Jul 10, 2011

Provision and Baptism

What a week - I came down with this lousy summer cold! :P  It was bad enough being all stuffed up and with a soar throat - but then it morphed into a flu like thing and well I was pretty much down and out for the entire week!  My hubby was only at work for two days last week as he stayed home to watch the kids for me - what a good man!  So anyways, I'm feeling much better - actually I was better just in time to do my first paid professional photo shoot on Saturday.

I'll share more on that after I get the photos to the client.  But it went well and it was good to get the first one done ...hopefully that will help ease my nerves on all my next shoots.

So it was good, because like I said, it was paid, important when your hubby has been off work for almost a week.  Then upon returning home tonight, there was a cheque in the mail box.  It was the 50% deposit for a wedding I have booked in August.

All this got me thinking - here was, what was suppose to be 'extra' money, money that we could really have been used but because I was sick it goes to paying just the basics.  And yes, my first thought, was "Thank the Lord - provision for the lack of funds!"  And I meant it, truly, because I know how important the basic are.  But then I  got thinking more...

God could have easily allowed me to not get so sick, for surely He knows how important any extra money would be to us. 

But then I got thinking even more....

This money coming when it has IS a blessing and what it is, is a testament to the greatness of our Lord.  He allowed me to be sick so that He could provide for us.

Are you with me?

In my being ill we lost some income - but with the 'extra' money coming in, we are still on track - not any farther ahead but certainly not any farther behind!  God didn't allow us to make extra money, He allowed us to make just what was needed.  It's quite beautiful really!  My being sick was a tool for showing the goodness and glory of God.  He provided where there was a real need and if any 'extra' money is truly needed, well He will provide that as well!  He's just so good like that!

Now that's provision!

Speaking of provision the Lord seems to never be at an end it specializing in it!

For a while my husband and I have been on the topic of Baptism.   We attend a Baptist church but up until recently we had not given the whole idea a lot of thought.

My husband made a commitment to the Lord when he was three and was baptised at the age of 7 and so this has carried him all these years.  When I became a believer we never really talked much about the whole thing and well that was that about it all.

But over the last year my husband has really re-found his faith.  He has been lead and is learning to know what it means to really love the Lord.  To want to want the things God wants and to truly follow after Jesus.  And I am more then happy to have him stepping up more and more as the Spiritual leader that God calls him to be!

So in my husband's devout and endless reading of Scripture he, as he put it in his own words, "could not escape the idea of Baptism."  He talked to me about it a few weeks ago, we went through the word and well it convicted us.  It spoke clearly that we should be baptised. 

Now the city we live in is on the beautiful St. Laurence River - a stunning river and I'm not even being bias!  My husband and I had said that even though our church does baptismal services in the building, that we would prefer to have it in the river.  More natural, more real and much more public! ;)

So we had no plans to go forth, that is, until the following Sunday.

As we took our seats for the sermon that day, we opened the bulletin to read the weeks announcements and lo and behold....


*stunned silence*

Well when the Lord calls - you answer!

So today was the day of the service.  And OH the Lord is Good.  It was such a fabulous day - really!.....though I seem to be saying that a lot lately....but this has been one incredible summer so far.....but back to where I was....

Well for starters, here's a little peek at where our service was held today.....

I don't know if crystal clear water, lazy clouds, dappled shade and a rolling hill side are your thing...but they sure are mine!  So we had a service in the park and it was just beautiful!

We had our worship time and a small message and then it was time for us 'candidates' to give our testimonies.  My husband explained that though he had grown up in a Christian home and had made a commitment young, he had only really come to whole heartily follow and love the Lord and that for the first time in his life he actually felt that he was living for God because he fully wanted to and not just because it was the right thing to do.  He was getting baptised to show that he is God's and wants to commit his whole mind, heart and strength to Him.

And Oh our God is STILL SO good!

Because after him I had to give my testimony....and the Lord blessed me and honoured me by having all of my family there.  Yup, that's right, my Dad, Step Mom, Step sister, my Mom and her husband - all unsaved but all there, to support us and to....listen! 

It was a blessing, one that is hard to put into words.

Knowing they were all there and that they were all listening, I shared my testimony, laden heavy in the gospel and the glory of finding a personal and fulfilling relationship with our Heavenly Father and our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Well....anyways, I won't go on much more.....this already is a very long post....probably could have been two....but like I mentioned before this is a busy month, so since I had some time to sit and write I figured I better get it all out....who knows with days like these I may not get back to the computer any time soon! ;)

So I'll conclude with saying, I got to say some things to both sets of parents that needed to be said.  Apologises for dishonouring them and kudos for raising me well.  I got to share how even though I was blessed and came from good homes that a life with out God is still an empty one and that only salvation through Christ and a relationship with our Creator will complete us.

My husband and I were extremely fortunate to be surrounded by so much love, from family, friends and our amazing church family as we both were baptised one after the other.

First hubby, then me, then sweet hubby
taking my hand as we left the water! ♥

The day was spent, in glorious sunshine, loving fellowship, amazing music (okay I might be biased on that one), fun in the sand, and even a visit from my little nephew!

And so another magnificent weekend has come and gone but this one brought with it so much goodness and so much of God's magnificent glory!  And even though Christmas is still five months away....with weekend like these I guess I can wait it out! ;)



  1. Thank you for your uplifting post! God bless you as you continue to grow in Him.

  2. What a wonderful post. Welcome into the family of Christ and God bless you and your family.

  3. Congrats Kaitlin! What a great post! And I'm glad someone took those pictures of you, that must've been neat to see after :-D


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