Jun 3, 2012

Moving Day...or the day that almost wasn't

Well I have stolen a few moments to blog and tell you about our moving day.  Hubby is out in the garage working on shelving for us as we had to leave our built in bookcase at the old house and with oodles of books packed up, this gal NEEDS some shelves!

I just love that we have a garage....and I just love that God has worked in us over the years that we have learned to purge so much that this garage may actually be just that - and not a glorified storage shed!

So anyways...I'm letting the dishes sit a while and with a coffee by my side and spectacular storm clouds rolling in I will get you up to date on the happenings of our move.

The closing day started as any other....or NOT!  It started with realizing our broker and lawyer thought we were not taking possession until a week later then the intended date.

*blank stare*

Uh humm.  Soooo - this very pregnant lady got a little concerned....we were set to move the following day and it looked like it might be pushed until the following week.  But with hubby by my side - we turned our focus on the Lord.  He had done such wondrous things for us and He was constantly showing us that He was with us, through all of this - so where better to put our trust and focus at this time?

That being said, I'll make a very, very long and harried day short and sweet.  Our broker, who not only forgot the day but left town for the week and our lawyer, who also was out of town, well they just have some amazing staff backing them up.

So with much running around, phone calls, emails and prayers - the deal closed at 4:00pm! Keys in hand we drove out to finally walk through the doors as the owners of our country home.

It was wonderful and oh so much more then we could have ever expected!  But we weren't just there to ogle our new abode.  No we had a mission.

The first thing we needed to do as owners of this home was to give it all back to God!

It's a practice we have followed on all of our homes - be it apartment or house - and it's one we don't take too lightly.  We pray over the whole house and then we go room by room, praying and giving it all over to the Lord.  This time we had to include the land - though not a lot by any farm standards, it's plenty for us 'wanna be' hobbyists!

All this was followed by a lovely supper with our city neighbours and then off to bed to prepare for the big move.


Okay so in true summer(ish) moving fashion - it was crazy hot that day! 

All the kids were such troopers in the heat- and a few popsicles didn't hurt either! 

My husband and I could not believe all the people who came to help us move - on a Friday evening, in crazy hot weather no less.  Some of our dearest friends arrived earlier then the rest and set to work - doing more then their fair share even - and scolding me constantly for not 'relaxing' - baby or not I had to do something!  After all this was all of our 'stuff' they were hefting and packing into the truck. 

But thank you friends - you are AMAZING! ♥

Anyways - people kept coming and people kept helping - so we picked up plenty of pizzas to feed the masses!  What better to serve hungry hard working people on a hot day!?

So the trucks got loaded and those who were able, set out with us to the new house.  We had only planned to unload the smaller van and leave the big moving truck until the following day.  We figured it would let people rest and we had planned a BBQ to thank those that had helped - I mean pizza is good on the spot - but a proper BBQ never hurts either!

But we've got an amazing church family - and once they were on a roll unpacking the van they just kept at it and unloaded the truck too!

It was crazy - in six hours we went from loading to unloaded and sitting alone in our new home.

I can't thank everyone who helped us enough - they were all so fantastic - and the best we could offer was a lovely BBQ that Saturday.

It was gorgeous - and I would have taken some photos but there was too much fun to be had and well...the camera was somewhere in the mess...


So it was a fun day of fellowship and good food.  We enjoyed the beauty of the nature around us and took in the cool breeze - which would have been greatly appreciated the day before while packing up in town! :P

It was during all this fun that my non-sports-playing hubby decided to join some of the men and kids in a game of football....

....there's a reason he's a non-sports-playing hubby.  Though quite fast, apparently, at running - he is not so talented at running and watching where he is going.  After stepping into a small trench/hole he proceeded to sprain his ankle.


We were a little worried he had broke it as he had broke this ankle as a teen - so a good friend whisked him off to the hospital.  They returned a few hours later and all was well....or at least as well as we could have hoped!

Again in the time hubby was gone I began to worry....sad I know...but I worried.  I thought, "What if it is broken?  What will we do?  He won't be able to go to work for weeks.  He won't be able to drive and thusly drive me to the hospital when I'm in labour!  And who will cut ALL this grass?!?!?!"

But I sat in the stillness - hubby at the hospital and all our dear friends having gone home - I took my bible and prayed.  I again put my trust in the Lord.

"Dear Lord, You know ALL things!  You know what will be and what is and I have to trust You.  You will make a way - I know it - and if Dave's ankle could only be sprained - that would be great!"

So God is good - He always is.  I knew no matter what the verdict, we would be okay.  Needless to say again - but yes, it was just sprained.  So hubby has been home this whole week.  It's been nice - to spend the time together!  We accomplished what we could around here, him with his limp and puffy ankle and me with my gigantic belly and puffy ankles!

Funny how pregnancy ankles can look a whole lot like sprained ankles - but I don't limp...I just waddle! HA!

So that's how moving day went...and the day after, which was suppose to also be moving day but wasn't - it was hang out with friends and go to the hospital day.

I'm going to leave this post at that - it's long enough...and now late enough that I should go get my dishes done.  But I have so much more to share.  I keep coming back to my favourite word of the year...


Yes, we are enjoying living here....more then I can express.  Out for a walk through our property last night and taking a look at the house and it's surroundings I had this thought that we were only occupying it all until the 'real' owners came back.

Silly, I know - I just can't believe we are here and it's so much more then I could have ever imagined.

It does come with it's bitter sweetness, as I knew it would.  Coming out to the house early on the Friday to clean before we moved our things in - I was taken a bit, for a time, with the sad and empty feeling of knowing my dad will not see it.  He will not walk the grounds with us, he will not be able to share with us his wealth of knowledge on gardening, he will not be able to scold us for moving so far out of town all the while secretly and not so secretly loving the solitude it offers here, he will not be able to take in all the beauty around us....he will not be able to say how proud he is.....

....and I know he would be.

But the Lord knows, He knows all these things and how I feel.  And it is He, who carries me through these time - the good and the bad.

So I am overwhelmed with all that has, is and will be and I constantly have to keep my focus on the wonder and majesty of our Lord.   He has brought us here, physically, emotionally and spiritually and He is our hope and our strength.

I plan to share some photos of our land, the country creatures all around, the messy and disorganized house and the old barns.  I still have some great stories of God's attention to detail and how great He is in the littlest of things!

And if for some reason I don't get back to you soon - it just might be that this baby is sick of me never slowing down these days and wants out - or maybe I'll just go take a long nap, while I still can!

Blessings to you all!



  1. I'm so excited for you. What a lovely new home and WOW that sunset! You know I love sunsets. I've moved very pregnant before and it is such a blessing to have helpers. So sorry your dad isn't there to see it. I know that has to be hard. Sending you a big virtual hug

  2. Ah, Kait. You and Dave and family will make that house such a wonderful home. And this will be a memory you can tell your children and grandchildren about as a testimony of God's unfailing hand. Love you guys.

  3. ((HUGS))

    I could feel for you and with you regarding this post. Moving while pregnant (or very, very small children) and all that entailed beforehand. Packing while so tired and "huge"... ah, I can relate. I'm so glad for your new home and the "spread your wings" kind of feeling. I loved that you prayed and blessed your home (we do that too!)before you moved in. And - the words- about your dad missing all of this... don't get me started. I know.... this reality. It's hard. Very hard.

    Enjoy your settling in. I'm going to say it too. Let others help you settle in. Take it easy... please!!! Rest, rest, rest while you can. Delegate from the couch!!! haha


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