Aug 11, 2011

Making Time

Finding or actually, making, the time to sit and be with God seems to be an endless challenge!  It starts with marriage, where in you adjust from having just you to think about to now having us.  And though you have good intentions, the time flies and you see days whisk by with hardly a moment devoted to the Lord.  Then children enter the picture and those once sweet, quiet moments alone with the Creator seem but a distant dream. 

No wonder Paul suggests one remain single! (1 Corinthians 25-40) 

But I am (always) learning and this thought impressed on me the other day.  In the role of wife and mother, it is not simply enough to say, "I am too busy." "My kids keep me distracted." "I just can't find the time." or "Some days are better then others" No, we must make the time, better yet we must want to make the time.  How often do we cry to Him in times of trial and tribulation but do we stay faithful during the out pouring of blessings or the mundane days or life?  For surely God has appointed one as well as the other. (Ecclesiastes 7:13,14)  It is this daily communion with God that I am talking about.

It is here we need to discipline ourselves.  For we would never choose to not feed our children their breakfast, it is fundamental, it is needed and not to mention they wouldn't let us forget to feed them!  And though many a days we would rather roll over in bed, ignoring their requests, or read the paper instead of making more toast, we do not, we feed our children. 

But how often do we neglect to feed our own souls?  (Matthew 4:4)

We say we will find the time, we say it with good intentions - but how often do you find something that you aren't actually looking for?  The truth is we must make the time!  Just as you make time to get dressed, to feed your family or to walk the dog, we must make the time to be in God's word.

I once heard it put like this, if you had to take a pill everyday just to live would you remember to take it?  And would you ever skip it, even once?  Time with God is our 'pill' and we need it to live - to truly live!

So I have purposed to make time for God.  I am rising early to be alone with Him and when my kids wake up earlier, for they surely will, then I will just have to get up even earlier.  This isn't some household task that I can continually put off, like cleaning up cobwebs or washing my windows, it is necessary, a daily part of my homemaking.

For if I do not make this time for God, then the cobwebs will cling to my heart and 'windex' will not be able to remove the fog in my mind.  It says in James 4:8, come near to God and He will come near to you.  It is true, I want to grow ever closer to Him and spending time with Him is the only way to do it.

I have been reading many other 'good' books as of late, other biblical sound books on topics of importance and interest to me but this is not enough.  I can not grow a personal relationship with my God by reading what others say, just as I cannot create a friendship with another person if I only speak to their other acquaintances.

A personal relationship with God is just that, personal, between Him and myself.

So I am challenging all my readers - make the time, don't find it - make it!  Join me in these early mornings, as the sun rises later and later and the weather grows cooler, to make the time to be with the One who made you and knows your inward parts. (Psalm 139:13)

I am no longer leaving it to the day, circumstance or good timing, no I am making the time to be with Him, daily!  Choosing to do whatever it takes - but pray for me, 'cause I'm sure going to need it!

God bless!



  1. We serve such an amazing God, who wouldn't want to spend time with Him? And yet we all fall into the same trap over and over. He knows our hearts. Your walk with Him amazes me too. I love watching you stretch and grow as a Christian. God has brought you such a long way from the young girl who used to walk around the fence for our homeschool class on Doctrine! Your family is blessed to have a wife and mom with such a heart for God. <3

  2. This is great, Kaitlin! I'm proud that you are choosing to be disciplined in this area regardless of how hard it might be in this season of life - i know the rewards will be worth it, both in your life and in your little gals and hubby's too. Keep it up! I re-committed myself in this area last week after a challenging message at church so we can pray for each other. :)


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