Apr 24, 2012

April Showers apparently bring a lack of Blogging!

Wow....it's kinda terrible, I see that I have only blogged ONCE this whole month.....this post being now my second....what's up with that?!?!?

I question it mainly because I have removed some things from my life that were....time suckers and well I still feel I don't have enough time to get the things done that I would like to.

Now that I think about it, the truth is more that, in removing my 'computer time wasting pulls' I have actually put my time into other things and have not been on the computer as much.  That means it is taking longer to get the photos off of my camera card, edited and up loaded for blogging purposes.  And you all know, by now, how I really like to blog with photos....that's my excuse anyways! ;)

So yes, the 'computer time wasting pull' that I have left is the 'world' of Facebook.  It was a hard decision at first.  I talked it over with my husband and prayed and sought after God's plans for me in that decision.  I realized, with help of said husband and God, that Facebook really offered me nothing.  It stole my time, my attention and created in me things that are not....righteous.  Now I'm not saying that that is the case for everyone and for Facebook in general, just for me.

But it's funny how a thing can become such a 'natural' part of your life.  I stopped using it at the end of March, on a Saturday - no big deal at first - I wasn't usually on it much on the weekends anyways.  But then Tuesday morning came - my husband only works four days a week, Tuesday is our Monday - so the sun comes up and I lay in bed.  With eyes still closed, the thoughts of what my day holds run through my mind. In that moment I realize that this will be my first official day home 'alone' without Facebook and the thought that immediately follows that one is - "Hey, I should make that my status!"

Yes, go ahead, laugh away.

But it has been just about a month now without Facebook and I can actually say I do not miss it.  Sometimes I log on to my computer and instinct still kicks in and I go to click the short-cut link and realize it's not there.  I now try to email far away family and friends more often and I have been doing too much lots of visiting of people who live close enough.

So all in all it's good - I now see this is exactly what God wanted for me and I am enjoying focusing on other things.  It's not that I spent hours of time on Facebook, it was just the 'gateway' page for allowing me to waste time on the computer in general.  So with my new found time I have completed a couple of pieces of art, one for the new baby and one for encouragement.  I plan on showing them to you soon I just have to take some photos of them.  So in the mean time here are photos of my kids, just because it's what I got and because, well,  I like them! ;)

Ahhh, they are getting so big!  I still see Catherine as my baby but in a couple of months she will not be the baby - and she will seem that much bigger once this little guy arrives!  Olivia turns five this summer and well, that's just crazy!  Not that she will be five but that I will be the mother of a five year old?!?!?

This pregnancy is flying by and yet I am so anxious to meet this little man.  This strong, ever moving, ever pushing and punching me, little boy!  It's amazing how even in the womb I can tell the difference between this boy and my girls. 

Being 5'4" and short wasted even at that, there isn't much room in my middle for my babies.  Both my girls but especially Catherine who was 22 and a half inches long at birth, found it very cramped in my middle.  They would push and stretch until I thought they would push themselves out the top of my stomach!  And this little man is doing no less - actually he is doing much more!

Already I can tell he is a busy and strong little guy.  He causes great discomfort with his endless pursuit to become comfortable in the ever decreasing space around him.  He kicks so hard some times that I can't help but yelp in surprise and pain. 

But I am grateful, OH so very grateful for this blessing!  Discomfort, yelps and endless trips to the bathroom aside, I am very excited for his arrival in a few short weeks. 

If only hubby and I could settle on a name.

So that sums up April for the most part.  No more social media, fun creative art projects, helping family, visits with friends, a baby that moves and grooves and apparently extremely little blogging.  So you get two longish rambly posts to enjoy and the month will close out, I'm sure, before I blog again.  This weekend is another busy one, with child minding for a friend, hubby away for half a day and his birthday on Monday - so enjoy the rest of this rainy month and I will look forward to the bringing of May flowers....and maybe a sold sign?!?! Just saying....


Apr 11, 2012

Over Due Rambling

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted.  I keep sitting down to write but something comes up and I close my laptop and I don't get back to it.

On one hand it's good and on another it's not so good.  I like to fill up this little white text box.  Fill it up with my thoughts, rambles, revelations and life events - big or little, good or bad.  But I just haven't been doing it and it's eating at me a little.

I'd like to say big things or busy things are keeping me from blogging - but it's not, it's just...life!  You know, life - that thing that meanders day by day - doing it's thing and taking you along with it?

So yes, the days have not been without their excitements, but again nothing big and spectacular - which really after the last two months I'm kinda okay with....  But there have been good things and interesting things.  Latest is that we found a place - yes, another one - but this time my hubby loved it soooo much that we came home and put an offer on it that night!  'Cause if any of you know me by now, you know it's no big deal if I love a place - but when my hubby loves, and I mean loves it, then you know it's something to blog about! ;) lol!

Anyways we got all the conditions worked out, except and that's the big one, except the sale of our current home!  So we sit and wait - hopeful at every phone call, praying it's our agent with an offer or another potential showing.  It's kinda driving us crazy - to be so close to what we want for the future of our family and yet so not attainable.....

It's a sweet farm house, about 30 minutes from town on a small bit of land and OH get this, it isn't even a fixer upper! I know! Crazy eh?!?!  We could actually move in, I mean move right on it!  We have NEVER moved right into a place - we have always had to under-go and live through major renos first.  I can't even imagine being able to move into a place and actually be able to unpack all the boxes?!?! lol!

Anyways, just pray with us that this is all in the Lord's plan for us and if not that He will change things and if it is for us that He will sell our house soon!  We are doing our best to pack away as much money in the mean time for covering closing costs, moving expenses and other up coming financial things so I feel that we are using the time here well....I just can't help but desire to be out in the wide open spaces.... *sigh*

In the mean time, true Spring weather is finally here, cooler temperatures and rainy days.  So we pass the time with fun indoor activities.

 It was very touching when my eldest says to me - "We are artists like you mommy!"  They had a blast and created some real nice pieces of art!  Olivia was even naming her work - I think she titled one "Jam, Honey and Peanut butter".

And I have even managed to get in a few creative projects myself - I will share soon - and even a engagement photo shoot for my bother-in-law and his fiancĂ©.....who happens to be our respite care provider....cute story, I'll save that for another day too though. 

We have also been up to our usual pass time, of driving through the country side....which may or may not include the stalking of the house we have an offer on..... 

We figure once we move out of town we might actually save money on gas as we will no longer feel the need to spend hours touring the country side....

But finding little ol' churchs like this is always fun!

So that's a big ramble of what we have been up to.  Not a whole lot - but the days keep on keeping.  It will be two months tomorrow since the passing of my dad..... I'd like to say it's getting easier, better, less affecting on me....but it's not really - it just....is.  My step mom is keeping busy....and I sympathize with that - but it still comes to you at the craziest moments - an emptiness.....a longing....a sad, sad sorrow. 

I looked back over some posts recently and re-read my post from this past Christmas and I quote;

"I look forward to the year ahead, to all the Lord will have for us - for the blessings and even the challenges...."

I still stand by that statement...it's just a little different when you are facing the challenges and have faced them and I read that and think about all that was around me at the time I wrote it....hind sight is a wondrous thing, isn't it?

Truly I did look forward to the blessings and even the challenges of this year - never imagining all that would be, already, in the first four months.  But God has been good, He has lead me along every path and guided me along each day, through the great blessings and the shocking challenges.

So even with final trimester, coupled with low hemoglobin, tiredness setting in each day I turn my heart and trust to our great Creator.  It isn't always easy, especially when I am tired but it is what is best.  The love of our Lord is never failing, He knows what is best and He has never left me.  I lean on those truths and even with hind sight in hand I say again, I look forward to all the the Lord has for us - for the blessings and even the challenges.

And the Lord will guide you continually
and satisfy your desire in scorched places
and make your bones strong;
and you shall be like a watered garden,
like a spring of water,
whose waters do not fail.
Isaiah 58:11



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