May 4, 2012

Horsing around and Baby Talk

Okay, so April is over and I'm going to try to, as I hear another blogger put it, "crawl out of my no blogging hole" and well, blog some more!

But we shall looks like the next two months could be busy.....

You know, a baby on the way in about 7 weeks, give or take - watching that little counter on the side bar....a sister-in-law and her hubby moving to town, a brother-in-law getting married, our house selling to still deal with and that's just the stuff I know about?!?!

So I hope to blog more....but I make no promises!


Anyways I have been out with my camera and having fun.  If you haven't checked out PicMonkey yet, you should!  If you ever used Picnic, then you will know it has closed but fear not, PicMonkey is here and it is fabulous!!! And if you know nothing of what I am talking about, then let me tell you.  PicMonkey is a free - yes, FREE, online photo editing site!  There are so many options and it's crazy easy to use!  Go one, check it out and have some fun!

Meanwhile here are some photos I horsed around with - oh yes, pun intended!

I love how they look!!!!  I'm pretty versed in Photoshop but I love me a super easy, user friendly site any day! 

We also had some horsing around fun....minus the horses - for my hubby's Birthday this past weekend.  Friends of ours had a big ol' bonfire - much to my hubby's delight!

It was complete with beautiful weather, friends, food - including homemade cheese, spider dogs, s'mores, and a pretty darn tasty peanut butter cheesecake made by yours truly!  There are no photos of said cheesecake...needless to say it didn't last long!  But I did catch photos my girls enjoying their first s'mores!

So sweet hubby had a lovely birthday - we'll just leave out the part where he burned off most of his eyelashes and brows.....or we won't......*shaking my head in shame*  Oh well, he had fun and they will grow back soon.....

Funny thing....he actually has done this once before....pretty much eight years ago to the day - which also happened to be the week before our wedding....this man has some good timing I'll tell you what!

Which is a crazy thought...that we will have been married eight years on the eighth!  Hard to believe it's been eight years...and yet also hard to believe it has only been eight years..... We've now spent over a third of our lives together!  I think we will probably keep it simple this year....most years we don't do much - we usually just enjoy getting out alone together, you know dinner and such - it's just nice to be together. ♥

Soooo, that somehow leads into fact that baby number three will be here in a few weeks - I'm good to go anywhere after the first of June but the due date isn't until the 25th.  This little man is sure runny out of room! He's quited down a lot, still stretching and trying to get some space in my petite frame but settling in for the final stretch.

I can't remember if I have mentioned this...and I'm too lazy to look through my posts to figure it out so bare with me if I have, but my hope and prayer for this little man is to deliver him the 'natural' way.  In that, I had a c-section with both of my girls and I'm planning on trying for a vbac. (vaginal delivery after a c-section)  I'm considered high risk though, due to the fact that I have, as they put it, 'two scars' - meaning that I have had two sections. 

This was part of my reasoning for choosing a midwife this time around.  I don't believe that both sections were necessary and wish I had known then what I know now - and I recommend anyone having a baby to choose a midwife - they are much more supportive and informative! 

Anyways, before I became pregnant with this little one I had felt that if we were to be blessed again with another child, that I would attempt a vbac. I felt this placed on my heart by God and I'm trying to ease any anxieties by trusting in Him through all of this.

A week ago I met with my midwife and she informed me, that due to the 'higher' risk of my situation that my local hospital refuses to even meet with me to talk about a trial of labour.  This means that when the time comes and I am in labour, instead of making the (literally!!) two minute drive to my local hospital, we will have to travel about a hour to another hospital in another city.

Needless to say I was not impressed!

I do understand but it has giving us lots to consider and pray about.  I really feel God wants me to continue to trust Him and let Him guide us through all of this - so that is where I am leaving it.  We have full intention of going ahead with the vbac, regardless of what the hospitals say, even if that means the hour drive.  But God has been amazing through all that lead up to becoming pregnant with each of our children and even more so with this little one - so why should I turn from trusting Him at this point?

But I do ask for your prayers!  For the safety of the baby and myself, for a successful and uncomplicated delivery and for God's glorious peace. 

I am so excited to meet this little man and I feel overwhelmingly blessed!

Here is the picture (unframed) I made for his room.

Cute eh?  I got the idea from scouring the net - but I had fun making it my own.  It's just done with scrap booking paper and letter stamps.  It looks great framed and when we finally have a room for him and I hang it I will show it to you all framed up purdy like! :)

I think the next few weeks may fly by.  We have had a number of showings recently and we are feeling very positive that something may happen soon - but that too is all in God's hands!  And it's not like we don't have enough on our plate already!  But I love a good challenge! ;) haha!

So again, I ask and thank you in advance for your prayers.  I know we serve an amazing God and His ways are so, SO much higher then ours.  So I will cast all my burdens on Him and let Him lead me and us, through the coming weeks!

Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7



  1. Oooh. I love your wall hanging. So *happy*. Your hubby and fire...hmmm. Always been a love affair there! Have a happy weekend. Happy 8th on the eighth.

  2. God bless you on the third child joining your family. I loved your wall hanging and your images. Thanks for the Picmonkey tip. I don't have photoshop at home, just at work. I miss Picnic. :) welcome back

  3. Ugh, I hate when hospitals try to bully their patients into doing what they want. And, I hear Canada is even worse in that regards than the US. That's socialized health care, for ya! (oops, mini soapbox there. *grin*) that being said, there are countless women who have VBACS. I know a lady who had two or three sections, and ended up giving birth to her last baby in the bathroom floor. Now, minus the part where we really don't want to give birth on our bathroom floor...he did pop right out with no problem, so let's focus on that! ;) Most of all, I'll pray that God will continue to give you peace where it needs to be, and that He will give you intuition (as well as your midwife and husband) to know IF a different course of action should be taken. That's all part of trusting him, being will to change the course of our actions when He says to.

  4. Kaitlin, I can't wait to see your newest family member once he arrives!! How exciting!

    I wanted to leave you a little note to say that Shawn and I were just looking at houses for sale in Brockville (on the MLS website) and found this sweet house downtown.. such cute rooms.. we were really enjoying browsing it and imagining living there when we discovered that it was YOUR HOUSE!! Haha!!!! Too funny! We're still just browsing/dreaming... but maybe our house-dream will be a reality in the not-too-far away future :-)

    Best wishes with baby plans!!!!!


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