Jan 24, 2012

House stuff update

So our house hit the market last Thursday - we had three showings over the weekend and one more tonight - my house has NEVER been cleaner....or more organized! 

I want to thank you lovely ladies for your sweet comments, prayers and encouragement!!!  It really means a lot!  Thank you! ♥

There is still no word on the place we are interested in - so we checked out an open house on the weekend.  It was nice.....okay nice in a "handy man special" kind of way.....

Why is that always 'nice' to us?!?!?

Can't I have just ONE kid and not be head long into major renos?  No....okay, just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask....!

The story is the same on the one we saw this weekend.  Bank owned, can't put an offer in with a house to sell, already offers are going in on it.....

....so we sit and I worry trust!


It's all good though, I feel good about it....most of the time.  I had a bit of a break down the other night, when I realized that I had no, and I mean NO control in any of this.

But the Lord knows!

And I put my trust in Him and in my husband!

Speaking of husbands....have you seen Courageous yet?

We finally did!  A local church played it on the big screen, which was nice...sure beats our 22 inch! ;)

It was good!  So good!

I had heard it was good but I didn't expect that!

What a rollercoaster of emotions though....that's tough for the average person....now throw pregnant ME into it! Hahah, oh well at least I brought lots of tissue but I also wasn't thinking and did my make-up all purdy before leaving to see it.

Ah well! ;)

Anyways, that's all for today...just want to keep you posted on the house business!  Thank you again for the prayers.  Oh and go see Courageous - and if you have, see it again!!! ;)



  1. it is so hard trusting...i know there are so many what if's. haven't seen courageous yet. i heard it was really good.

  2. I want to see Courageous. I enjoyed Facing the Giants so much. I know I'll love it. Keep trusting. This home is yours for a time, but it is not your true home. :)

  3. Four showings in one week is encouraging. Courageous is on my list of movies to see.
    Have a great day!


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