Jun 17, 2012

Very Pregnant and Very much READY!!!

Sooo....yes, still haven't had this baby...and the amazing thing is how much ones ankles and feet can truly swell!  And seriously - I feel like they are going to burst open some days - like a big old blister or something....

Now how's that for a post opening..?!?!?  Lovely imagery eh? .....Anywaaaays! 

I am drawing ever near to the end of this pregnancy and so very excited to meet this little man!  I had pretty good success at being eight and a half months pregnant, battling hot, hot weather and spending a long day taking wedding photos last weekend.  See a picture, courtesy of my father-in-law, of me just before the wedding, already fairly tired, pretty darn hot, veeery pregnant and yet, quite happy!

It was a lovely wedding!  Those two love birds were so happy and it was great to be apart of their day!!  But I am happy it is over - except for all the photo editing I should be doing....riiight....well they're on their honeymoon and I'm sure I'll have lots of time after the baby comes to do that....right?!?!

I'm still praying on how the delivery and everything will go when it is finally time for this baby to arrive.  We are very much trusting in God but that still doesn't always relieve me of my anxieties.  I know it should but I'm human and He's working on that in me!

I know God has myself and this little one in His hands and so I rest in that - but the thoughts of a VBAC and the risks can scare me at times.  But I constantly look to our great and glorious God to bring peace, comfort and rest.

 And yes, taking in a few more of these sights almost every night is pretty restful, calming and wondrous to be hold!

One thing that my husband and I have struggled with since becoming pregnant the first time is, what to name our children!  We feel it's a big decision.  I mean, they have to live with it for the rest of their lives...it just seems a bit overwhelming to be giving that kind of responsibility!  So with our first child, after much consideration and "We just can't decide!?!", God was gracious and in the final weeks of that pregnancy He gave us her name.  It was just one of those things - God used someone we loved to tell us and when we heard it we just knew!  Kinda like falling in love, you just know it's right!  And with our second He also lead us for our names choices - both girl and boy names as we did not know which she was to be. God put some amazing personal touches though in those choices and I'll have to share her name story one of these days! Our Lord; He just loves the attention to detail I tell you!

So far we have named our girls each with a name for a family member and also a name where the meaning was strong and important to us.  So with the passing of my dad, earlier this year, many people kept asking us if we would name our son after him.  It seemed like an obvious option but yet we wanted to trust in God for the name of this baby as well.

My husband and I do not reveal the name choices/ideas that we have.  We like to keep something a surprise for our family and friends and also it helps us to not be swayed by others opinions.  For this baby, we had quickly settled on a name very early in the pregnancy.  It fit, we loved it and it was just right for our family.  Also the meaning was important and fitting for us and for everything we had gone through leading up to this pregnancy.

But with everything that had happened since then we were not sure what to do.  We knew we loved the name God lead us to - we had even considered it for our second child, that is, until she was born. But after the loss of my dad and with other things we began to consider other names...never settling or agreeing on any of them.

So with the time drawing nearer and I becoming anxious about choosing a name, I went out to commune with God over the whole issue.  I was out enjoying that gorgeous sunset above and I prayed and gave the whole thing back over to Him - where it so rightly belonged in the first place - and I asked the Lord to show me, guide me and lead me and to take all other thoughts about our baby's name from me and leave me with only His peace about it.

And I'd like to share more details on what happened next - but that will have to wait. What I can say is, He did not only reveal to me once, but three separate times, our original name choice for this little man. 


He's good like that, isn't He?!?!

So again, we have peace over what our son will be called and know that it was the Lord who lead us there.  We are so easily swayed, hubby and me - but God knows and when we lay it all at His feet, He will lead us. 

On another completely random side note - I have some gorgeous photos my hubby took the other night!  Yay, hubby! 

I was out at my bible study when a storm began to roll in back at the homestead (Ha - I've been waiting to use that word!)  Anyways - hubby was out working in the garage and took note of the amazing clouds, sunset and the largest rainbow he had ever seen.

Thankfully he also took note to grab the camera and take some pictures!  Which I must say, I am very proud of him!  Seeing as since I bought my camera he has hated it because he says it's way to complicated and he can't take any photos with it - good thing he's all practiced up now in time for baby's arrival.

Oh and my gorgeous new header photo - yeah, taken by him too!  Good job hubby!

So to pass the days, I have kept busy with unpacking...obviously!  We painted the living room, one room down...a whole bunch more to go!  I have been trying to garden, organize, keep on top of laundry, go for walks and I even got desperate enough to use our push mower to mow some mega grass - long, growing on a hill, acres of, mega grass....but no this baby is quite happy where he is.

But in the mean time I am being productive and doting on my darling girls and well gorging on a few of these too...soooo goood!

So that's where I am at.  Feeling crazy pregnant, having the most amazingly swollen feet and ankles you have ever seen, nesting like crazy and resting in the peace that only the Lord can bring....well resting in a spiritual sense that is!


And I am thanking any and all of you for your prayers and continued prayers!  We feel God is very much with us through all of this but I don't want to lose sight of that in the coming days!

I do hope that I will be able to post soon about the arrival of our little one .....but if not I think I just might break out that mower again!


Jun 7, 2012

Plenty of Pictures and a Story for you

Well, I've got some more time on my hands, a little time to blog, mostly because I still haven't had this baby!  Which is probably for the best as my husband's brother is getting married this Saturday and my hubby is a groomsman, our youngest is the flower girl and I'm the photographer!  Sooo better hold off just a few more days!

It's going to be a long and busy day - I think I kinda forgot how 'pregnant' one feels at eight and a half months and I think I kinda forgot how much work is involved in shooting a wedding when I said yes to all this months ago!

Oh well!

They are a real cute couple - crazy in love with each other and we are so happy for them!  This will be my only wedding shoot of the year because I had at least enough sense to say no to any other bookings! ;)

But I have been out with my camera!  Getting some photos of our new surrounding - taking it all in - it's ....surreal! HA!  Yes, still using that word!  I'm just going to claim it for the year, okay?!? So yes, going from a little downtown lot to seven and a half acres is very surreal!

So I'm going to tantalize your eyes with sights from around our land (tee hee, "our land") and tell you a sweet little story.  Another one of those "God in the little things" kind of stories! 

Do you like our new welcome sign?  I love it - I had spotted it online a few months before and the day the deal closed on the house, I was online in a flash! I just knew we had to have this sign for our country house - so I put the order in, hoping it would arrive in time to move.  And wouldn't you believe it, the sign was delivered on our moving day!

But that's not the story!

So, remember in my Praise Report post about how God and how He uses numbers are important to me?  Especially the number seven?  And how I was a little disappointed, at first, knowing our address didn't have a seven in it?

And then how I figured out that the address of our house is the date of our wedding anniversary?  Yeah, that was pretty cool! :)

So my story starts like this;

When hubby and I were first courting we would talk waaay into the night - many nights, on the phone.  And since he still lived at home and I did not, he always called me - because there was no one else to wake with the ringing of the phone - because of course we would be out having coffee together until he had to be home and once home he would call me so we could continue to talk, all.night.long!

Once we were married we kept the same phone number and through our three moves prior to this one we were able to keep our number.

Ah, but alas - this move has taken us too far out of the city and to a new number area.  It didn't really cross my mind - but my dear, sentimental hubby - it bothered him.  He wanted to keep our phone number - it meant a lot to him.

Sweet eh?


So the best we could do was to try to get the last four digits - he said he would be satisfied if we could keep at least that much.

So I talked to the phone company and the nice lady on the phone said that they have to charge a fee to look up and see if the number we wanted was available but she also said to just call it first and see if it was taken.  If it was then I'd know not to ask them to look it up and therefore not have to pay the fee.

So I called it....and it was not in service!  Bingo - chances were it would be ours!  Only if it was on hold or something would we not get it now.  But you know - God had been so good thus far, why couldn't He make this happen? 

So I put in another call to the phone company, reaching another lovely women and asked her if she would look up and confirm if the number we wanted was actually available.  Smugly thinking - "I know it is..."

She kindly informed me of the fee involved for looking it up.  I told her, that was fine and waited as she checked.

She returned to the line and told me that in fact the number was not available.  "oh..."  *smugness gone*  "Really?"  I asked. 

She proceeded to tell me that another company had it on hold and there was no way for them to give us this number.  Bummed I said, that was fine - though I felt bad for my hubby, it meant so much to him and therefor to me as well. 

Because if your man is sentimental about something as everyday as a phone number you get a little sentimental about it too.

I think the lady could tell I was bummed.  She apologised, which I told her was not needed but she kept saying so was sorry but she also said that the company policy was that if the number you wanted was not available they would give you five other numbers that you could choose from.  Kinda like a "well you paid for this you might as well get something out of it." sort of deal.

She said she would check on the numbers available and let me know and she apologized once again.  I told her, it was okay - and for whatever reason I decided to tell her why I had wanted that number.

I told her how it was my number when I met my hubby and how we had now had it for a total of 9 years.  I told her that I had wanted to get it for him as it meant so much to him.

"That's soooo sweet" she says, "Well, you just tell him that he has you now and to not look at the past but look to the future.  He doesn't need that number because you have each other!"

Ha ha!  I had to smile - I thanked her!  It was very cute of her and very true. 


So she puts me on hold to retrieve the phone numbers that are available, she comes back a few short moments later.

"Okay," she says, "I have a really easy number for you - I'm sorry the other one isn't available" (she was such a doll!) "but I have a really, really, easy one for you- what about (***) ***-7777 ?"

Can you see my dropped jaw at this point?  Or how about the slow smile that crept across my face?  I laughed - "I think that would just fine!  Thank you very much!"

The smile hung there as the woman on the other end set about finishing up her work.  After a few moments she spoke up and said, "You know, I just feel so bad about not being able to get that number you wanted, especially after the story you told me - you hang on one second and I'm going to get them to wave that fee!"

I wait in stunned silence - the smile still sitting on my lips and my mind thinking, "Our God is good and He sure does have a sense of humour!'

The nice woman on the phone returns. "It's done, they waved the fee."

"Wow! Thank you!"  I exclaimed, "This all means so much to me, thank you for everything!"

That's my little story for you.  How a phone number can be both sentiment and a blessing.  How God is in the little things and how He can answer prayers and hopes that you haven't even thought of.

And so I leave you now with the lyrics from a song, so simple yet so true - one that my closes friend constantly reminds me about:

♫ ♪ Our God is so Big, so Strong and so Mighty!
There is NOTHING our God can not do!  ♫ ♪


Jun 3, 2012

Moving Day...or the day that almost wasn't

Well I have stolen a few moments to blog and tell you about our moving day.  Hubby is out in the garage working on shelving for us as we had to leave our built in bookcase at the old house and with oodles of books packed up, this gal NEEDS some shelves!

I just love that we have a garage....and I just love that God has worked in us over the years that we have learned to purge so much that this garage may actually be just that - and not a glorified storage shed!

So anyways...I'm letting the dishes sit a while and with a coffee by my side and spectacular storm clouds rolling in I will get you up to date on the happenings of our move.

The closing day started as any other....or NOT!  It started with realizing our broker and lawyer thought we were not taking possession until a week later then the intended date.

*blank stare*

Uh humm.  Soooo - this very pregnant lady got a little concerned....we were set to move the following day and it looked like it might be pushed until the following week.  But with hubby by my side - we turned our focus on the Lord.  He had done such wondrous things for us and He was constantly showing us that He was with us, through all of this - so where better to put our trust and focus at this time?

That being said, I'll make a very, very long and harried day short and sweet.  Our broker, who not only forgot the day but left town for the week and our lawyer, who also was out of town, well they just have some amazing staff backing them up.

So with much running around, phone calls, emails and prayers - the deal closed at 4:00pm! Keys in hand we drove out to finally walk through the doors as the owners of our country home.

It was wonderful and oh so much more then we could have ever expected!  But we weren't just there to ogle our new abode.  No we had a mission.

The first thing we needed to do as owners of this home was to give it all back to God!

It's a practice we have followed on all of our homes - be it apartment or house - and it's one we don't take too lightly.  We pray over the whole house and then we go room by room, praying and giving it all over to the Lord.  This time we had to include the land - though not a lot by any farm standards, it's plenty for us 'wanna be' hobbyists!

All this was followed by a lovely supper with our city neighbours and then off to bed to prepare for the big move.


Okay so in true summer(ish) moving fashion - it was crazy hot that day! 

All the kids were such troopers in the heat- and a few popsicles didn't hurt either! 

My husband and I could not believe all the people who came to help us move - on a Friday evening, in crazy hot weather no less.  Some of our dearest friends arrived earlier then the rest and set to work - doing more then their fair share even - and scolding me constantly for not 'relaxing' - baby or not I had to do something!  After all this was all of our 'stuff' they were hefting and packing into the truck. 

But thank you friends - you are AMAZING! ♥

Anyways - people kept coming and people kept helping - so we picked up plenty of pizzas to feed the masses!  What better to serve hungry hard working people on a hot day!?

So the trucks got loaded and those who were able, set out with us to the new house.  We had only planned to unload the smaller van and leave the big moving truck until the following day.  We figured it would let people rest and we had planned a BBQ to thank those that had helped - I mean pizza is good on the spot - but a proper BBQ never hurts either!

But we've got an amazing church family - and once they were on a roll unpacking the van they just kept at it and unloaded the truck too!

It was crazy - in six hours we went from loading to unloaded and sitting alone in our new home.

I can't thank everyone who helped us enough - they were all so fantastic - and the best we could offer was a lovely BBQ that Saturday.

It was gorgeous - and I would have taken some photos but there was too much fun to be had and well...the camera was somewhere in the mess...


So it was a fun day of fellowship and good food.  We enjoyed the beauty of the nature around us and took in the cool breeze - which would have been greatly appreciated the day before while packing up in town! :P

It was during all this fun that my non-sports-playing hubby decided to join some of the men and kids in a game of football....

....there's a reason he's a non-sports-playing hubby.  Though quite fast, apparently, at running - he is not so talented at running and watching where he is going.  After stepping into a small trench/hole he proceeded to sprain his ankle.


We were a little worried he had broke it as he had broke this ankle as a teen - so a good friend whisked him off to the hospital.  They returned a few hours later and all was well....or at least as well as we could have hoped!

Again in the time hubby was gone I began to worry....sad I know...but I worried.  I thought, "What if it is broken?  What will we do?  He won't be able to go to work for weeks.  He won't be able to drive and thusly drive me to the hospital when I'm in labour!  And who will cut ALL this grass?!?!?!"

But I sat in the stillness - hubby at the hospital and all our dear friends having gone home - I took my bible and prayed.  I again put my trust in the Lord.

"Dear Lord, You know ALL things!  You know what will be and what is and I have to trust You.  You will make a way - I know it - and if Dave's ankle could only be sprained - that would be great!"

So God is good - He always is.  I knew no matter what the verdict, we would be okay.  Needless to say again - but yes, it was just sprained.  So hubby has been home this whole week.  It's been nice - to spend the time together!  We accomplished what we could around here, him with his limp and puffy ankle and me with my gigantic belly and puffy ankles!

Funny how pregnancy ankles can look a whole lot like sprained ankles - but I don't limp...I just waddle! HA!

So that's how moving day went...and the day after, which was suppose to also be moving day but wasn't - it was hang out with friends and go to the hospital day.

I'm going to leave this post at that - it's long enough...and now late enough that I should go get my dishes done.  But I have so much more to share.  I keep coming back to my favourite word of the year...


Yes, we are enjoying living here....more then I can express.  Out for a walk through our property last night and taking a look at the house and it's surroundings I had this thought that we were only occupying it all until the 'real' owners came back.

Silly, I know - I just can't believe we are here and it's so much more then I could have ever imagined.

It does come with it's bitter sweetness, as I knew it would.  Coming out to the house early on the Friday to clean before we moved our things in - I was taken a bit, for a time, with the sad and empty feeling of knowing my dad will not see it.  He will not walk the grounds with us, he will not be able to share with us his wealth of knowledge on gardening, he will not be able to scold us for moving so far out of town all the while secretly and not so secretly loving the solitude it offers here, he will not be able to take in all the beauty around us....he will not be able to say how proud he is.....

....and I know he would be.

But the Lord knows, He knows all these things and how I feel.  And it is He, who carries me through these time - the good and the bad.

So I am overwhelmed with all that has, is and will be and I constantly have to keep my focus on the wonder and majesty of our Lord.   He has brought us here, physically, emotionally and spiritually and He is our hope and our strength.

I plan to share some photos of our land, the country creatures all around, the messy and disorganized house and the old barns.  I still have some great stories of God's attention to detail and how great He is in the littlest of things!

And if for some reason I don't get back to you soon - it just might be that this baby is sick of me never slowing down these days and wants out - or maybe I'll just go take a long nap, while I still can!

Blessings to you all!



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