Feb 8, 2012

29 Things

Well I got older last Friday.  It was my birthday and it being so, I have now entered my last year of being 20 something.

That's okay!

I'm not one of those people who dread getting older or hate birthdays - having my picture taken is another thing - but birthdays are just fine with me!

They say birthdays are good for you!  The more you have the longer you live!



So I thought I would share with you 29 little known things about me.  Those close to me may know many of these but those of you whom I only really 'know' here in blog land probably don't. 

So here are 29 things about me to let you know a little more about this homemaker!

Me - 6-9 months old

1.  I went to one year of college at the Ontario College of Art and Design.  I thought I was going to make it big there....God had other plans.

2.  I love candles!!!

3.  I have been a Christian for 8 years and I am extremely grateful and thankful for this!

My mom, sister, brother and myself loving the 80's - I was around 3 years old. 

4.  I met my husband for coffee one October 6th, we only knew each other as opposite shift co-workers - and seven months and two days later we were married.

5.  I bite my fingernails.....and I used to also bite my toenails!  Terrible I know! ;)

6.  A bubble bath, chocolate and a good book is my idea of a very enjoyable evening.

7.  I was born at home!  Not because my parents wanted to have a home birth but because they had built their (by hand and hard work) log home way in the back woods near Renfrew Ontario.  It was February and it was a terrible ice storm and they had no choice, they couldn't leave!  Hmmm....might there be a link here to me liking the idea of back woods living?!?!?

The house where I was born - my parents built it.  Notice the long driveway - imagine it covered in ice in early February....hence the home birth....not to mention the fact that it was way back on some crazy roads.

Closer view.  My dad still has the stained glass piece from the door, also made by him. 
They divorced shortly after I was born and sold the house.

8.  I adore music - good thing I married a musician!

9.  My middle name is Alicia - pronounced (ah-LEE-see-ah)

10.  I have some freckles but I think freckles are beautiful - the more the better!

11.  I have no tattoos and am the only kid in my family without one, which consists of my older brother, sister and step-sister.

12.  I used to play piano as a child... I have no idea how to anymore.

Me - I think around 6 or 7 years old

13.  I live in Ontario Canada and cannot skate or ski.  But I do love to go tobogganing!

14.  I never kept a journal, this blog is the most writing I have done in my entire life.  I like it!

15.  I enjoy using exclamation marks! A lot!!!!

16.  I am a terrible speller and not much better at math.  But I am learning....

17.  I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom.  Though I never thought I'd homeschool.  Now I can't see how I couldn't.  Praise be to God!

18.  I am blessed with an amazing, loving and caring extended family and that includes my in-laws! ♥

19.  I am right handed but do many things left handed.

20.  I didn't get my drivers licence until I was 26.

Me - High School graduation, 2002/2003

21.  I really like house plants but have a terrible time keeping them alive for long....and yet I want to start a garden....hmmmmm.

22.  I have to brush my teeth, immediately when I wake.  I hate morning breath!

23.  I have no favourite colour- I really like all of them, I can't pick just one!

24.  I dislike vacuuming - very much!

25.  I think toilet training is one of the hardest things about raising kids...so far - and I may just stand by that for a long while! 

Hubby and I, shortly after our wedding, 2004.

26.  I have an addictive personality - for all things terrible - and so by the grace of God I work on that.

27.  I used to have a pet chicken, named Lizzy.  I would carry her around with me and she would fall asleep while we watched TV.  I cried when she died! 

28.  I have a real hard time asking for help....a really hard time!

29.  I am looking forward to what God has in store for me this year!  He has been changing my heart quite radically!  Some days this is good and some days it is awfully scary.  But I trust in Him and will follow where ever He leads.

Me and my fam, this past fall! ♥

So, yes, there are 29 things about little ol' me!  I hope it helps you get to know me a bit more intimately.  ♥  

Praying you all have a fantastic week!

God bless!



  1. Lovely post, Kait. We are so blessed to have you in our family. Love you.

  2. This was fun to read! Love the family picture at the end, you guys are such a good looking famiy! :)

  3. Great post! I love the pictures and the fact that you had a chicken named Lizzy! You are such a neat individual and I am happy to have you as my sis-in-law :)

  4. Happy Birthday. It was great to get to know you better. Your family home is so beautiful. I'm sorry it is out of your family's possession now. God bless you and, seriously, stop biting your nails. It's so bad for your teeth. :)

  5. Awww. Neat post K...Nice to learn things about others. I wonder if I could come up with 29 things about myself...hhhmmmmm.

    Happy belated birthday. That cabin is Awesome!

  6. That was a fun read! I love the pics of little-Kaitlin, hee hee :-D

    PS - that log house is my DREAM HOME!! Can we just all move to the country? Like, tomorrow? lol


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