Sep 21, 2011

Garlic Bread Goodness!

Here is a most fantastic garlic bread recipe!  Seriously, it's delicious enough to make and eat all on it`s own......not that I have ever done that....

Here`s how you make some serious garlic bread goodness!

First you go and get one of those fresh French bread loaves they sell at the grocery store or local bakery.  At our local grocer these loaves sell for a $1.00 and depending on how many people you are making this for you might get two servings out of one loaf.

Truth be told....this isn`t actually a French bread loaf, they were sold out. But it worked just fine...but I still say the French bread loaf is best!

Next you make up some garlic butter, or buy`s up to you.  Here is what I do:

Garlic Butter

  • A whole bunch of butter....okay again not accurate with measurements...I usually eye it up, but it is a lot, I`d say like a cup or more.  I know it sounds terrible (terribly good that is!)  But this is garlic bread goodness and the ratio of goodness is equal to the ratio of butter used!
  • Four or five (or more) garlic cloves.  I chop them really fine or use a tiny grater to ``puree`` them.

Add garlic to butter, mix together.  If time allots, allow to rest for a few minutes - I'd say no more then 10 minutes should do it.  And there you have delicious homemade garlic butter.  You can do it with margarine and you could even substitute in garlic powder, but I have tried these other alternatives and this is the best way to make my opinion.

Now while your garlic butter is resting, take your nice crusty bread loaf and proceed to cut it into slices, stopping before you cut all the way through!  So each piece is still connected at the bottom of the loaf.  It should look something like this, mind you I was using a half loaf here.

Mmmm...I could eat it right at this point....but wait, it gets better...Ooooo so much better!

Spreading the slices apart, slather in the butter.  Make sure to butter both side of each slice and if using a half loaf like I did, make sure to slather some butter on the end piece (of the cut side). 

Don`t be stingy now! ;)

Now wrap that buttery sucker up in tin foil.  Like a delectable little present.

Place this bundle in a preheated to 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes.  When the time is up, remove (carefully with oven mitts) from the oven and turn your oven from bake to broil.

Unwrap your present!

The butter should be mostly melted into the bread (sorry no pictures here).  But again, be careful, it is surprisingly hot!  Now, cut the slices the rest of the way through, separating them and lay them, single layer, on a baking sheet.

Stick them back into the oven, under the broil and watch them turn to a beautiful golden goodness! ;)  Turn them once one side is finished, making sure to golden up each side.

Now all you have to do is serve it up! 

Like I mentioned, it is tasty enough to almost stand alone.  We had it one night with a nice summer salad.

And of course, it goes amazing with pasta, soup, chili, stew or any other hearty supper.

This is such a fantastic garlic bread recipe, it`s really quite easy, a crowd pleaser and a sure way to make for some happy kids!




  1. since i don't have to make the bread i might actually do this recipe. yum!

  2. Yum. Looks good. Love your little apple-holders on your page header. And your new background is great too.

  3. Can I just say YUM! and now my mouth is watering. LOVE the header, too. You are a Rock Star with the camera!!!

  4. Ahhh, it's only 10:30 in the morning, I've already had breakfast, but I still could go for several pieces of this amazing bread!

    The little gals are so cute...I was saying to Loris, "remember when they were here for dinner and Catherine kept saying ' mouuur gaalic bwead pease...' haha, so cute. You've trained them well.

    p.s Did you get new dishes? Those pasta plates remind me of a mix between the bowls and plates I have...simple and classic.

  5. Mmmmm!!! Sounds yummy! Your kiddos are adorable. Thank you Kaitlin for visiting my blog and leaving your so sweet comment. So glad you popped over from Becky's blog. Becky is such a special gal.

    It is so nice to meet you.

    Lee Ann

  6. Oh my goodness! I just looked at your drawings. Wow, you are so talented. Those portraits are amazing!


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