Jan 5, 2012

A New Direction OR Two Years Ago

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy New Year to you!

I made it- I stayed awake until the ball dropped - yay me!

This year feels full of promise, do you feel it?  I see it around me, I see it all through blog land and though most new years come with their hopes and prospects - this one feels a little different.  People seem more optimistic, more hopeful and more willing to embrace what lies ahead. 

So here is to what only the Lord knows - the future and the hope of the coming months.

I sat down, thinking on my blog and where I have come with it and what I had originally intended with it...two years ago. 



....two whole years have passed since I fist sat down and took the leap to put myself out there.

Two years ago I never thought I could do it.  I never believed I could write, let alone have people actually interested in what I had to say. Two years ago I figured I wouldn't last more then a few months.  And two years ago all this was started to be an online magazine.

Homemaker Design - making your house a home - was to be the title and catch line for my ezine.  After pouring myself and some supportive people into it for three months, I decided this was not the season for an online magazine...at least not my season for one!  So I kept the blog portion of it and stuck with that.

Two years have passed and the direction and feel of my blog has changed a bit.  When I started I tried to keep it less personal, more informational and magazine-ish.  But I've come to change and see that I enjoy the personal part of blogging, the satisfaction of expressing myself through the written word and working out my thoughts and struggles on here.

So I have made, and plan on making, a few changes to my blog.  Nothing big but for starters I have removed the 'catch phrase' -making your house a home - from the header.  I thought it fit so well with my ideas for the direction of the magazine...but I don't feel it makes much sense with my blog now.  Though I always try to make whatever environment I live in a home - it is not necessarily the focus of my blogging.

Homemaker Design is me though- the name came to me one night after thinking along time for an appropriate name.  With the craze of Home Design and my interest in all things art and design and with my ever growing discovery of my role as a homemaker and what that means, I think the name was God inspired and I'm sticking with it!

A technical change that you might not notice is that I finally got my domain to work properly - if you aren't tech savay...not that I am really- you may not get what that means - but what it is, is that instead of finding me at:  www.homemakerdesignblog.blogspot.com, you can find me at homemakerdesign.ca.

I've had the domain for the last two years but could never get it to work out where it was a direct link.....whatever that all means right?  Anywaaaays.....just basically, the old address will work but if you want to, you can update your links to the new and simple - homemakerdesign.ca

just saying...

Okay so what does this all mean you ask.  Well it means I plan to delve more into our personal lives, into our joys, our struggles, our crazy antics and of course our endless renos!

I plan to be more open.  It will be a struggle in some areas and not so much in others.  My hope is to be real, honest and true.  To share the good and the bad...I think this is what I need to do.

I've never been good a keeping a journal....as in I have never done it at all - but for whatever reason I like the blogging format.  And so I shall record here, our lives, our lives as God leads us and as we continually learn to follow Him.

So I hope you'll stay with me, I think it will be much of what it always has been but with even more personality to it...or at least I hope so.... ;)

This means you will still find delicious recipes, oodles of pictures of my kids, stories of family fun, struggles in faith and joys of working through them, stories of lessons leaned and of course photos from our latest projects.  (hint...wait for the last instalment of our kitchen makeover coming soon!)

What will be new will be more stories of our family, more in depth into my life and thoughts, I will talk more about my pregnancy and life with my two darling girls.  More of what I have learned in (almost) eight years of marriage with my best friend, more of our continual growth in our faith, more of our church life and well just more of our lives altogether.

I think for me the hope of this new year is that I find more of me in Him and that I can share it all with you.  My prayer is that your find yourself longing more for Him and sharing with me all your thoughts and struggles along the way!

So a Happy New Year, once again and may God richly bless you!



  1. Your blog is beautiful and thoughtful, Kaitlyn. It's great that you're going to keep doing it. And what a great thing for your girls to look through one day as a record of your family. By the way, got your message but been really busy - you don't need to bring anything on Sunday - just yourselves!

  2. I enjoy your blog so much. I hope you keep writing. I, too, use my blog as a journal, of sorts. It helps me chart my progress in happiness. It's ok for me to be open with my own stuff, I do, however, like to keep my family's stuff private. I wish I was better with the techie stuff. Happy 2012. :)

  3. The personal blogs are the only ones I can relate too...so yay for your getting more personal. Love reading about people and their lives. Happy new year girlie...it's gonna be great:)

  4. I always struggle a little with the balance of authenticity and privacy in blogging, but I think getting more personal is a good thing. I'm looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on here, Kaitlin!


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