upstairs as well.  I don't have a picture of either - we built the linen closet stealing some space from Catherine's room - because old houses always need more storage space!  The bathroom is cute and we've updated it a bit but I just haven't taken any photos.

Next is Olivia's room.  I talked about her room before when we re-did it for her when she transferred from a crib to a big bed.  You can see more pictures here, this is the 'staged' version of here room pictured below.

My husband made the built-in, covering for the fact that the floor had been torn out in a large section of the room and making it a great room to grow into....or at least we had planned it that way.

Off of Olivia's room is my studio.  I love it in there and honestly I do not spend enough time in there! Bad me! It gets great light and is roomy and really I should just get my butt in there more often!

Studio - crafting desk and wall easel for painting

Studio - drafting table and drawing supplies

Studio - inspirational quote - oh so true!

The studio is at the top of the second set of stairs that were pictured in the laundry room.  Very convenient for me when the kids are in bed.

So I guess that about sums it up.  My home - as it is.....for now......



  1. I headed to your blog tonight to tell yout to get posting (I know I'm not one to talk...!) and you surprised me with two posts!

    These pictures show the beauty of your home very well! You guys have done such an amazing job - very inspirational! Now I'm thinking how to make my itty bitty apartment as cozy and inviting!


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