May 25, 2012

A Goodbye Letter

Dear Home;

Thank you for being our home for the past four and a half years.  For being a blessing in our lives - a place to honour God, a safe haven and our refuge.

But now the boxes are packed and stacked.  The furniture dismantled and the everyday changed into business of packing, sorting and organizing.

You have been so good to us!  Many events and life changing moments have occurred either in your walls or while we occupied them. 

We brought with us, four and a half years ago - our five month old daughter.  Our first born, our sweet and special baby and have since watched her grow into a darling and outgoing big girl.

Oh Home, how we marveled at the wonders you contained. The century old charm that was abundant and beautiful....

 your strangely painted blue, basement walls...

...and an even stranger painted kitchen.  One that we saw the potential of and took the time to turn from drab to fab over the years! 

Home, you also saw us through hard times - through times when we cried out to the Lord and prayed on our hands and knees.  You were around us when there were no jobs for my husband and our second baby was on the way.  Oh, Home - you were there when the Lord blessed us with ice cream, a job and the blessing of a second baby girl.

You Home, are the only home our second child has known.  We brought our bundle of joy here to live within your walls and have since watched her grow and blossom into the sweet and caring little girl that she is.

Oh and Home, you were in such rough shape when we found you!  We knew so little about renos and together have learned so much.  We learned that there are many things one can do on their own if they have a good teacher or a good book.  We discovered the joys of renoing on a dime and reaping the sweet results.  The Lord blessed us each step along the way and you have become such a lovely place.  You really do look fantastic!  

It was with in the loveliness of your walls that we enjoyed many good times!  Family, friends, impromptu worship nights, oodles of board games, chatting, laughing, sharing, baby showers and wedding showers, company for dinner both planned and spontaneous, creative endeavours, hours of play, a few birthdays and even a re-birthday.

It was here Home, that my hubby enjoyed his craft of building and I enjoyed the blessing of custom built-ins. 

Oh do you remember Home, all those crazy long weekend projects we undertook on you?  The studio re-do, the kitchen makeover and the time we refinished your floors.  You've never looked better though!

And even though you are set so close to our neighbours, you have some pretty nice views Home.  If one just takes the time to notice.

It was in your walls Home that we placed our daughters cribs. It was there that we prayed with them, sang and read stories before kissing them good night, each night. 

And then Home, remember how they grew and before we knew it they were big girls in their big girl beds....I went so fast.

Oh dear have seen so many good times and you have been with us through the bad....through the worst of times even.  You were there when we experienced the terrible news but Home you were also there to be the place to create amazing and lasting memories....

....thank you.

I remember the first time we laid eyes on you Home!  It was love!  The only thing I thought you needed was a window seat.  Forget the fact you had no walls up stairs or a drive way for that matter - it was the window seat I knew you needed.  I knew it was just the kind of accessory you would love.

So it was settled and it was built and well Home, wasn't I right?  That window seat just suited you to a 'T'!  Oh and how it became a pivotal place for us.  For each and every weekend we gathered as a family in that spot, eating breakfast, reading the flyers, devotions together and special moments shared.  That window seat has served us all well....I'm sure going miss it!

So has been an amazing four and a half years.....but the pull of the country has been a hard one to ignore.  You have given us so much and we have left so much of us with you.  I know that there are many memories contained with in your walls but I also realize that many more will be made once we are gone.  New people will live in your care, they will create in you their own little haven as we will create in the next house.  But will be missed!

It is bitter sweet to say good bye to bitter sweet.

So Home....I wrap this up on our last morning living within your walls, sitting on the window seat of course.  I end this letter as we prepare to finish up the last of the packing, load the trucks and lock the door behind us.  I want to thank you Home, for all you were and all you have been.  I thank you for the blessing you have been in our lives and I pray for all those that will enter after us.

We leave you now but the time we spent here will be with us always.

With all love sweet friend; good bye.



  1. Such a sweet homage to your house and your blog and your family. When I first married my husband, we moved 10 times in our first 13 years of marriage. Now we've lived in this house for 18 years. I'm so ready to move, but the time has not come yet. Good luck with the move.

  2. Lovely post! You've really captured the memories and uniqueness of your life so far spent within this home...sad to leave it all behind you but so exciting to move on to the next adventure!! Wishing you a wonderful day of moving!

  3. Yeah, that's right. Make me cry on a Friday afternoon. What a sweet sentimental post. I will miss your lovely home too. Can't wait to see the new one, Love Anita

  4. That was such a neat post! Thank you for sharing that.
    I'll be thinking of ya as you move this weekend...take it easy...that baby needs to "cook" a bit longer! ha ha



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