Jul 6, 2011

Lovely LONG Weekend!

So a belated Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day!!  And no matter what side of the boarder you live on it was a long weekend - and for us here it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL one! 

And well, we soaked it up - every - last - minute - of it!

Oh and what better way to kick it off then with a day at a ....secret beach! ;) 

Our friends know this great little beach and no one is ever there - so a gaggle of us took it over for the day.  The sun shone, the wind blew, the waves danced across the shore line....it was a little slice of heaven!

Life is good on the beach....especially on a long weekend!

Sand in our toes and big boats meandering by, cool water and warm sunshine....

.... complete with a picnic...and even a cliche picnic ant!

And so that's how our long weekend started...and well it did not get any worse!  We enjoyed family, friends, fireworks and (of course) food!  It was great!

I have noticed a trend across blog land - summer is busy and summer is too nice to be inside blogging - so I'm not feeling (too) guilty about not posting as often.  I have some plans, for more regular posting...but not right now, because...well you only live once and I want to soak up these gorgeous days.  I've got some photography shoots over the next few weekends and family events and lots more going on!  It's busy but it's good!

So here's to summer fun and seeing you all when I can!  

Now go on, soak it up!



  1. What a lovely lively post! :)

  2. Ahhh, love these pictures! Makes me wish we had a secret beach somewhere. :) Enjoy your summer!

  3. LOVED this post. Such wonderful pics. Secret beach, long weekend. Life is good.

  4. Are those Caffer's feet? Lovely. You are such a talented gal. Your pix are beautiful <3


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