Jun 7, 2012

Plenty of Pictures and a Story for you

Well, I've got some more time on my hands, a little time to blog, mostly because I still haven't had this baby!  Which is probably for the best as my husband's brother is getting married this Saturday and my hubby is a groomsman, our youngest is the flower girl and I'm the photographer!  Sooo better hold off just a few more days!

It's going to be a long and busy day - I think I kinda forgot how 'pregnant' one feels at eight and a half months and I think I kinda forgot how much work is involved in shooting a wedding when I said yes to all this months ago!

Oh well!

They are a real cute couple - crazy in love with each other and we are so happy for them!  This will be my only wedding shoot of the year because I had at least enough sense to say no to any other bookings! ;)

But I have been out with my camera!  Getting some photos of our new surrounding - taking it all in - it's ....surreal! HA!  Yes, still using that word!  I'm just going to claim it for the year, okay?!? So yes, going from a little downtown lot to seven and a half acres is very surreal!

So I'm going to tantalize your eyes with sights from around our land (tee hee, "our land") and tell you a sweet little story.  Another one of those "God in the little things" kind of stories! 

Do you like our new welcome sign?  I love it - I had spotted it online a few months before and the day the deal closed on the house, I was online in a flash! I just knew we had to have this sign for our country house - so I put the order in, hoping it would arrive in time to move.  And wouldn't you believe it, the sign was delivered on our moving day!

But that's not the story!

So, remember in my Praise Report post about how God and how He uses numbers are important to me?  Especially the number seven?  And how I was a little disappointed, at first, knowing our address didn't have a seven in it?

And then how I figured out that the address of our house is the date of our wedding anniversary?  Yeah, that was pretty cool! :)

So my story starts like this;

When hubby and I were first courting we would talk waaay into the night - many nights, on the phone.  And since he still lived at home and I did not, he always called me - because there was no one else to wake with the ringing of the phone - because of course we would be out having coffee together until he had to be home and once home he would call me so we could continue to talk, all.night.long!

Once we were married we kept the same phone number and through our three moves prior to this one we were able to keep our number.

Ah, but alas - this move has taken us too far out of the city and to a new number area.  It didn't really cross my mind - but my dear, sentimental hubby - it bothered him.  He wanted to keep our phone number - it meant a lot to him.

Sweet eh?


So the best we could do was to try to get the last four digits - he said he would be satisfied if we could keep at least that much.

So I talked to the phone company and the nice lady on the phone said that they have to charge a fee to look up and see if the number we wanted was available but she also said to just call it first and see if it was taken.  If it was then I'd know not to ask them to look it up and therefore not have to pay the fee.

So I called it....and it was not in service!  Bingo - chances were it would be ours!  Only if it was on hold or something would we not get it now.  But you know - God had been so good thus far, why couldn't He make this happen? 

So I put in another call to the phone company, reaching another lovely women and asked her if she would look up and confirm if the number we wanted was actually available.  Smugly thinking - "I know it is..."

She kindly informed me of the fee involved for looking it up.  I told her, that was fine and waited as she checked.

She returned to the line and told me that in fact the number was not available.  "oh..."  *smugness gone*  "Really?"  I asked. 

She proceeded to tell me that another company had it on hold and there was no way for them to give us this number.  Bummed I said, that was fine - though I felt bad for my hubby, it meant so much to him and therefor to me as well. 

Because if your man is sentimental about something as everyday as a phone number you get a little sentimental about it too.

I think the lady could tell I was bummed.  She apologised, which I told her was not needed but she kept saying so was sorry but she also said that the company policy was that if the number you wanted was not available they would give you five other numbers that you could choose from.  Kinda like a "well you paid for this you might as well get something out of it." sort of deal.

She said she would check on the numbers available and let me know and she apologized once again.  I told her, it was okay - and for whatever reason I decided to tell her why I had wanted that number.

I told her how it was my number when I met my hubby and how we had now had it for a total of 9 years.  I told her that I had wanted to get it for him as it meant so much to him.

"That's soooo sweet" she says, "Well, you just tell him that he has you now and to not look at the past but look to the future.  He doesn't need that number because you have each other!"

Ha ha!  I had to smile - I thanked her!  It was very cute of her and very true. 


So she puts me on hold to retrieve the phone numbers that are available, she comes back a few short moments later.

"Okay," she says, "I have a really easy number for you - I'm sorry the other one isn't available" (she was such a doll!) "but I have a really, really, easy one for you- what about (***) ***-7777 ?"

Can you see my dropped jaw at this point?  Or how about the slow smile that crept across my face?  I laughed - "I think that would just fine!  Thank you very much!"

The smile hung there as the woman on the other end set about finishing up her work.  After a few moments she spoke up and said, "You know, I just feel so bad about not being able to get that number you wanted, especially after the story you told me - you hang on one second and I'm going to get them to wave that fee!"

I wait in stunned silence - the smile still sitting on my lips and my mind thinking, "Our God is good and He sure does have a sense of humour!'

The nice woman on the phone returns. "It's done, they waved the fee."

"Wow! Thank you!"  I exclaimed, "This all means so much to me, thank you for everything!"

That's my little story for you.  How a phone number can be both sentiment and a blessing.  How God is in the little things and how He can answer prayers and hopes that you haven't even thought of.

And so I leave you now with the lyrics from a song, so simple yet so true - one that my closes friend constantly reminds me about:

♫ ♪ Our God is so Big, so Strong and so Mighty!
There is NOTHING our God can not do!  ♫ ♪



  1. Wow girl. What a sweet story. 7 is a special number for me too.

  2. I love this story, although I already heard it in person. So special...and your pix are gorgeous. Hurry up and have that baby. It is the next big event on my list. Love, Anita

  3. Love the header. That is a great picture of your '9:00 show.' Almost as good as being there.


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