Jul 20, 2011

Fun with my FOUR YEAR OLD!

 Aah, four years....already?!?!?!

It was a beautiful weekend and a perfect one for celebrating our little girl...who isn't a little girl really... but a big girl, or at least she tells me so!  And seeing as she has a lovely, middle of summer kind of birthday....and I suffer from having a middle of lousy old winter kind of birthday; we celebrated in the only way one should....


Ah, our little beach - I think I'm in love with it... *bashful grin*.  It was a beautiful, cloudless day...which even I, the infamous cloud lover, enjoyed!  So after a few hours of hot fun, the gang headed back to our house for, what else, but a barbecue!

We decorated with summer fun stuff...and to tell the truth....I have been enjoying the summery feel with the paper lanterns, pink flamingo and bright colours that I have left most of the decorations up.....and really it has everything to do with liking them and nothing to do with the heat and sweating and lazy summer days....

For the loot/goodie bags we did sand pails.  It was great, they fit with the theme and they are totally useful after the party.  I found some great bargains on fun summer things and filled the pails.  I like sending something home with the kids that they enjoy but that the parents will find useful and not just clutter.

It's nice that our daughters closes friends are the kids of our closes friends too.  Which makes for good fun before and after the kids go to bed!  Here is the gang of kids enjoying the BBQ food!  They let me take pictures of them eating, why won't their folks? ;)

I took a tradition from my mother in law, making special cakes for birthdays.  I liked her idea and thought it would be fun.  I've made it my own by branching into three dimensional cakes but it's keeping to the tradition, keeping it going and in today's age traditions seem to get lost.  So here's to you Granny! ♥

A beachy theme cake.  You can see/read about my other cakes from over the last year, here, here, and here.  They are fairly easy to make and I really like to do it, plus I'm pretty sure the kids like them to....

....yeah...I think she liked it alright!




  1. Can I just say the cake ROCKS! It looked like such a fun party. I mean, who doesn't love the beach. Happy Birthday to the big girl.

  2. That's really sweet...

    Happy birthday big, little girl. :)

  3. aww Olivia's face is priceless when she sees the cake! What a wonderfully memorialbe day!

  4. You may have got your tradition from me, but you are surpassing me in the cake decorating! Kudos to you. I love how you two are parenting our beautiful granddaughters!


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