Mar 28, 2012

Sunshine and a Birthday

It is rainy and cold today.  Feeling so March like - but not last week - no last week we were plopped right into the middle of summer!

See - short sleeves!  I could see my kids arms again!!  I love when you break out the summer clothes and their little limbs appear again, with all their cute little kid chub and tiny elbow dents! Awww! 

It was such a glorious week full of beautiful weather, yard work, house showings and the first day of Spring!

Which is also my sweet little Catherine's Birthday!

My fun loving, adventurous, outgoing, big hearted, silly two year old turned, overnight, into this big, serious, inquisitive three year old.

So serious here!  But, she's still all that she was at two - outgoing, loving, risk taker, joker, independent but she is learning and growing so fast these days.

Here she is showing us how old she is now.

It was such a gorgeous day for her!  The nicest first day of Spring in a long time!

My hubby and I have really been praying and considering Birthdays lately - we felt that there should be less focus on stuff and more focus on the celebration of life.  Celebration of the life given to us by our Creator, the blessing of another year and the blessing of that person.

So we have simplified our Birthday celebrations.  We had a few drop in visitors and some decorations - because well, what's a Birthday celebration with out balloons?  Or at least my kids would say that!

Examples of hubby's talented chalk art and balloon blowing up ability! ;)

We took the girls out to dinner - they wanted.....french fries, of course!

Then home for cake and ice cream.  I have a sad confession, I did not make her cake this year!  Terrible...I know!

Okay, no it's not really terrible, just a bit of mommy guilt at first - but I got over it quickly.  I usually love making special cakes for my kids - I took the inspiration from my mother-in-law who did that for her kids growing up and from shows like Cake Boss, 'cause they're so cool!

But this year I am just too tired - with the pregnancy and all that has happened in the last month or so - I just didn't have the energy and inspiration - not the mention that she wanted a chocolate, strawberry and blueberry cake?!?! 

Yes, sounds delicious - but I dislike using red food colouring, it tastes really terrible and so we store bought her a cake. 

Oreo cake, mmmmm!  I added the strawberries and blueberries, per her request.  I got a bit of creativity out by cutting the strawberries into hearts.


Notice the lit candle in the first shot and not the second?  Those are back to back shots.  She was so quick to blow it out - basically just an exhale and the flame was gone! Ha!  Also I re-read last years post from when she turned two - and I will be happy to let you know that this year she did not burst into tears when we sang "Happy Birthday!"

So the cake was consumed and enjoyed, presents were opened and played with and a sweet little one is another year older.

My 'baby', is certainly not a baby anymore!  Also she won't even be the 'baby' much longer....that's coming faster then I realize.

But she will always be a sweety, a big hearted, independent, outgoing, thoughtful, kind, sensitive and joyous blessing to us!




  1. You really captured the essence of Catherine in your pictures. Lovely. Love the flippy hair do at the restaurant! She is growing too fast. I always wish I could memorize each stage of my kids lives. Your pictures do that nicely!

  2. Happy Birthday, little friend!

    Happy Spring and I would want that combination for my birthday cake too. I should "work" on birthday is a few weeks away but hey! I can "drool" about it awhile, right?

    I love the chalkboard balloons.

  3. Happy birthday Catherine. That cake looks wonderful. It's spring here, too. I love it.

  4. Awww, so excited to see a "Caffer's birthday post"! She is getting so big, I miss seeing her as often as I used to!

  5. Aaawwwww....Happy Belated Bday Catherine!
    Such a little her green & white dress and cute!

    That cake looks delish!


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