Sep 5, 2011

Kitchen Makeover -Part 2: The Coffee Corner

Well folks this is where the day truly starts.  Though my devotions, breakfast, most of my blogging, and what nots happen from the window seat - none of it would be possible without my coffee corner!  This is the spot in the kitchen designated to all things related to coffee or tea...except the cream, of course.

I'm sorry, but I don't think I have a very good before picture of this part of the kitchen.  Just know that it was more unorganized, the canisters were on the counter and not on the shelf and well it just didn't look this darn snazzy!

I've had these great canisters for years now, since shortly after we were first married.  I originally only wanted to purchase the "Three Crows Coffee" canister, but the lady at the store offered me a great deal to take all four, so I did - and they have been an integral part of our kitchens since then.

And next; the machine that makes it all possible!  Originally I had an old, old, old coffee maker and I had a real bad habit of leaving it on and going out for the day....bad, bad habit!  So hubby and I switched to a french press for a few years.  Now that is some fine coffee making there I tell you!  But after two kids and a slight growth in my need desire for more coffee, more often - we switched back to a regular coffee maker.  But that's not the one pictured we, er...umm...well...loved our other one too much and we also out grew it's eight cup capacity.  It has since "gone to a better place".  We now have this FOURTEEN cup monster!

It's a great machine!  Not only does it make a mean cup of coffee but it beeps as soon as it is ready, so I don't have to miss one second of fresh, delicious, hot coffee. ;)

I found these cute and vintage canisters at our local Goodwill,  a few years ago and I use them to store various types of tea. I love case you hadn't guessed that by now, but I take the occasion to enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoons or evenings now and again.  A friend has recently introduced me to chocolaty chai tea and it is amazing!  It will be a staple in my home from now on, especially as we move from the summer into cooler days.

So there you have it, just a little corner of my kitchen.  I love having coffee and tea on hand, it's rare you meet someone who won't drink either and it's such an inviting way to get to know someone or to pass the time.  Sitting, chatting, sipping, sharing. I think summer is fabulous, but as these cooler days set in, I look forward to giving this little corner of my kitchen a real work out - so come on over the coffee's always on!



  1. Mmmm, every house needs a dedicated coffee/tea spot. Yours is just lovely! I adore those canisters!

  2. Amen Sister...

    I have this great "coffee" 2011wall calander, hanging in my kitchen, and one of the quotes I kept thinking of, while reading your post, was:

    "A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent."

    Isn't that the best?


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