Aug 17, 2011

Farm Fun

Seeing as we came SO close to country living this summer, with God saying last minute, "No my children, not yet, I have other plans for you." we relish any opportunity to spend some time away from the city.  So when some new friends invited us to spend the afternoon at their home and hobby farm, we were all to happy to oblige!

This family has a lovey home and beautiful property!  They were so kind to allow us to come and invade them on really, their only day off during the week!

Needless to say, our girls were ecstatic to see all the animals.  And after taking them to a sad, sad excuse of a petting zoo a week ago, this was a much better way to see and interact with animals.  And interact they did!

Maybe a little too much......

They call it a hobby farm...but it seems more like a full time job then a hobby!  They had goats, horses, chickens, cows, turkeys and even chiche pink pigs in mud!

And reliving childhood fun, my hubby even had the opportunity to catch a frog.  To which our girls were both delighted and disgusted!

Yeah, that's right, she hugging and kissing the frog!

They not only have tons of animals, they grow much of their own food.  I tell you, it's both inspiring and intimidating!

They invited our girls to help dig up the vegetable that were to be served for supper.  I don't know if I have mentioned my lack of ability to garden, but lets say....there's a reason dandelions are one of my favourite 'flowers'...they're about all I can grow! :P 

So this was a novelty!

They prepared the most amazing dinner for us, with all the food fresh from their farm; right down to the homemade butter!

It was a wonderful afternoon!   I believe it spoke to a part inside both my husband and myself, a part of our childhoods, and a longing for open spaces.  We came away, happy and renewed and glad to have made some new friends!  And though we both feel that someday we shall end up in the country, Lord willing, we are content right where we are!

And until that time, we will enjoy what our city has to offer and the blessing of living in the heart of it!  We will enjoy this all with, more trips to playgroups and the library, to visiting with friends and park time fun, to rainy days snuggled indoors as the world goes by and sunshine days filled with sidewalk chalk and bubble blowing.

But when they day comes to stretch out and enjoy open spaces, fields of grass, and fresh county air, I think we will be ready....



  1. I LOVE a farm. I'm too lazy to work that hard, though. LOVE the pics. Thanks. :)

  2. You've got some really neat photo-memories there. I'm glad you ALL enjoyed your time.

    Down on the Farm!


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