Oct 3, 2011

Shine Sunflower Shine

Gorgeous eh?!?! 

Just lovely - such a beautiful flower and what a way to welcome in Autumn!  These, sadly, are not from my garden, they are grown at a local farm. 

Truth be told, I actually took these photos back at the end of August but I'm so glad I did, these beauties do not last long and now that it has turned much cooler, they are all gone.

So I had taken the time to stop and smell the roses....er sunflowers one warm summer evening and enjoy their loveliness.  I stayed a while, enjoying their beauty and the complexity of their design.  I had come all by myself but after a short time I realized I wasn't alone....

....no, many a little 'friends' were there enjoying these flowers with me.


 Each year I find it amazing how God drenches us in scads of colour before the bleakness of winter sets in.  This being, if you live where I do anyways.  Here the autumn is such a vivacious time of colour - filled, chock-full to the brim in beauty, I so truly love it! 

But then alas, winter sets in.  And, in it's own right, it is beautiful but fall has such splendor!  So once again as the colours fade and the cool days turn to cold, I will be starting my Spectrum of Light series, where in I try to find and show you the beauty and colour that is all around, even on the bleak winter days. 

So join me as we bask in the beauty God bestows on us before the grayness of late Fall and the whiteness of Winter set in and stay with me throughout these days as we search for colour and enjoy the wonders that the changing of seasons will bring.



  1. GORGEOUSNESS...is that a word. That bee is enormous. WOW!

  2. Aren't sunflowers the most beautiful thing. And, a field of sunflowers takes my breath away. Thanks.


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