Mar 9, 2012

Car, Cake, Coffee and Cousins

Last weekend, two girlfriends and I headed out for a fun filled day of shopping!  The men folk had the children with them and we had until supper time to be back home.  We were headed here...


Oh the fun we had planned!  Oh the home ideas we could saturate ourselves in!  OH the hot dogs we could eat!

Instead....we ended up here....

What?  That looks like the side of the road to you?  Well that is because, it is!

Boooo!  Flat tire! :P  The ironic bit of it - because I love some good irony - is we were just saying how this friend's car was in such good condition and so glad we took her nice newish vehicle instead of my and my other friend's old beasters. lol!  Literally, five minutes before the tire went.

Ah, but all was not lost! 

We got a hold of the only hubby sans children, who was available to come 'rescue' us.  I mean we could have changed the tire ourselves - but it was really windy and kinda cold and well we just love a good rescue!

Also, we had coffee.

And this delicious cake thing - called something like, peanut butter, chocolate chip cake....or something scrumptious like that.

HAHAHAH - okay so I was just re-reading this post and noticed that your could totally miss read the title for my friend - as in I am calling her delicious...I mean she's the maker of delicious cakes....ummm yeah....Super nice, sweet, friendly, caring, those are words I would use...but delicious...umm not so much! HA! 

So we hunkered down in her comfy vehicle, sliced up some cake and chatter for a while until our heroes came to save the day!

But men don't always understand the importance of shopping and timing...and sometime later....our knights arrived.

It was so good of them though - it was such a blustery day and we had got the flat tire on the only main highway that leads to our Nation's Capital City...and hens, Canada's largest IKEA.  So between crazy gusts of wind, cold temperatures and drives who won't switch lanes but insist on driving right next to people trying to fix a tire, they put on the spare.  But by the time we got the spare on and we looked at the truth of it - we did not have enough time to go to IKEA.


We had fun though - I mean girlfriends, coffee and peanut butter, chocolate chip cake...who can really complain!


So the next day my hubby, girls and I had to head back up the same highway to see my Step-grandfather for his 89th Birthday!

We just might have stole a few minutes to sneak into the IKEA.....and eat a couple hot dogs.


My girls LOVE their little cousin!!  And it was pretty exciting to watch him take his fist forward crawls!

Doesn't my hubby look so happy?!  He just adores babies!!! He really does! 

Here is my Step-grandpa!  At 89! 

He still lives in his own, (and quite large) home.  He has an in ground pool that he maintains, drives, goes to Church, avid gardener, meets with friends, goes out for breakfast, is self-learning the piano and can even send an email now and again.  Pretty awesome!

Hubby, kids and I were there before others and we got to spend some time just chatting with Grandpa- it was nice.  Getting to hear all about his days, his past and enjoying each other.  Precious moments in deed.

It was neat to see four generations together - from 89 years to 8 months old.

And though I thought I would make a post without thinking or mentioning my dad....I can't yet.  I'm sorry - but hey I said this blog was going to be more personal....  I didn't want to keep bringing it up - but the truth is - it is still so fresh and well it does keep coming up....he does.

It's actually been a really tough week!  The shock is finally waring off and a heavy truth is settling into my heart. 

I miss him!

I was hard to gather with family and not notice my dad's absence.  He was 'the life of the party' per say.  He cooked the food, caused the trouble, made people laugh and well....he just wasn't there.  I could feel it, the unspoken truth of how we all missed his presence.

On the drive home it settled in particularly hard.  I was quiet and truthfully a little down.  The sun was setting, it had been a beautiful sunny day but as I gazed out the window at the setting sun I noticed this....

Do you see it?  The little piece of a rainbow?  It completely took me by surprise!  There had been no rain and barely any clouds all day - but there in the sky was a small little rainbow.

"It's God saying He will be with you." Sweet hubby said to me.

I had to smile.

Fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

                                                                              Isaiah 41:10

Our God is an awesome God!



  1. Being rescued makes being stranded "worth it." IKEA takes the whole day...especially when you go with friends!

  2. It's the only way we make it through the tough times, whether we acknowledge Him or not. :) (hugs) - I'm missing my Mom, who went on ahead of us 4 years ago, this week. You do get more accustomed to it, but it hits pretty hard some days. Today is my birthday. :)

  3. Been thinking of you this week, friend. Love that little slice of rainbow you witnessed, and the goodness of fellowship with friends. {{hugs}}

  4. God is like that! He just is. Cake looks yummy. Glad you had some good times, and yes, you will continue to miss your Dad but the memories will keep you warm.

  5. Good cake, good friend, good husbands, good times... you just keep remembering your dad as much as you need. We'll keep praying you through your grief. :)

  6. WOW! Thank you ladies!! Thank you for all of your lovely, sweet and dear comments and prayers! ♥ Some days this is harder then I could have ever imagined....but God is being SO gracious and good to me. :) Your encouraging words mean a lot - you are each a blessing!

  7. I do so love you!!! it's hard to know what to say when things like this happen but I LOVE hearing about the memories that you have of your dad, it helps me get to know him a little through those memories. It also helps me to know you more which I am grateful for. There is never a need to apologize for talking about your dad, the man that you spent so many years with, loving, caring and creating so many memories and stories with, the man who gave you away to Dave, the man who he deemed loving, respectful and honouring enough to take care of you for him. Keep the stories and memories coming as long as your want and need to.
    With Love,
    ps. Stories about your friends are pretty fun too.... Just sayin'!!

  8. awww you handled the flat to ikea in a very positive way. i would have been steaming. glad you got a few minutes there at least. love the rainbow sliver. they are so special to me. i think you are doing amazingly well regarding your dad. you are one strong chick!

  9. IKEA ... oh I understand. And being rescued, what a true adventure.

    Delighted to stumble over here today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around a bit to get to know you. This looks like a refreshing place to dip my toes in goodness.



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