Aug 8, 2012

Baby, Birthday and our Barn

So yeah, the whole one handed typing...well that's not working so well!  Hence a whole of TWO posts for July.  Now, I don't feel so bad as it looks like most of blogger land is on vacation - but I want to blog!  But our little man, well he's a snuggler, that's for sure!

Trying SO very hard to learn how to focus! haha!

He's just over six weeks now and things are leveling out.  He has more wakeful moments and will, on occasion, be coaxed to nap in his swing as opposed to our arms.  Hence the stolen moment here to blog. 

Well blog for a moment before cutting our grass.  I feel healed enough to go at it and even though it's pretty much entirely dead, er...brown, the weeds are growing tall, so tall that our kids think we have a corn field in the front lawn!



Well the drought has been good for something I guess - seeing as I don't think our lawn has actually been cut since I cut it right before going into labour.  So...that's good.....but the rains can come now, okay!??!

This will be a short(ish) post because I don't have the time I used to and I just wanted to post and catch up and hopefully get at least this post in for August....because who knows when I'll get to posting again!

So...well, country living is still fantastic!  We've only had four power outages in the eight weeks of living here....

*crickets chirping*
(which are quite loud when there are no other noises due to no power!)

Yes, we seem to be located at the end of a power grid (or something like that) which basically means if power goes out within like 50 miles of us, we lose power too!  Why?  Oh, just because country living is fun like that!

It also means we are basically the last people to get power restored.  But hey, it's kinda like camping and we like camping so it's not all that bad...except for the burn ban part...due to this drought.....

Anywaaays, it was during one of these 'fun' power outages that our eldest daughter had her FIFTH Birthday!!!!

Aww, five!  How fast has that come!!  Unbelievable! 

We spent the better part of the day in town - where there was power! ;)  It was only like a billion degrees that day too!  (okay, slight exaggeration...but Fahrenheit or Celsius you all understand that means it was hot!)

We usually take the kids out for lunch or supper on their birthdays and as per usual they always want "french fries".  Needless to say - because any parent out there can totally relate - hubby and I did not want to go to another fry place restaurant.  So with the promise that there would be french fries as well as other fun things to eat we told convinced the kids to try a local Chinese Buffet for lunch.

Much food was enjoyed and much A/C!  Before we headed home in the heat and that was when we discovered we had no power.  Thus no fans.  Thus it was crazy hot!

But Birthday fun ensued.  My hubby (in all the free time we have had since having a baby...) found the time to make a cradle for Olivia.  With all the baby stuff in the house, you can imagine that the girls play 'baby' A LOT!  So it was a perfect gift and she loves it!

Can you see how matted her hair is with sweat!  Gross eh?!?  Told you it was H.O.T!

We are keeping birthdays low key and family oriented as of late.  Simple, sweet and a celebration of the blessing from God that the birthday person is to us! 

I did actually make her cake - again some how found the time...and energy - but it was simpler then previous ones.  She requested a raspberry cake.  So I made a chocolate cake with a cream cheese and whipped topping 'icing' and put raspberry puree in the middle and loaded the top with fresh raspberries.  It was quite tasty!

Like I said, it's unbelievable that she is five now!  I can see her changing and become more of a bigger kid.  I think five really marks the last year of the little kid stage....I'll be so sad to see that go but also excited to watch her grow and change into a big kid.

It was a good day - hot but fun!  I can't believe I have three kids now - it's wild!  I love them each to pieces though!  Olivia has grown and come so far in her little life.  I love and am so truly grateful we are now where we are.  Being out here she enjoys, daily, outside 'adventures', fresh air, freedom to roam, endless bubble fun, 'playing' with bugs, sidewalk chalk, hopscotch and of course, her sister!  I think for her it is a great time to be five!


Now since moving here a couple of months ago I kept meaning to take some photos of the inside of our big barn.  It's so neat and old and well just photo-tasktic! 

See!?!  Isn't it neat!?!?  We understand it to be the same age as the house - 136 years..give or take!  The construction of it is amazing and OH the plans we have for it.....

..such dreamers we are!

I'd love to make it into a curious shop of some kind.  We have other barns on our property to house any animals we want for us.  So this big ol' barn could totally be turned into a place to sell refinished furniture, art, nick-knacks, etc.  But alas....that is a dream for way...waaay down the road.  Like when we have no mortgage, down the road....

...but we will dream just the same!

Sooo I think that pretty much catches you all up.  We are finding time (and even the cash) to get some projects done around the house.  I want to finish up a few more rooms before I post interior pics of the house.  Joseph is doing well, as I stated above, a few medical issues have arised but nothing too serious - which is good.  I have family coming for a visit this month, some from not so far and another from the West coast.  Hubby is looking into extending his parental leave which would be such a blessing and he hopes to get the chicken coop built by the end of the month.

All in all, things are well. 

So blog land - I hope you are all enjoying this hot and oh so dry summer!  I plan to enjoy what's left of these lazy days and well, I will keep praying for some real I'm sure many of you are.  And as usual, this 'short' post grew a bit....well off to mow the lawn now! 

Blessings to you all!



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