Jan 22, 2012

Microwaved Potato Chips


Because I know I was....

My mom mentioned to me the other day that she made potato chips in her microwave - so naturally I HAD to try!

And can you say "Answer to prayers!"


Crazy thing is that there is no oil needed of any kind!

Want me to repeat that,

NO oil!!!

The only things you need are...

potatoes and (optional), sweet potatoes
paper towel
plate - paper or regular
salt and or seasoning
mandolin - the food slicing thing, NOT the musical instrument (that should clarify some things!)

So I borrowed my mom's mandolin - (so we ALL know what this gal has on her wish list now!  )And I got to slicing.

Sooo easy!

Slice up a potato or two, I decided to try the sweet potato too!  Lay them out on a paper towel or dish towel to dry for about ten minutes.  They won't be completely dry, but it helps.

Now, for the fist two batches I used this fancy cooking thingy that my mom has, did I forget to mention she works for a kitchen supply place.....did I also forget to mention we get a discount....did I forget to also mention this is NOT a good thing....know what I mean...!

Anyways...she told me you don't need to get the expensive cooking thingy, that an ordinary plate and paper towel works too!  And after trying it both ways, the paper towel and plate way is the best!  And by far too!

So, you scrunch up some paper towel and put it on a plate.   After the chips dry a bit, season them and lay them on the paper towel, don't be too neat about, just try to make sure the don't overlap.  They'll look more like kettle style chips if you just let them lay which ever way!

Put the whole thing in the microwave.  Mine took about 10 minutes, but we have a much older microwave...so watch, start with 7 or 8 minutes and go from there.

And let me tell you, I was skeptical at first!  But whoa!  These totally rock!!!!  Okay sure, they don't taste exactly like regular potato chips, they taste more like the expensive organic type!!  They are full of flavour and not heavy and oily. 

And I'm a girl who likes her savoury and salty snacks....notice the kosher salt...tee hee....maybe regular salt next time...maybe......  ;)

But for someone who enjoys a good chip, these may just be my new staple!  So cheap, so easy, so good!!! AND because they do take a little more effort then opening a bag and devouring away, I think I will enjoy them more and eat less...follow that?!!?

Plus they are awfully pretty too!

Go on, give em a try - betcha can't eat just one! ;)



  1. Okay, so I pictured you making potato chips and Dave serenading you on the mandolin....weird. They look yummy however. Something I will need to try. <3

  2. I read a book recently that if you make your own junk food you can indulge in it occasionally. I'm thinking this doesn't even fall into the junk food category! So excited to try this one out. You have to come back and link this in my Friday linky party thing.

  3. Whoaa these look amazing! And definitely something Loris could enjoy! I'm with mom on the mandolin thing - what is that? :)

  4. Haha, oh a mandolin is a special cutting device. Used to cute veggies (mostly) really thinly! Google it, then buy me one! ;) lol!

  5. This is a great idea, you could go crazy with the seasonings!
    Thanks mom!

  6. I am going to make these. Both the regular and the sweet potato. They look so yummy. I'm going to have to find someone with a mandolin. I'm sure I'll be able to do this. Wow. I can't wait. :)


  8. Yay! I'm so making these...maybe today. It's raining and dreary today. Perfect day for home made chips:). Thanks for .inking up!


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