Nov 16, 2011

Fabulous Fall Photos

Hey y'all.

I did it - finally finished!! Finished photo editing for the season! Yippee!!!!  It been busy these last few weeks but it's all behind me and I can now, truly, focus on the glorious season ahead - Christmas!

Sorry to my American readers, you still have Thanksgiving to celebrate, but I can't wait!  I'm getting the Christmas itch and me thinks the boxes of decorations shall be released from our basement later this week.


If you care to check out any of my photography work and even some art (though that's sadly being neglected as of late) you can see it all here on my site: - yes, shameless plug, especially before Christmas -but a girl likes to do her craft and think, unique Christmas gifts anyone?!?!?   I'm just saying....


Since I have been so busy, I now have a visual feast of colour to catch up on for all of you.  Our season of fall seemed to peak over night and was gone in a weekend.  It was quite sad!  I had great plans of locations to visit and photograph with my 'new' camera this year but never got the opportunity.  But we were out for a walk the other day and I looked hard and did find some gorgeous colour to share with you - I did promise to keep up on my Spectrum of Light photos and help, not only you but me, to see the colour in the everyday!

It's now quite bleak around here, hence the need, desire to pull out the Christmas decorations but strangely enough it's been quite warm for our part of the globe - not that I'm complaining!  So even though the trees are bare and the days are getting darker - there is ample time to meander through leaf litter lawns and play in pretty parks due to our unbelievably warm weather!

This little grouping of colourful chairs made me smile!  A nod to summer past, of friends and family, good laughs and good food and to the stand that winter is not here yet and we shall enjoy each outdoor moment until it does arrive - that's how we do it in the North!  At least that's what I got from seeing these....or it could just be that they are like me and haven't gotten around to packing away the lawn furniture.....either or!

I love warty pumpkins!

And though nature is absolutely beautiful, man has made some pretty cool looking things too....

...especially when it's combined with beautiful scenery!   Though I am blown away by all the wires in this photo - I didn't really notice them when I took the picture but now I see them - the juxtaposition of this photo is something all of it's self!   Either way, that's one pretty tree and one lovely house!

More pretty!

And some kid cuteness! ;)

I love fall SO much, it's such a beautiful, colourful, perfect weatherful, time of year!

I am always amazed by the beauty God has created in this world - hard to imagine what Heaven will be like, if it is to be greater that what I see all around me.

 But thankfully God has a much better imagination then me!




  1. Lovely pictures! It's true, the best of fall seemed to be here and gone, but this warmer weather is extending the season a bit, and there is still beauty to be found. I spent the morning sitting on a park bench with a vanilla latte and my shoes ankle deep in yellow oak leaves. Enjoying it all I can before the snow hits!

  2. love the tree with the wires in front. how cool was that?

  3. uhmm... they sure are some fabulous fall fotos you've got going on there.

    farmgirl already commented but I thought the same thing about all the wires. I'm beginning to "hate" how wires get into ALL those really cool photos out there. It's like they're everywhere. And true... our house looks like that with wires all over the place around it. Unbelievable.


  4. Your photos are wonderful. LOVE the leaves and love the tree with wires. :)


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