Jan 17, 2012

Moving On...again

Well...haven't I been silent as of late....it's not that I've been overly busy just, you know - life. That and also, I haven't used my camera much lately and I hate posting without pictures....it's the visual learner in me - I can't focus if there aren't any pictures....so I hope you all can....maybe I'll dig around and find some to go with this post.

I should have some photos since we have had the most amazing dumping of snow and ice here over this past weekend - it was terrible and mighty beautiful at the same time.  But it was also very cold!  So combine that with me not loving the cold and my youngest daughter having Raynaud's phenomenon, we don't head out much when the temperature drops well below zero!  So sorry, no photos but trust me it was real purdy!

Well...hmmm how to write this out.  We're doing it again....yes having a baby, but no that's not what I'm talking about...I already covered that one.....we're going to sell our house.

By now you think we either really don't like the place or we are some crazy fools!  The first one couldn't be more wrong....and...no comment on the second.

So hmmm the long story or the sweet and simple....let's aim for something in the middle...especially because I have no pictures to really share with you...

Hubby and I can't help but keep feeling the desire to move to the country.  When we aren't buried underneath mounds of snow, we often will take drives though the beautiful country side around here.  Anyways, we had our house on the market back in May because we had an offer on another place but someone came along and took it right out from under us.  They didn't have a house to sell....we did.

Now, every time a place that we like comes up - it's the same story, we can't put in an offer because someone else has an offer in, conditional on the sale of their home or that condition isn't there at all.  Am I making any sense....are you bored to tears yet?!?  If not, great, hang in there!

Sooo that being said, and this is where I'll make a long story short, we found another one - ooooh we both really, really like this one.  This one, is finally the one that checks ALL the boxes!  BUT... and oh it's a big ol' but too, we can't put an offer in - not yet - this other house just might be under a little legal issue and so we are waiting until that all clears up to put in an offer.  The thing is....so are like four other people and guess what - none of them have a house to sell....


Sooooo we've done some serious praying and then some more serious praying and then asked some other people to do some serious praying and well we have decided to finally list our home and sell.  Now, the scary....and "okay, let's be crazy and trust completely in God and leap without exactly looking" bit is that we have no idea if we will be able to get the other house.

We don't know if we will sell in time.
We don't know if it will even be available when we do sell.
We don't know if our offer would even be the winning one.
We don't know how long the legal issues will take to work out on that property.
We don't know if we'll even sell our home.
We don't have a clue what the other house looks like on the inside - as we're not allowed on the property until the whole mess clears up.
We don't know what we will do if our home sells and the other one is not for us...
We don't have a plan B.

We DO know that we will be taken care of regardless. Luke 12:24
We DO know that the Lord will bless us when we seek Him first above all else. Psalm 9:10
We DO know that our intentions good and our plans are to glorify Him in all things.  Romans 14:17-19
We Do know we have nothing to fear (even though I am scared...just a little bit) Psalm 27:14

So I have contemplated over a lot of this....seeing as I wake every morning at 4:00 am and lay there thinking and praying....for an hour.....it's all just prep for when this little one comes, I'm sure!  But I realize that though we love our home and feel it has been a blessing from the Lord, it is just a temporary thing.

God has blessed us with this home, a place that we have put many hours of work into.  A sad house that we have poured a lot of love into and made it into a home of love.  But in the end, it is just walls, floors and what have you.  That no matter where we might go, where the Lord will lead, home is where the heart is. 

I walk on the path of fear, fear of losing something - this blessing we have but in the same breath I have fear of being held back from what could be by hanging onto....onto something so material....onto something that is hindering the vision my husband has for us and a vision that I share with him.

So with butterflies in my stomach I anticipate the coming weeks - we are already in contact with someone who may want a private sale....but I'm not counting any chickens yet....not until we're all settled in a sweet little home in the county and the coop is built and the kids are chasing those birds...then I'll be counting chickens! ;)

Have you stuck with me so far...?? Nice!  Well I think I have some photos for you.  House photos, 'cause who doesn't love house photos.  If you want to see the whole transformation, the before renos and the afters, you can see more here on the posts I did when we listed last May.  Here and here.

We've repainted a bunch since then, rearranged a few things and updated the kitchen, so I'm posting here the changes since May.  I hope you like 'em.  I plan on blogging about the last phase of the kitchen makeover soon - we updated the counters for $30!! And you won't believe how easy and amazing it was!

So I leave it all in the hands of God - for where better else should I place it?  I am following the lead of my Godly and blessing of a, husband and taking each day as it comes.  There are worse things in life then selling your house and looking at the unknown and wondering where you will go - so I rest in the blessing of my Saviour and looking forward to where He will lead.

But I will keep you all posted - at least hubby has told me that if we don't sell before June we will take it off the market - so I can have some time to enjoy my newborn and not have to clean the house!

Of course your prayers are welcomed! :)

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.
 Hebrews 10:23



  1. Will pray you have the perfect place available when you sell this. We went through a similar thing last February, as we really want to be out on an acreage. Here we are almost a year later, in the same place...but God is teaching us what it means to trust. Some days we're just ready to take it off the market, and work on paying it off. Other days we see land for sale and our hearts yearn again. BUT, we still trust! God knows just what we need, amen?!

  2. I am inspired by your trust in God and I LOVE your use of scripture as reinforcement. I'm praying God answers your prayer quickly and gives you peace in his time.

  3. Girl, I completely understand! We went thru a similar situation...Long story short, we knew of a place coming up for sale, God told me that we would be buying it, it physically looked like there was NO WAY it would EVER happen. And it did. Praise God, we moved to the country last May and literally had to trust God~(as we should anyway). It always seemed as if another block would come into our road...but I knew what God had told me and we stood on that Promise. I had a list of scriptures I had written down and carried with me, said many times when I was feeling positive about things...and overwhelmed with doubt. He even told me what we would pay!! God is good, I'll be praying for you and your family!!! So excited for you!


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