Sep 12, 2011

Kitchen Makeover- Part 3: Kitchen Shelves

So here is the final instalment....for now.  Until we have the money and gusto to do the counters and the back splash. 

*rolls eyes at thinking of where said money and gusto shall come from!*

Anyways, here are the shelves before and after:

And since we are in the spirit of DIY and easy home projects here is how we made our rustic country shelves.

First we were blessed with an abundance of old barn board, left in our basement, when we bought our house four years ago.  If you are not in possession of left over barn board, scour yard sales, classified ads or ask friendly barn owning neighbours if they have any to spare. 

We used an almost empty can of primer, any white paint will do including acrylic or tempra from say, the kids craft supplies!?!?   You don't need much so just use what you have.  I think we only had about 2 inches or so left in the bottom of our can and it was plenty to do this job! 

Add some water to the paint.

Okay, so my measurements are a bit vague but really you don't need to be exact.  You are really just making a wash.  So add a little and test it out.  Remember you can always add more, you cannot take it back out.  Mix it in a separate container if you are worried about messing up - but seriously don't stress about it, it's all good!

Next, slop that white wash on!

Yup, just slop it on there...hence the newspaper protecting the floor...though if you slop like I do I recommend more newspaper....a lot more!

Coat as much or as little as you like.  But when using a material like the old barn board don't be skimpy on the wash as they tend to soak it up.  Slop it on and then using a rag, wipe it off.  Wiping off more or less of the wash, depending on the look you want.

Don't worry if it drips over the edges, it's all part of the rustic appeal.  When you are satisfied with the amount of coverage, (or lack of) let it dry and repeat on the other side and remaining boards.

Boards are done!

Now here is a great secret of hubby and mine.  We love to use plant hanging hooks for shelf brackets!  Seriously, they are inexpensive, sturdy and look far nicer then many other shelf brackets - unless you want to spend some extra bucks...but who wants to do that?

Aren't they purdy!?!?

I just warn you, that you need to use good heavy duty wall anchors when using these and try hard to hit a stud, important for when you want to load up your lovely rustic shelves after all your hard (well it's not that hard) work!

And now the fun bit; adorning your new shelves with many a kitchen lovelies!

And yes even some practical things too.

And a neat idea I got from a friend, a handy and decorative way to store candles.

Lastly and most definitely not least, a central location to set our bibles, devotional material, journals and inspirational memory scripture.

So there you have it, another easy, practical and pretty idea to both dress up and personalize your kitchen.  I love this area....apparently I love every area of my kitchen...anyways, I like how this is all usable space, organized and totally us at the same time....because believe it or not we are NOT organized people - but that's a story for another time...we'll just say the power of God is amazing! ;)

Well get to it ladies, let me hear how you organize and personalize your kitchens.  Big or small, old or new, share your ideas, we can all use the inspiration!

Happy Homemaking!



  1. It looks wonderful. Love that you used old barn. Keeping your Bibles in the kitchen for easy access is a great idea.

  2. Beautiful! I love the look of old wood with a wash over top. I have a vision of finding an old wooden window frame (the kind with sections), finishing it like that, filling it with pictures, and hanging it above my couch. So if you ever know where I can get one at a reasonable price, let me know!

    p.s love the towel on your stove!

  3. That looks great! I came over thru Flower Mama's blog. I just love that color on your wall. I {love} barn wood...will be back to visit.
    Have a nice week!

  4. Shnazzy! And are becoming organized people. Soon you will have to remove the NOT!<3


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