May 31, 2012

We're Here!

Ahhh, it's real!  It's finally happened - we are country living!!!!

It's been a crazy whirl wind of days....almost a week now and it doesn't show signs of slowing much soon.  We still own our house in the city for another week or so and still have some other things to finish up - but we are HERE and it's amazing!

I plan to write more soon.  Write on the hairiness of the almost postponed purchase date and thusly our move date, more news on said moving day and the amazing people who helped us.  I plan to write on how the day after moving in dear hubby sprained his ankle and has been off work since.  I can't wait to tell you about the wondrous blessings God has poured out on us in such intimate and special ways.  I will write to you about the concluding days of this pregnancy, complete with swollen ankles...more affectionately called 'cankles', Braxton Hicks, pinched nerves and yet the utmost joy and wonder at this blessing inside and soon to be born!

So as I sift through boxes, unpack, organize, entertain - because apparently even if we aren't moved in we just can't say "no" to friends stopping in...but why would we right? - and get all accustomed to life out here I leave you with knowing we are doing well, keeping busy and feeling very overwhelmed by all our God has done!

O Lord, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!
You have set your glory above the heavens.
When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,
what is man that you are mindful of him,
and the son of man that you care for him?
Psalm 8:1,3,4


May 25, 2012

A Goodbye Letter

Dear Home;

Thank you for being our home for the past four and a half years.  For being a blessing in our lives - a place to honour God, a safe haven and our refuge.

But now the boxes are packed and stacked.  The furniture dismantled and the everyday changed into business of packing, sorting and organizing.

You have been so good to us!  Many events and life changing moments have occurred either in your walls or while we occupied them. 

We brought with us, four and a half years ago - our five month old daughter.  Our first born, our sweet and special baby and have since watched her grow into a darling and outgoing big girl.

Oh Home, how we marveled at the wonders you contained. The century old charm that was abundant and beautiful....

 your strangely painted blue, basement walls...

...and an even stranger painted kitchen.  One that we saw the potential of and took the time to turn from drab to fab over the years! 

Home, you also saw us through hard times - through times when we cried out to the Lord and prayed on our hands and knees.  You were around us when there were no jobs for my husband and our second baby was on the way.  Oh, Home - you were there when the Lord blessed us with ice cream, a job and the blessing of a second baby girl.

You Home, are the only home our second child has known.  We brought our bundle of joy here to live within your walls and have since watched her grow and blossom into the sweet and caring little girl that she is.

Oh and Home, you were in such rough shape when we found you!  We knew so little about renos and together have learned so much.  We learned that there are many things one can do on their own if they have a good teacher or a good book.  We discovered the joys of renoing on a dime and reaping the sweet results.  The Lord blessed us each step along the way and you have become such a lovely place.  You really do look fantastic!  

It was with in the loveliness of your walls that we enjoyed many good times!  Family, friends, impromptu worship nights, oodles of board games, chatting, laughing, sharing, baby showers and wedding showers, company for dinner both planned and spontaneous, creative endeavours, hours of play, a few birthdays and even a re-birthday.

It was here Home, that my hubby enjoyed his craft of building and I enjoyed the blessing of custom built-ins. 

Oh do you remember Home, all those crazy long weekend projects we undertook on you?  The studio re-do, the kitchen makeover and the time we refinished your floors.  You've never looked better though!

And even though you are set so close to our neighbours, you have some pretty nice views Home.  If one just takes the time to notice.

It was in your walls Home that we placed our daughters cribs. It was there that we prayed with them, sang and read stories before kissing them good night, each night. 

And then Home, remember how they grew and before we knew it they were big girls in their big girl beds....I went so fast.

Oh dear have seen so many good times and you have been with us through the bad....through the worst of times even.  You were there when we experienced the terrible news but Home you were also there to be the place to create amazing and lasting memories....

....thank you.

I remember the first time we laid eyes on you Home!  It was love!  The only thing I thought you needed was a window seat.  Forget the fact you had no walls up stairs or a drive way for that matter - it was the window seat I knew you needed.  I knew it was just the kind of accessory you would love.

So it was settled and it was built and well Home, wasn't I right?  That window seat just suited you to a 'T'!  Oh and how it became a pivotal place for us.  For each and every weekend we gathered as a family in that spot, eating breakfast, reading the flyers, devotions together and special moments shared.  That window seat has served us all well....I'm sure going miss it!

So has been an amazing four and a half years.....but the pull of the country has been a hard one to ignore.  You have given us so much and we have left so much of us with you.  I know that there are many memories contained with in your walls but I also realize that many more will be made once we are gone.  New people will live in your care, they will create in you their own little haven as we will create in the next house.  But will be missed!

It is bitter sweet to say good bye to bitter sweet.

So Home....I wrap this up on our last morning living within your walls, sitting on the window seat of course.  I end this letter as we prepare to finish up the last of the packing, load the trucks and lock the door behind us.  I want to thank you Home, for all you were and all you have been.  I thank you for the blessing you have been in our lives and I pray for all those that will enter after us.

We leave you now but the time we spent here will be with us always.

With all love sweet friend; good bye.


May 15, 2012

Ramblings of a Pregnant Woman

Well first I just want to THANK each of you for your lovely, sweet and supportive comments!!!  Your support, encouraging words and offers of help, despite distances is amazing.  We feel extremely blessed and I am happy and so thankful to share this adventure with all of you!  I can't believe it's less then two weeks now and we'll be country living!


I know it's going to take some time for the truth of it to settle in once we get there!  No more looking out our windows, directly into our (be it very nice and lovely) neighbour's house.  No more sitting on the front step people watching and chatting with passer-bys.  No more late evening runs to the store to pick up ice cream!  But what there will be, will be fields of grass, tress and a beautiful valley to enjoy.  We will be able to sit out and cow watch.  And well, we will just have to keep our freezer ever stocked!

So, right now, I'm taking a break from all the packing.  The boxes are quickly piling up and I am thanking the Lord for all the work He has done in our lives to get us to purge and live with less.  I'm sure those helping us move will thank Him too! ;)

My hubby is out at his by-weekly men's meeting, so I'm spending this down time with blogging and internet shopping.  I mean, a gal needs to find a few new pieces for her new home, right?!?! ;)  A favourite shopping ground of mine is at  Ever been?  If not...I caution you - it's amazing - a wonderful source for all kinds of Christian material, from books, cds, movies, home decor, gifts, etc.  My caution then?  Well once you check it out, you'll be hooked and soon you'll have to have your husband monitor your time spent on it.  *sigh* It's funny because it's true - it's even worse now since they accept PayPal - even from us Canadians!

So, like I was saying, the boxes are piling up but I find that being in my last month of pregnancy it's harder then I thought to get all this packing done.  I'm usually fairly strong, capable and efficient - but I need to remind myself that my body isn't my own right now and need to take breaks...often! I'm not letting the pregnancy be an excuse to be useless but just keeping cautious with how hard I push myself.  I can pack and carry the boxes around the house but for this move, I think I'll leave the furniture to the men!

My pregnancy is coming close to an end.  It's been an amazing blessing and God has carried me through it with such grace and caring - even with the hardships and emotional highs and lows. With finding out we are having our first son on the same day as discovering my dad had suffered a massive stroke in Mexico, the Lord has been my rock and I have never understood that like I do now.  This pregnancy has really been measured by some surreal events! (there's that word again!)

So as I near the beautiful conclusion of my pregnancy I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little man as well as growing ever more uncomfortable!  But it's all worth it, even if sitting, walking, standing or laying down are all accompanied by grunts, groaning and twinges of pain. ;)  I am still leaning on the Lord to guide me through the delivery of our baby boy, still waiting on and trusting in Him.  Though with all this packing and the busyness of the coming weeks that time will be here before I know it!

Well, that's all I have for now...a little er...longish post of a tired, rambling pregnant woman.  It's a little peek at the going ons and I just really wanted to thank you for your comments from my last post.

I will try to keep you all informed on what lies a head but I am sure you will forgive me if some time passes between posts. ;)  Just know I appreciated your prayers and I am thankful for them!  God has been more then gracious and kind to us and I hope to keep my focus on Him - even through the busyness and chaos of the weeks ahead - He carried me through the storm and has delivered me, so I lay my trust and hope in Him.

Okay, well I better be off to pack some more!


May 11, 2012

Praising Eight Years

We just celebrated eight years of marriage on the eighth of this month.  Exciting!  It's funny but being that it was eight on the eighth it felt like we should do something special - I don't know just seemed fitting.  But with being 33 weeks pregnant and keeping a tight(er) hold on our finances - we were kinda out of ideas.

But we did get out for a real nice lunch together and shopping in the downtown at the cutest eclectic shop around - bringing home a gorgeous antique chair for only $25!!!!  It was a rainy day but still nice!

So here is a lovely little pic of us on our eighth anniversary! ♥

Oh who am I kidding!?!?  It was a FANTASTIC day!  Notice the background of that pic??? That's our blessing of an anniversary gift from our God!

That's right folks - OUR HOUSE IS SOLD!!!!  The home in the background there is our new COUNTRY home!!!!!!!!!!

Our home actually sold the day before - so we booked a showing for our new home on our anniversary date - the house is empty - just waiting for us - so we showed up early and stalked all around, waiting for our agent to arrive.

Our eldest enjoyed pure freedom as she ran all around the yard.  Up and down the hills, jumping and yelling and just having fun being a kid!  And for those that know her history, to see our little one running - actually running with no inhibitions and pure joy - well it just warmed our hearts something fierce!

Meanwhile the seller's agent showed up and my sweet hubby got to place the SOLD sign on our new home. Tee hee!


OH that's right - PRAISE THE LORD indeed!

So we are now also the proud owner of TREES!!! We have a lovely city lot now but all the trees around us belong to our neighbours - so a little tree envy has haunted me for a few years - but no longer!  Our new home is complete with 7 acres and oodles of trees, including two pear trees and an apple tree!

Can you say PIES anyone!?!?!?

The house sits just back from a gravel road....I LOVE gravel roads....okay once the shocks are fixed on our car I'll LOVE the gravel road!  The yard is sloped as we sit at the top of a large hill that over looks a valley - breath taking!

There is lots of fencing and we hope to start our little hobby farm in the next 12 months or so.  Oh and here is a pic of the yard and barn.

That's right, our very own b.a.r.n!  Aaaaaah!   It's all still surreal!

Surreal - wow that has really been my word for this year!  With it's highs and lows, I seem to fall back on surreal to express myself when other, more eloquent words, escape me.

But surreal isn't right - for our God is VERY real and the work He does in our lives in real - good or bad - blessing or trial - our Lord is real and He cares for us.  He is truth, glorious, all knowing, loving.

He, is real!

So I sing (when no one else is around) His praise!  Hubby and I are having a hard time believing this blessing - it's too much, God has been too good to us in this - but I know that He likes to give good things and so I am grateful.  Overwhelmed, but grateful!

What I love about our new country home is that I will be able to look out on the beauty that our Lord has created.  Look out on His handy work and breath it in.  I get to look out on views like this.

And so this is a big ol' praise report on God delivering more then we could have asked for or expected - He's good like that, isn't He?

I have an affinity for looking for God in the little things - to see His stamp on our lives where we don't always notice it immediately.

So laying in bed one evening thinking over the details of all that has happened.  I thought of the address and was a little disappointed that it did not have the number seven in it.  The number seven has always been special to me and when I became a Christian, I discovered that it is God's number.  When I looked over my life at that time I kept finding how the number seven was evident.

This being, Lord willing, our forever home - I was hoping that the address would have a seven in it.  But it did not - no the address is a 58.  So I lay in bed thinking on that...58.....??  What kind of significance is that....not that there needs to be any significance just that God knows I like it. :)

So thinking on it....I thought, "Well...hmmm, 8 that's a good's the date we got married on, so that's nice.  But hmm...5......wait a second....January, February, March, April,'s the FIFTH month!"

So a VERY happy eighth on the eight as we close and finalize the deal on a home we have prayed for, for a very long time and will remind us forever to celebrate the day God brought us together in marriage and the day he brought us to our home - 58.

Unless the Lord builds the house,
those who build it labor in vain.

Psalm 127:1

Praise God!  And oh....if you are available to help that would be great - we move in TWO WEEKS!


May 4, 2012

Horsing around and Baby Talk

Okay, so April is over and I'm going to try to, as I hear another blogger put it, "crawl out of my no blogging hole" and well, blog some more!

But we shall looks like the next two months could be busy.....

You know, a baby on the way in about 7 weeks, give or take - watching that little counter on the side bar....a sister-in-law and her hubby moving to town, a brother-in-law getting married, our house selling to still deal with and that's just the stuff I know about?!?!

So I hope to blog more....but I make no promises!


Anyways I have been out with my camera and having fun.  If you haven't checked out PicMonkey yet, you should!  If you ever used Picnic, then you will know it has closed but fear not, PicMonkey is here and it is fabulous!!! And if you know nothing of what I am talking about, then let me tell you.  PicMonkey is a free - yes, FREE, online photo editing site!  There are so many options and it's crazy easy to use!  Go one, check it out and have some fun!

Meanwhile here are some photos I horsed around with - oh yes, pun intended!

I love how they look!!!!  I'm pretty versed in Photoshop but I love me a super easy, user friendly site any day! 

We also had some horsing around fun....minus the horses - for my hubby's Birthday this past weekend.  Friends of ours had a big ol' bonfire - much to my hubby's delight!

It was complete with beautiful weather, friends, food - including homemade cheese, spider dogs, s'mores, and a pretty darn tasty peanut butter cheesecake made by yours truly!  There are no photos of said cheesecake...needless to say it didn't last long!  But I did catch photos my girls enjoying their first s'mores!

So sweet hubby had a lovely birthday - we'll just leave out the part where he burned off most of his eyelashes and brows.....or we won't......*shaking my head in shame*  Oh well, he had fun and they will grow back soon.....

Funny thing....he actually has done this once before....pretty much eight years ago to the day - which also happened to be the week before our wedding....this man has some good timing I'll tell you what!

Which is a crazy thought...that we will have been married eight years on the eighth!  Hard to believe it's been eight years...and yet also hard to believe it has only been eight years..... We've now spent over a third of our lives together!  I think we will probably keep it simple this year....most years we don't do much - we usually just enjoy getting out alone together, you know dinner and such - it's just nice to be together. ♥

Soooo, that somehow leads into fact that baby number three will be here in a few weeks - I'm good to go anywhere after the first of June but the due date isn't until the 25th.  This little man is sure runny out of room! He's quited down a lot, still stretching and trying to get some space in my petite frame but settling in for the final stretch.

I can't remember if I have mentioned this...and I'm too lazy to look through my posts to figure it out so bare with me if I have, but my hope and prayer for this little man is to deliver him the 'natural' way.  In that, I had a c-section with both of my girls and I'm planning on trying for a vbac. (vaginal delivery after a c-section)  I'm considered high risk though, due to the fact that I have, as they put it, 'two scars' - meaning that I have had two sections. 

This was part of my reasoning for choosing a midwife this time around.  I don't believe that both sections were necessary and wish I had known then what I know now - and I recommend anyone having a baby to choose a midwife - they are much more supportive and informative! 

Anyways, before I became pregnant with this little one I had felt that if we were to be blessed again with another child, that I would attempt a vbac. I felt this placed on my heart by God and I'm trying to ease any anxieties by trusting in Him through all of this.

A week ago I met with my midwife and she informed me, that due to the 'higher' risk of my situation that my local hospital refuses to even meet with me to talk about a trial of labour.  This means that when the time comes and I am in labour, instead of making the (literally!!) two minute drive to my local hospital, we will have to travel about a hour to another hospital in another city.

Needless to say I was not impressed!

I do understand but it has giving us lots to consider and pray about.  I really feel God wants me to continue to trust Him and let Him guide us through all of this - so that is where I am leaving it.  We have full intention of going ahead with the vbac, regardless of what the hospitals say, even if that means the hour drive.  But God has been amazing through all that lead up to becoming pregnant with each of our children and even more so with this little one - so why should I turn from trusting Him at this point?

But I do ask for your prayers!  For the safety of the baby and myself, for a successful and uncomplicated delivery and for God's glorious peace. 

I am so excited to meet this little man and I feel overwhelmingly blessed!

Here is the picture (unframed) I made for his room.

Cute eh?  I got the idea from scouring the net - but I had fun making it my own.  It's just done with scrap booking paper and letter stamps.  It looks great framed and when we finally have a room for him and I hang it I will show it to you all framed up purdy like! :)

I think the next few weeks may fly by.  We have had a number of showings recently and we are feeling very positive that something may happen soon - but that too is all in God's hands!  And it's not like we don't have enough on our plate already!  But I love a good challenge! ;) haha!

So again, I ask and thank you in advance for your prayers.  I know we serve an amazing God and His ways are so, SO much higher then ours.  So I will cast all my burdens on Him and let Him lead me and us, through the coming weeks!

Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7



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